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  1. Wulf_Ace

    CV enthusiasts, let's talk about Nakhimov

    i have no trouble of hitting DDs with skip bombs, even though it doesnt make sense. and skip bomb damage even with one hit hurts them bad
  2. Wulf_Ace

    Future NEW Free XP ships?

    There is a lot of things bad about them, first and main is that guns are utter crap,AP cant penetrate anything,HE burns too rare. Armor doesnt exists, ship burns ultra fast. Airstrike is meh,beacouse it feels like its only damage you get is from it. Tier 10 feels like tier 8 ship,thats the worst part.
  3. Wulf_Ace

    Future NEW Free XP ships?

    haha me to, i hate that dutch line
  4. Wulf_Ace

    Tier VIII Cruiser: Which do you think is best?

    Mogami with 155 mm guns. Edit: my first game with STOCK Mogani was Kraken with 7 kills
  5. Wulf_Ace

    How to Spend your Steel?

    you dont have Stalingrad komrad?? that thing is a cruiser with yamato stalinium shells, armor of a kurfurst, survavability of a Maus, speed of a kleber. No ,really, i am not a fan of russian fantasy ships but that thing if gets nerfed by 50% he would still be in top 5 ships! You look at the guns and think, meh they are not that strong, then you go in game and fire them and question yourself am I in yamato or stalingrad,hmm BUT komrade he has flat firing arcs, so you hit perfect citadels. I HATE myself for saying to you ,but stalingrad is a must ship,even if you have Petropavlovsk.
  6. Wulf_Ace

    Have submarines become irrelevant?

    so yesterday i played them beacouse of naval battle points.(tier6) 4 minutes to get into a firing position, then stand and aim and fire everybody in range, mostly bbs who cant or dont know to dodge. Great damage. If spotted, 90% of the time by cv,death was imenent fast,with all those depth charges from planes. if spotted by ship, then wasting whole time underwater to hide and avoid(gameplay ultra boring) In summary, gameplay is slow,boring,not rewarding, and it feels like you dont need much skill, only skill you need is that they dont spot you or you are dead, and guess what, when CV is around thats almost impossible. Gameplay against them, they are like mosquitos,ultra boring and annoying. They really dont fit into this game, but WG will shoved them up our throat and we cant do anything about it. They will just write articles like" people love subs and feedback was amazing"...
  7. Wulf_Ace

    Question about waves and currents

    can i give you some praise, since you are one of the rarest who answers posts in detail.
  8. Wulf_Ace

    Question about waves and currents

    Dont know how can they say it does not effect gameplay when its obvious that ship goes up and down,and now you dont aim straight but up and down,following a DD that moves beacouse of waves. Not to mention you have to calculate will he be up or down on the next wave. Really sometimes I am amazed what WG says, its like they dont play their game.
  9. Wulf_Ace

    What a ridiculous spawn point...

    and they hate even more noob CVs, and CVs that dont move are noobs to them. nothing better then when somebody in chat writes, CV move!
  10. Wulf_Ace

    What a ridiculous spawn point...

    people dont like CVs that dont move.
  11. Wulf_Ace

    Ranked Battles: Need more than seven on a team.

    yesterday enemy team had 2 afk players, I feel sad for them. They knew they had to play for 15 minutes and lose. Wg likes this actually, people will have to play more and more.
  12. we just "think" that shortlist is gone. also pity part can be a tier 5 ship
  13. Wulf_Ace

    Genuine WTF moment

    Nonsense! its genuine history kamikaze ship, thats where the name comes from. Seriously, WG is just selling reskined ships for MONEY, easy money