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  1. ClaseChurruca1

    Spanish Ships line

    Any news on this? The Ansaldo project cruiser for Spanish Navy is already in game (Amalfi)
  2. ClaseChurruca1

    New Coal Ship TX French DD Marceau

    I am loving it. Does torps better than Kleber, can rain fire over islands and if a DD gets close simply shreds it.
  3. ClaseChurruca1

    New Coal Ship TX French DD Marceau

    I am a French DD main, is this ship worth the coal? I understand is a Kleber with fast firing, fast turning turrtes with floaty shells...
  4. ClaseChurruca1

    Spanish Ships line

    I prefer a well balanced and accurate premium to a complete line full of paper ships. My votes for Churruca (but as Tier V, it is mostly an enleghtened Wakeful with and extra gun) and Canarias. The DD line could be filled wit top tier US DDs like Fletcher (Lepanto) and Gearing (Churruca 2), but I dont see the point. BBs were nothing to write home about, and their service sheets... Desplazamiento 1,650 tons estándar, 1,914 plena carga Dimensiones Eslora: 101,98 m (334' 6'') Manga: 9,67 m (31' 9'') Calado: 3,00 m (9' 10'') Propulsión 2 Hélices, Turbinas Parsons, 4 Calderas Yarrow 42.000 HP.= +36 nudos. 4.500 millas /14 nudos Armamento 4x120 mm (4.7'') / 50cal . -2x76 mm (3'') AA - 4 ametralladoras -6 tubos lanzatorpedos 533,4 mm (21'') (2 montajes triples) Tripulación 160
  5. ClaseChurruca1

    Terrible - pretty much as I wrote (and even more)

    It is actually my main ship and have a lot of fun and consistent good results on it. Think of it as a Tashkent or a Duca d`Aosta, keep moving around the enemy at full speed, get out doing SSS whenever espotted by more than one and use your torps. The more you stand alive in battle the better effect you get. I am a DD main (and not a good one) and from all my high tier ships is the one I have better matches, being best of my team in several occasions.
  6. ClaseChurruca1

    How to better balance Le Terrible

    I got this ship 2months ago and I really enjoy it, but it needs AAA, if a CV spots and focus on her it is done, AA is worse than most Tier III DDs...
  7. So I understand I have to regrind a whole line I have got up to tier X just to keep in pace with other players? This is not a game, that is WORK.
  8. ClaseChurruca1

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Is there the possibility to change my current Wargaming Premium Account into a Warships Premium Account?
  9. ClaseChurruca1

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Churruca Class Rules!!! Just chck my nick and firm
  10. ClaseChurruca1

    Foro no oficial de WoWs

    Yo de momento he desisntalado el juego EU y si paso por este foro es por ver como va el tema del nuevo foro.
  11. ClaseChurruca1

    La Bola de Cristal se despide

    Pues yo esperaba como agua de mayo la linea RN/CW de DDs, pero ahi se quedan.
  12. ClaseChurruca1

    Vincula tu cuenta de twitch con WG y consigue regalitos

    Hecho, total ya tenia Prime antes. De momento no lo voy ni a estre3nar, conseguido el capitaln lila este he desisntalado el juego europeo en señal de boicot.
  13. ClaseChurruca1

    Foro no oficial de WoWs

    Todo mi apoyo y colaboracion si se necesita. Lo cometare en el Discord del clan tambien.
  14. ClaseChurruca1


    Lo comentare tambien en mi clan.