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  1. k0d_

    Ghost sub?

    maybe ask your doctor to increase your medication dosage.
  2. k0d_

    premium carriers are here

    wow, they are selling them all in one mega all in one cancer pack, jesus F christ
  3. The information seems to be gone in game with the new interface and it does not say on the website like it used too??? This change is very distressing for me
  4. I never approved of historical ships to begin with. In other words, I don't give a [edited].
  5. k0d_

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

    are they planning on introducing all elements in the periodic table as a currency?
  6. erm, he's doing 5k average damage, that's a pretty big problem in a Mino
  7. k0d_

    Attack of the 35% winrate carriers

    I have no problem with 35% CV players, as long as both teams have them. It's only a problem when one side has the 35% and the other has 65%, then It's game over and pure misery for 11 players.
  8. k0d_

    So what is this?

    So, yeah this was at 4.30 in the morning but the MM only took 18 seconds to come up with this. I would happily wait a few minutes for a proper team. This is broken as fu*k
  9. k0d_

    world of tanks future and it's front line mod'

    Someone has been drinking.......
  10. k0d_


    I hope the Kreml is OP as hell just to trigger butt hurt from many on here. I don't care if they have paper concept ships, we already have loads of them in the game.
  11. very uninteresting ship, absolutely not worth it.
  12. k0d_

    1 month left to play.RTS CV

    How will experienced CV players cope with the new rework? Will they have to find a new way to stat pad? Will players like this be forced to quit the game, oh no how will wows survive