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  1. Armorin

    [BLAST] Blasting Old Seadogs

    I've bought a new Seadog, after a period of mourning my last one which had lost all its legs, and eventually it's spirit. I am rebooting the clan. I don't have any pretense that I will ever be a top player. I don't want this game taking over my life either, since I want time to do other things and play other games. However, it would be a shame to see such a reasonably well built clan base go to waste. I'm looking for people who want to join me on a new casual journey and maybe participate in clan activities from time to time. If you are a median average player, I hope you will join me in this new adventure and I look forward to hearing from you! Note, as a casual player, do not expect an immediate response!
  2. Armorin

    [BLAST] Blasting Old Seadogs

    Clan has been disbanded. The old seadog had lost all its legs and needed to be put down. Maybe I will get a new seadog in the future.
  3. Armorin

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Got Hawkins in the first bundle. Not opened 5 yet, so haven't put anything in the poll. I didn't get anything out of the Italian cruiser, French DD or Russian BB lines though. Last one was a French BB.
  4. Armorin

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    Unfortunately the server is not up and running again yet.
  5. Armorin

    To give away: A CLAN!

    @Kiwi1960, sorry to hear about your predicament. My mother died of ovarian cancer which had spread to the lungs. It is a horrible situation very difficult to treat, but I like your attitude to life in the face of it. I hope you find someone appropriate to take over the clan. But once you let go of it, make sure to let go of it. You can't really demand that the person takes over and runs it for eternity and never passes it on. Peoples circumstances change. Hopefully it will leave a good legacy where it's members receive good benefits and more importantly have fun relationships no matter how many times the leadership is passed on. Should add, it is a really cool clan tag!
  6. Sounds like one of those reward ships where you can citadel anything with HE, with the resulting splash damage nuking any nearby DD's. For missions/directives, I would suggest the following, with a Yamato only requirement. 1.) Start 510,000,000 fires on any ship. 2.) Receive 510,000,000 citadel hits. 3.) Receive 510,000,000 torpedo hits. 4.) Use DCP to put out 1 fire 510,000,000 times. 5.) Receive no secondary hits in 510,000,000 games. 6.) Play 510,000,000 games without premium consumables 7.) Play 510,000,000 games without cammo 8.) Finish bottom on xp 510,000,000 times. 9.) Sail 510,000,000 km in reverse. 10.) Reverse into the map border 510,000,000 times.
  7. Armorin

    WOWs connectivity issues

    I didn't have any issues, so can't participate in the poll as the follow on questions assume you have had issues and are required fields.
  8. Armorin

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    I wondered how the hell I got a chat ban once too. Don't expect anything of an explanation on request. Perhaps the semi-automated system also checks clan chat. If so I'm probably lucky never to have had one before.
  9. Armorin

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    Yes, very impossible. https://thekristoffersuniverseinwar.fandom.com/wiki/Project_72
  10. Armorin

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    It might not have been development costs that drove the decision. Probably more to do with shortening queue times for CV's. But who really knows outside of WG?
  11. Armorin

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    7 British CV's not a problem. Finding more than 4 paper Russian CV's might be a little more difficult.
  12. Armorin

    I got a medal!

    Thanks for all the support guys. I think anybody that knows my posts, will agree that I am against any form of self-justification for bad behaviour online. However, I am human, so I know I might overstep the mark. My humour can be quite dark and misunderstood. It was only once I got the ban, that I thought about saying, [edited] you radar ship, why don't you use your [edited] radar, you [edited] [edited]. Where [edited[ can be your word of choice to get around the self-auto-attamed bypass filter (R). It is interesting to note, that people like me who have never had a ban before, have found themselves with bans. Is this working as intended? @Sub_Octavian
  13. Armorin

    I got a medal!

    In this case it's hard to think of any 'forbidden' words I may have used. It's possible that I deserved the ban through foot in mouth disease, but I'm really stumped on that one. Perhaps a semi-automatic monkey clicked apply ban against the wrong person. But there shall be no trial or appeal for those who get sent to the gulag!
  14. Armorin

    I got a medal!

    Just remembered. There was a Pan-Asian cruiser under super test. I described it as having a French exhaust, with a Jap backside. I wonder if that was it?
  15. Armorin

    I got a medal!

    I think after reflecting on my behaviour, I have made a New Years resolution to make sure that any chat ban is well and truly deserved.