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  1. Newbie question here: Where do you control object transparency (e.g. the glass panes on the ships bridge)? I understand that reflectiveness is controlled by the RED value of *mg.dds files, but I don't find anywhere I can find a transparency control. Thank you in advance for any help. HB
  2. HBuhring


    It's closed since late 2021, friend. We Italians are not a valuable market for WG... On the topic: I'm thinking of selling those premium camos too, since they don't have any practical use and are more often than not an aesthetic abomination. I'll keep the standard ones, but only because I use the beautiful Lutjens41 mod and I do some historical camos myself. HB
  3. HBuhring

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    (Historical) ship models. Making my own camo schemes with as much resemblance as possibile to historical ones. I spend more time in port and/or tweaking the camouflage.xml than actually playing.
  4. HBuhring

    Armada: Canarias

    I'd like to point to an inconsistence in graphic choices: Canarias displays black eagles on the main superstructure and on the 8" turrets -- it is a well known Francoist symbol (well known to the extent that it is legally banished in contemporary Spain). I think ships should be represented as they historically were, so I do not object. But to be consistent, then, Japanese ships should hoist the rising sun flag, Italian aircraft should sport the "fasci littori" roundels, etc.
  5. Can't wait -- and please let me know if I can help with documentation. HB
  6. HBuhring

    Closed Test 0.11.0, New Ships (DB 252)

    It seems to me that the Italian DD branch is deeply flawed -- from the historical point of view even before than from that of playability. Just to name a few elements: - Why not reuse the design of the Romulus (formerly Italian Spica) for Tier III? - Maestrale at tier V is ridiculous: it was a ship on par with the British I class at least -- and surely not in a lower tier than the Leones, which, by the time the Maestrales entered service had been relegated to colonial duty in the Red Sea. A perfectly fitting design for tier V would have been the Freccia and Folgore classes (the immediate predecessors of the Maestrales, and the first really modern Italian destroyers): - Soldati class (Aviere) could very well be placed at tier VII, as a realistic counterpart of the British J class; - The "Navigatori" (Tarigo) fit well at tier VII, so they could have been reserved as a premium ship, also because they were completely different from other Italian DDs: they were not intended as fleet escorts, but originally as scouts; in the post-refit aspect that appears in the blog post they had a speed of barely 30 knots (NOT 38!), but they were formidable ships for convoy protection, with considerable firepower and sturdiness. - Why a totally invented ship for Tier VIII, when the "Comandanti medaglie d'oro" project existed? they were the successors of the "Soldati" class, with greater displacement, improved armament (135mm AN guns and stronger AA defenses), better stability, better endurance and reduced speed (34 kn): - Finally, while I don't object much to an Italian Tashkent as Tier IX or to the wonderful "Capitani Romani" class as Tier X (even if the latter were classified as light cruisers by Italian Navy), other choices were possible, notably the first post-war Italian DDs, Impetuoso and Indomito, which were roughly contemporary and equivalent to the Swedish Halland or the Dutch Friesland/Groningen, that have been included in the game. Finally, I totally agree on this: "FR 25" has the camo and appearance of FR 21 -- only the ID marks were red:
  7. Thank you; I'm experimenting with the Aosta files: if I get a good solution to the "Spina di pesce" camo, I will gladly hand it over to you. Meanwhile, I'm working on the standard "grigio cenerino chiaro", in order to pinpoint the exact shade of colour in the game -- and I'm thinking of a dark grey scheme for all Italian ships in service before 1929 (which means in the game: Cavour, Dante, Bixio, Taranto, Leone). HB
  8. I liked the "spina di pesce" camo of the Aosta, even if I agree that the turrets were mismatched. However this rendition of her late 1942 camo seems to me plain wrong. This scheme was a modification of the previous one, much better looking and two-tone only ("grigio ferro" for the "waves" over a "grigio cinerino chiaro" hull, no white bow and aft waves): the addition of the external contour to the waves was probably in "grigio azzurro chiaro" (more or less the colour WG uses as standard for Italian non camouflaged ships): surely not in this almost turquoise hue, which was never used by Italian Navy (sorry if it sounds harsh, but the two ships of this class are, in my personal and emotional opinion, the most beautiful cruisers ever built -- and it is almost a physical pain to see their aspect defaced). [Addition: I tried to make an Aosta camo with the scheme of the first months of 1942:] The 1941 Littorio scheme looks great, but the wedges should be of a greenish, not yellowish grey. In general all the Veneto camos are very realistic and good looking. Kudos. Andrea Doria: Type 2 is the post 1943 standard colour and it is spot on; I'm not sure the blue additions in the permanent camo are historically correct. Type 1 looks good, but what is really perfect is the hue of Type 6 (why is it darker in the Abruzzi? it feels wrong there; for Abruzzi the best is Type 5, which is the hue Italian Navy used in the late Fifties). [more to come, when I have seen them all] Thank you for your work! HB
  9. HBuhring

    Naval History in Photos: The Battle of Taranto

    I'd like to point out some errors in the photo captions and order: Photo #1 depicts RN Conte di Cavour after the attack, not RN Caio Duilio (which was hit and grounded too): the disposition of the secondary armament is that of the Cavour class (three twin turrets per side), not that of the Dorias (two triple turrets per side superimposed and facing forward); the main superstructure also is that of Cavour. Photo #5 is also of the Cavour, and is probably the second of the series (see the tug stabilising the ship). Photos #3 and #4 are taken at a much later time: Cavour has already been refloated -- and in order to do so many heavy elements of the ship had been disembarked (e.g. the guns of the main turrets, the main rangefinder, etc.): so the tugboats are not towing her to a sandbar for grounding, but towing her away to a shipyard for repairs. Greetings, HB
  10. As far as I understand, it has nothing to do with anything historical. Besides, R. I. Zara never received a camo paint, as she was sunk before camo schemes became widespread in the Italian Navy. Only sister ships R. I. Fiume and R. I. Gorizia received a camo scheme (both are represented in Lutjens 41 mod -- kudos to him). HB
  11. No worries, life comes first, doesn't it? I just wanted to notify it, in case you did not know yet -- but obviously no pressure -- and thank you again for your work. Have a nice day HB
  12. The camouflages.xml appears to break the game in v.0.10.5 (tried to load with the mod and I got a critical error -- deleted camouflages.xml from the res-mods directory and the game loaded). Waiting for the new version ;-) I cannot stand any more to see the arlequin camos... Thank you HB
  13. HBuhring

    Public Test of Update 0.10.3: Round 2

    Apparently there is an inconsistency in rewards: I see in the game center news that the usual ten Type 6 camos are awarded for "earning at least three stars in the Naval Battle competition": However I find no trace of such a mission in the game, nor there is a "Naval Battle competition" event. Bad copy-pasting from a previous article? HB
  14. HBuhring

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.2

    Don't talk me of Paolo Emilio, which is an incomprehensible pastiche of a ship. One of the lowest points of WoWs ill-conceived "creativity".
  15. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say that "the standard textures also have an unusual shade that shines through when using gray camouflages". As a matter of fact, I use my own skins for uncamouflaged Italian ships (which I made simply by recolouring the *_a.dds files; it is a crude solution, but I have neither the ability nor the time to do much better than that), and I don't see any interference with your grey camos. My personal preference would be to have a solution that does not tamper with the original colour of the ship (and as such with the traditional colours of the specific navy), unless it is a dazzle scheme camo. Obviously, just my two cents. As an aside, my rendering of Romulus as R. Torp. Spica (she was an Italian ship, sold to Sweden at the beginning of the war): Should you ever find it interesting for your mod, please feel free to tell me. HB