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  1. Armorin

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Done that frequently, but now I'm a snowflake.
  2. Armorin

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    Considering there has just been a British arc, and the game could do with French DD's and an Italian tech tree. But did someone say as an alternative BB line? Consider it already scheduled!
  3. Armorin

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    It's a nice reward for us ship collectors.
  4. Armorin

    Spotting and XP

    From what I understand, both DD's will get equal the BB's damage in spotting damage.
  5. Armorin

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    The extra step is there to help BB's blap you from any angle.
  6. Armorin

    Sitting Idle In Port

    Thing is, since your CPU has less other things to do in port, it is probably just feeding a higher frame rate to the GPU. Could always try limiting frame rate.
  7. Armorin

    Sitting Idle In Port

    In port, the game still 3d renders. And since it's got less CPU processing to do then in battle, that is probably the answer.
  8. Armorin

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    The high k/b is probably something to do with the RoF giving a good chance of finish off a ship you been damaging before the kill stealers jump in.
  9. Armorin

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Or you could have said that's the stats of good player, which doesn't indicate the line performance in general. I'd probably agree that Neptune seems to be the weakest in the line, and Edinburgh suffers a lot if up tiered. Apart from the concealment, Neptune is a bigger ship than Minotaur, so is just a bigger citadel magnet.
  10. Armorin

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Apart from they are all on the good side, which says something.
  11. Armorin


    Is that Popeye's cousin?
  12. The game needs a credit sink, although I've not got all silver line ships in port yet. The credit sink should be something of a rip off, since that is what it should be designed to do - get rid of excess credits. So maybe over priced cammo's, signals etc..
  13. Armorin

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Minotaur. It helps hide my Tinnitus.
  14. Armorin


    Apparently, if you buy premium time, you get a small amount of rest xp each day on all you ships in port.
  15. Armorin

    How many selected you as target?

    Not sure what my record is, but if I get spotted in a Mino the counter starts going up very quickly.