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  1. Satsanga

    [HHOTN] Recruiting players

    Caption: USS Iowa firing all of its 16-inchers.
  2. In case you have not joined a Clan, yet, please read the first post in this thread and let me know. Thank you.
  3. Satsanga

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Now this is a stop & go game. Please, stop fixing what is not wrong.
  5. This is not for YOU! We are recruiting gamers! And that is much harder. Still in doubt? Take a look at our recently improved conditions and requirements: - A minimum of 18 years old (beard and life saving jacket are an option of yours); - You have to know how to count: active, active, active. How many? Three! Three times a week you have to play ("that's what she said"); (You still reading? Good, because you need...) - To be able to communicate in English, furthermore; - A fully functional headset is needed, in order to join our Discord channels; (What else?) - Willing to division (not the operation inverse to multiplication - now go and find out); - A minimum of 500 battles played, in your track record (to avoid puberty); - A 45% win rate (just because). (If you have the guts to participate in Clan Battles (ahahahah) that is a point in your favor.) You see....?! Not an easy thing. You have been warned!!! Still thinking you might have a shot at it?! Then apply: either to the Clan directly, contact Satsanga ingame (mentioning you have read and accepted the conditions referred to in this thread), or drop a line in here.
  6. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    This is what a successful clan looks like: (Caption: Brighton Swimming Club 1863)
  7. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    What the wreck happened to you? (We are still waiting.)
  8. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    The new French Line (but only for unicums*): *You don't know what is it? Good for you!
  9. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    Recruitment is open (again). Conditions to be met are slightly changed, and are as follows: - Be over 18 (no exceptions allowed); - You have to use Discord to communicate (no exceptions allowed); - A fully functional headset is required (no exceptions allowed); - A minimum of 500 games on your track record; - At least a 45% win rate; - Active twice a week (no exceptions allowed); - Willing to participate in divisions; (Preference will be given to players who are extremely active, intending to participate in Clan Battles and/or have Tiers VIII or higher.) Now comes the difficult part: how to do it? You can: - Either apply to the Clan directly; - Contact Satsanga ingame; - Or drop a line or two in here. Waiting...
  10. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    We are "hiring" again!
  11. Satsanga

    Compensation for server issues

    No I did not. I do it manually . Papa Papa was not working, as well as Zulu Hotel. Equal Speed Charlie London, sometimes yes, sometimes no, Zulu not all the time. I do agree this is very strange but it is not my mistake. That was yesterday, today I am going to check it out now. Anyway, thanks for your feedback.
  12. Satsanga

    Compensation for server issues

    It's fine with credits, not with XP. Lost a bunch of signals as well as it corresponding XP. Gonna stop buying things and forget about campaigns. Lots of marketing and merchandise but this is what we see. More than ever a pay to win game. Also the servers have no capacity.
  13. Satsanga

    Compensation for server issues

    Quick note: now 19:00 GMT the game is not recognizing modifiers for XP, only Clan Bonuses. I'VE LOST A BUNCH OF ECONOMIC SIGNALS PLUS FROSTY CAMOS. ALL OF IT WAS PAID FOR. WHAT ABOUT NOW? It has nothing to do with downtime the game is functional. Mostly.
  14. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    Santa didn't get to you? This is why.
  15. Satsanga

    The After Work Fun Club Last free space

    Hurry up, they are comin': Russian warships pass close to British waters over Christmas holiday, U.K. navy says