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  1. Kaga ranked, missed Kraken for 43 hp left last ship.
  2. Wulf_Ace

    Why are so many ships restricted in the next CB?

    Its because they want to ban all ships until there is just Zao...
  3. Wulf_Ace

    Ship's Log: Journey to Australia

    AGAIN late news. Whats wrong with you? Put news BEFORE event goes live.
  4. Got Verdi in Satans containers, its really fun ship with shitty dispersion. But guns are great, secondarys also. I like it.
  5. Wulf_Ace

    Saturation with Alerts in Port.

    True, I want my port to be locked, I dont care about new ports every single update, I love one port and I want it to stay.
  6. Wulf_Ace

    Battle Pass in Update 12.0

    why is this news when patch is live for few days now. Shouldnt this be news before patch goes live, no point of reading it now when we all can see in game what battle pass gives. Same thing with few other events, that Sun event or what is it called. Event randomly pops out in armory, nobody knows anything about it , then 2 days later news comes out. Makes no sense. Make news before events happen.
  7. Wulf_Ace

    Rare ships

    can you post ships that are "rare" from ingame collection? No matter what WG thinks I dont think Graf Spee is a rare ship
  8. Wulf_Ace

    Mod Station

    Not all mods have been updated yet. So it will be greyed out until it has been updated. You have to check every day and wait.
  9. Wargaming? No way, they are honest company.
  10. Wulf_Ace

    Sun Yat-Sen First Review = Waste of money

    yes Potato Quality has idea what he is talking about in any topic about WoWs
  11. Wulf_Ace

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    I like Omono and I am not a fan of light cruisers.
  12. Wulf_Ace

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    you might be right, they could put it as a new class in the game. Hybrid BB or CV or Auxilary carrier, something. But you would need more of them
  13. Wulf_Ace

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    Ok, you are buying a brand new car, a seller comes to you and tells you that he will sell you a new car for 20 000 euros NOW, or you can wait a month and he will give it you for free. When you put it like this example you can see all the predatory actions of this company.
  14. Wulf_Ace

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    Nothing new in WG department