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  1. Armorin

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    Sums the situation up perfectly. The enemy CV might suck, but that still won't stop people getting sunk, because the presence of the CV obviously meant saboteurs scuttled their ship.
  2. Armorin

    If you take forever to load in to a game...

    I ditched mechanical hard drives a long time ago. Makes a big difference, when the rest of the system is not being held back. I suppose there are some poorer parts of the region that can't get a decent sized SSD yet.
  3. Armorin

    Need small help with finding one post on this forum...

    Hi, I've still got the code backed up but I deleted the database when I dumped Linux and allocated all the disk space to Windows. Now I've got a new PC though, I might setup the old PC and run it as a dedicated server. It's not really easy to get something of a sensible rating out of what data is provided from the API. The display layout I was working on did give an idea of how a captain played. (For example, some low win rate players had above average survival rates, but poor damage/kills and hit rate and low potential damage and spotting - this would indicate somebody sniping from max range and hiding for a lot of the game). Looking at how the mayplesyrup JP site uses capture/defense points, I'd assume it might be the case that individual base cap/def points maybe obtained in the team base cap/def fields (as the non-team marked fields are always zero). Either that, or nobody caps during a CV game. Then again that site does seem to use some undocumented API features.
  4. Armorin

    Battle starting positions

    Would be nice to choose spawn point in clan battles. But in randoms? Just think about it.
  5. Armorin

    Next Ranked Sprint to be 1 vs 1?

    T1 Fight Club might be fun, but this sounds about as fun as winning the lottery and spending it all on store super containers hoping for a Missouri, Belfast, Kamikaze or Enterprise. Still, it might solve the BB overpopulation.
  6. That's just enticing people to harass people.
  7. Armorin

    How about a commander thats somewhat aimed at CV's?

    Here would be my special skills for a captain aimed at CV's. BFT. When the first plane in an attack is shot down, it activates a blanket invisible flak cloud which cannot be dodged by any skilled CV play. MAA. When the first plane in an attack squadron is shot down, a nuclear tipped guided surface-to-air missile finishes the rest of the squadron off. When 'Air Defence' is awarded, the CV's hull detonates.
  8. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    No it's not the CV players fault, it's WG's game design fault. 2 CV games at low tiers is now the norm. Some ships, such as St Louis/Charleston just feel helpless as they get hit hard by all types of ordinance whilst the sailors try to throw a few rocks at them. 2 CV games where also quite common pre-rework at low tiers, but at least TB attacks could be dodged, there where CV fighters that could be useful and some surface ships would rip planes to shreds.
  9. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    It is somewhat the point I have been trying to make, that better players have more influence when there are less people performing that role. Interestingly though, you don't mention the average CV player. In most players minds they do not exist. Either they are unicum or garbage. I've had many games where the opposing CV's have had similar performance levels and the surface ships just melt. In such cases, it's the CV's fault because he can't play their ships for them.
  10. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yet I've managed to influence more matches as one of the surface targets in those 2 CV matches. Although being targeted continuously by 3 CV's really eats up all the focus. CV rework is a mess. They need to go back to the drawing board.
  11. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yep, most of them was before that.
  12. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    But most of my CV games where done before the match maker changes. I only play them to do directives/missions now, and maybe for naval battles. Otherwise their is very little reason to play them now and git gud in them as they are not allowed in clan battles. Even KoTS doesn't allow them now, but I'm far from the skill level required to play in that. I can actually boost my PR now by not playing them, unless I go out in the T4's.
  13. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    The solution to reducing individual CV players influence appears to be to have 2 of them on each team.
  14. Armorin

    CV Rework Discussion

    I find the same and wonder why I can't influence games as much in TX ships, when many of my T8 games have been against the same line up with TX ships anyway. I've got over 66%WR in Lexington, yet only 47% WR in Midway. I have over 100 battles in both. Though gone are the days when I could fly into spawn and open up two strikes and set multiple fires on two ships. Now the planes will be eaten up by continuous dps after the first strike, and RNG says no to fires so I suppose they nerfed the fire chance at some point as well as increasing AA continuous dps. That was harder to pull off in the Midway than the Lexington due to the higher speed planes, although when pulled off in the Midway it would be an opening damage strike better than some people can do during the entire game. Would also have likely flown over a DD during the initial attack as well, getting a good idea of what ships starting positions where and where they where beginning to head to. Then I would send the dive bombers after the DD, but that now requires a lot more skill to get a decent hit then it used to. I've also got over 58% WR in the Shokaku, with quite a few games in it after the AA buff, so its hard work with those flaky planes but can still pull out some good results. Not got the Haku yet. The Brit CV's are the ugly ducklings, only just breaking 50% WR in Implacable. Not had many games in the Audacious yet, but that 42% WR is really bad and I've got to get used to putting much more lead on those parachute bomblets. So why do I get so bad results at TX? Is it because the average silver line TX player is just better, and that the better T8 players are going out in premiums and being matched with other premium CV players more often? Perhaps a change in playstyle needed due to the higher speed planes? And perhaps T8 is where a lot of poorer CV players stop, because if you can't cope with TX AA in a T8 CV, a TX CV will not help you. Personally I think TX just hates me. Probably need a decent division to help carry me and reduce the number of extremely poor players on the team. I know I'm not great at TX, but then most of the players on my team don't seem to be either. Divisions seem to be a necessity at that tier, and just hope you don't come up against a unicum one.
  15. Armorin

    This is the level of players these days