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  1. Armorin

    Charles Martell

    Yes, IFHE without built in IFHE is a waste. But the Charles Martel is this maneuverable beast which spams fire better than a Zao, or better than a MegaZao. Live long enough, and punish those with French AP, and they cry all the way to port.
  2. Armorin

    Charles Martell

    Have a break, have a Kit Kat. IFHE not need for Charles Martel. After that, it operates like a tank that cannot tank. The Doaist know how to do better.
  3. Armorin

    Charles Martell

    Best, most enjoyably t8 cruiser. Doesn't care about being up-tiered. Stop there.
  4. Armorin

    Charles Martell

    Charles Martel is the highlight of the line. Okay, before reload booster gimmick. You could kite away to your hearts content. If you didn't kill them before you hit the map border. After that, IMO, the line is squishy crap that is spotted from the moon. Apparently, IFHE Henry IV is a good Moskva/Stalingrad counter. But so is a Midway.
  5. Armorin

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    Some DD's don't know what the P key does. I guess cruisers don't need to be concerned about it anymore. BB's and lower tier cruisers, or large battlecruisers will be the ones getting the pitchforks out. If they are that squishy, the DD's probably wouldn't need to use the P key anyway. Some how I think WG's idea of support CV's are going to be blown out of the water. They will probably end up as alternative line of strike CV's with different gimmicks. It's torches and pitch forks out if the CV's can spot. No body is going to be interested in support functions that wipe BB's fat bottoms because they can't manage DCP and heals, and probably aren't running premium consumables anyway. Smokescreens are useless if a strike CV can spot over them. As for plane capping, just think about it and I'm sure it would be a unaminous, "please, no."
  6. Armorin

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    It's certainly the case that the game was designed around grinding up tiers, and not based on a league progression system. Some of the elites expect too much from random battle play. I generally don't play TX much outside of clan battles as I really need to adjust my play thinking to be effective enough at that tier.
  7. Armorin

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    There are a lot of BB's that are good fire starters. RN BB's just get built in IFHE. Back on topic, they can buff or nerf DD's all they want. In real life the priority targets would be capital ships. In this game, anyone who isn't braindead knows that deleting the enemy DD's gives a huge advantage to the team providing they don't melt. I probably don't use TB's nearly enough to damage farm, because I spend a lot of the game trying to take these pesky little things out whenever possible. I think the USN CV's have the most carry potential because they have better equipment to hurt them. If I'm in a DD, I expect any team that isn't braindead to want to take me out of the game. It's goes with the territory as they say.
  8. Armorin

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    Perhaps they couldn't find enough paper Russian CV's.
  9. Armorin

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I think the consensus on CV's is akin to that of the consensus in the UK parliament about Brexit.
  10. Armorin

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    It was the spotting abilities of CV's which lead to the surface ship players getting their pitch forks out and the air detection range drastic changes. Unless the reconnaissance aircraft can be counter played, people will get their pitch forks out again. Well, maybe some people never put their pitch forks away.
  11. Armorin

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I too find these win/loss streaks perplexing. An elongated bad run starts to wind me up too. Some days, getting enough winning base xp to complete the daily mission chain is an impossible task. Other days it can be completed pretty quickly. Having a bad win rate run for weeks on end eventually gets me ranting in clan chat too. I can play a ship I am better in, at a tier where I should be able to have enough impact in and still can't win. I feel that the match maker puts me in likely to win or like to lose modes now and again. I can play well and still can't win, or I can play poorly and still can't lose. Maybe this can be explained with complex statistical analysis. Maybe, it's just bad for business if people can't at least win 40% of their games. We can have good or bad sessions in clan battles but nothing so elongated. Eventually the clans position in the league will converge to its hidden ELO rating and a near 50% win rate ratio achieved. The influence of divisions does help. I don't play many divisions outside of clan battles as I would rather freedom of the battle button a lot of the time, but it does boost my win rate from 52.5% to 60%. It's not a guaranteed win for a super unicum division, but it is going to reduce the impact of the bad times. As long as the players in the division have a positive win rate, it will probably boost those with the lowest win rate in the division more than those with the highest. PR is not a very good stat metric beyond being indicative. It uses a limited number of stat metrics available from a poor API set (just 3) and can be manipulated by raw damage farming and especially needless kill stealing. There are ways to win battles without doing this otherwise I wouldn't have a 53% win rate in BB's. Also, the expected values data set is way off from reality in many cases, especially for tech tree ships lower than tier X. That's why I laugh at stat junkies. Some people are a decent people who needs to learn to control their anger a little bit better. Some people seem to have a selective amnesia about the game they actually win when on a bad win streak. It's not worth letting these things wind oneself up to the point where the clan mates are being taken out on. I do it myself from time to time. We are all human.
  12. Armorin

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Geez, that is bad. Once definitely counted a 12 game losing streak. Might have had worse before, and had around 10 game losing streaks several times. Sometimes I get poor win rates for days on end, with only a brief day of good win rate respite. That really makes me throw my keyboard out of the window. I have experienced the opposite a few times now so good runs can happen too. Sometimes I think the MM has it in for me. Kind of like speculating on financial markets only to find the price going in the wrong direction. It really feels personal like the markets are out to get you.
  13. Armorin

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Last month my overall win rate plunged from a peak of 52.95% down to 52.65%, which is quite an achievement for someone with well over 8000 random battles. Before today, the last 2 weeks I've had a ludicrously good win rate recovering it to 52.8%. Before that, I had several months of generally steady rising win rates. I really hate these winning streaks, it lures me into a false sense of security that I might be getting good. Then these elongated loss streak happens. One minute the team is all there, and then you look up and wonder where half of them as gone. Sometimes I wonder if torping myself would improve the situation. Maybe I could try it one of the new CV's and see if I can team kill myself before the match ends. It gets me raging about it in clan chat from time to time, and some of our other clan mates do this too. Once had a guy in the clan that raged about it in clan chat and on discord every day. I used to look at his win rates on wows-numbers.com and wish I could achieve the same. Apparently that site is not very accurate, and it displays a good win rate when you are losing every game.
  14. Armorin

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Have you tried joining a typhoon or hurricane league clan @AdmiralDing3Ling? These guys seem to do a lot of winning so I think they must get a special MM or something like that. Sorry to hear in a previous thread that you had to leave your two previous clans because of these losing runs. They where both storm league clans, so it looks like you can't break the 57% win rate barrier in these clans and will suffer these horrible losing streaks. I think the clan status might be giving you a bad deal on the MM.
  15. Armorin

    HMS Furious and her planes

    As posted on another thread, but it seems equally relevant here. Got Hermes and Furious. Hermes seems to be the best T4 CV. It's slow planes is a bit yawn but all its weaponry seems to do good damage against most targets. Furious seems to be the worst T6 CV. It's slow planes get murdered by higher tier AA despite supposedly tougher planes. There aren't enough goats on board to sacrifice to RNGesus for the poor old carpet bomber pilots. Not sure whether sight stabilisation will help, or better off getting survivability expert first. The carpet bombers seem to have difficulty hitting t8 cruisers. Yeah, I've dropped a few DD's but it seems to require a lot of luck compared to the lethal USN HE DB's. I guess you can carpet bomb BB's, but then I doubt they pen much and its back to RNG fire hopes. Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.