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  1. I don't think that the task are so difficult. You can do the same task over and over again and farm stars. If you play ranked battles those tasks are not a problem.
  2. Saskian

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    Its embarrassing that they could mess up the time like this. We don't know what's the reason for delay, but from marketing perspective this is not good.
  3. Saskian

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    For skins there are mods guys, don't let that affect your decision to buy or not to buy the ship.
  4. Saskian


    ​You are simply assuming to much and the only reason I'm responding is that I don't want you to create negative impression about another person. I answered you in another tread that I'm not Geralt. The fact that I'm in the same clan doesn't mean anything. I'm usually online during evenings so send me a pm ingame and we can join the same division all 3 of us so you can see that we are not the same person. When it comes to my questions I don't ask thing I know the answer and I dont use energy pretending I'm someone I'm not, neither online or in real life.
  5. Saskian

    Is Tirpitz worth it?

    ​Its actually funny I don't care so much about the Hood, its the Bismarck I want.
  6. Saskian

    Is Tirpitz worth it?

    ​I am not Geralt_z_Rivii365.
  7. Saskian

    Is Tirpitz worth it?

    The only reason I'm considering buying the Hood bundle is to make it sure I manage to finish the missions so I get the Bismarck since I don't own it (stack on Kønig). Since I brought the Tirpitz 2 days ago I haven't played it yet so I have submitted a ticket and asked for a refund. If I get a refund it would be easier for me to maybe buy 1 of the bundles, but only if they are not stupidly overpriced. The other option is just to farm the missions with other ships.
  8. Saskian

    The "sod you" I'm buying Hood anyway thread

    There is plenty of historical and non historical camo mods out and Im sure there will be for Hood too.
  9. Saskian

    Is Tirpitz worth it?

    Yes I should have waited, it would have been a great deal. I like the Tirpitz, nothing wrong with the ship, but getting a Hood bundle would have been better. Feel kind of stupid now.
  10. Saskian

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    There is a list of tasks you need to complete for the Bismarck mission in the article "The Hunt for Bismarck".
  11. Saskian

    Elimination Thread 6: Tier VI

    Independence (1/1/1) : 20Independence (2/1/0) : 17New Mexico : 23 Cleveland : 24 Farragut : 24Arizona : 20Shinonome : 20Mutsu : 21Ryūjō (1/2/2) : 20Ryūjō (3/1/1) : 5Fusō : 20 + 1 = 21Aoba : 26Fubuki :18 - 3 = 15Graf Spee : 24Bayern : 11 Ernst Gaede : 18Warspite : 20 Leander : 20Molotov : 15.Budyonny : 14Gnevny : 17Dunkerque : 18Anshan : 20Duca d'Aosta : 22Perth : 27
  12. Saskian

    Rage quit anyone

    Had a bad run yesterday. Had trouble to hit anything with Scharnhorst because of rng and playing most games vs tier 9 BBs. I should have used HE in stead of AP. It was like 1 loss every second game. Than switched to Atago and went on a 6 games loss streak. It was one of those games when your team loses 3-4 ships in the first few minutes. The funny thing was that I ended 2 games as the top scoring ship in tier 10 games with Yamatos; Kurfust etc on my team. And it wasn't because I did much dmg, but because they did no dmg at all. Played late last night and as I got very angry I had trouble to fall in sleep after.
  13. Saskian

    Sink the Hood!

    The way I see it: The good: -doubloons -great flags -free commander with 12,9 or 6 points -custom flag -large containers -Hood only missions (its stated that you get more time to complete the missions) The bad: -very expensive -average ship based on reviews So if you are buying one of the packages its because you can afford it, you want a new commander, you want the flags and you want the extra stuff you get while playing the Hood missions. If you are just a history buff and like the ship but don't care about the extra stuff than you buy only the ship. If you are just looking for a good premium ship than get something else.
  14. Saskian

    Is Tirpitz worth it?

    Watching and listening to Flamu it seams to me that Bismarck is a preferred ship in competitive team play because of the hydro while for solo play in random games it doesn't matter what you play and is about personal preference.
  15. Saskian

    Is Tirpitz worth it?

    Edit: I figured things out.