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  1. dubhda87


    bye bye I don't know how the game will survive without you.
  2. dubhda87

    What is ?

    very english good like, yes. Much good thanks
  3. dubhda87

    Important question

    also, when you go to the container boat to collect your daily containers the snow suddenly disappears. What is this phenomenon?
  4. dubhda87

    Important question

    ...but the trees on the side of the port are completely still, there is no wind. The mystery deepens
  5. dubhda87

    Important question

    Why is it snowing in the Zipangu winter port when there are no clouds above you, how is this possible? Please answer Wargaming, this is ruining the immersive experience for me.
  6. dubhda87

    More premium is better dps

    take your medication, you will feel better in a few hours
  7. oh I see you came here to advertise your hacks, good job
  8. shouldn't people be punished for playing cv's and inflicting misery one way or the other on their fellow man?????
  9. dubhda87

    things I do not digest

    Sweet corn, goes straight through me, no digestion whatsoever
  10. dubhda87

    The game feels like its rigged.

    I guess some people have a higher level of paranoia than others, hence they sense something (rigging) that does not exist in reality, no amount of rationale will convince these people, they just "sense" something. It's like a mild form of psychosis
  11. dubhda87

    Is there a mod, that auto-exits queue when CVs are in it?

    I would like this mod too, also with an automatic report for all cv's I come across until reports run out, would save me some time
  12. dubhda87

    Submarines ingame?

  13. So..........yeah
  14. dubhda87

    Eagles or Sharks?

    sharks, because blue is prettier than red. As good a reason as any I've heard.