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  1. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    event - tech tree

    Hello, everyone, these ships, if I get them, where can I use them? tnx
  2. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    pt sumbarines time?

    Finally, what hours of play, in the morning it said in six hours the opening now and again the same other 6 hours, can someone tell me what time it starts exactly
  3. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    pts rewards

    Hello and good hearing in the public test for submarines. I want to ask about the public test for submarine's Is it that playing here what's won will be transferred to the living server?
  4. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    from the 3 daily containers with xp
  5. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    HELLO playing in pt and opening a container gave me a tier 6. this is only for pt or will it be added to the live server? thanks
  6. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Nationals holidays

    My friend, I am neither sarcastic nor a nationalist, I just very simply referred to events related to WW2 and each country is celebrating, and the reaction of an interlocutor was vindictive, for example (Greek nationalists). After all, everyone has their own opinions, but it is not nice to criticize anyone with ugly and irrelevant adjectives. THANKS!!!!
  7. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Nationals holidays

    That is, my friend, you have to be a nationalist in order to love your homeland, please be careful with the descriptions, because I could also write about anti-Greek behaviors, but I respect the beliefs of others. thanks!!!!!
  8. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Nationals holidays

    no comments
  9. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Nationals holidays

    why? what is your problem? in the end I am talking about Europe and not about united states
  10. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    Nationals holidays

    Hello everyone (translation is from goοgle) I hope all players respect and love their homeland, and since the game refers to the two world wars regardless of whether their homeland took part in any way or sided with the conquerors, However, we all celebrate an event on a specific date. Here in my country (Greece) this month on the 28th we have a national holiday that concerns the ww2, I think that other players (Greeks) would be nice to see if not some event, at least a reference to this holiday !! Thanks a lot and have fun in the game
  11. Cpt_P4N0S_GR


    the next step after creating an account to play on another server is????
  12. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    commanders voices

    Hello everyone, it is possible to change the voice of the commanders you win, for example (azur lane.) because apart from the fact that I do not like it but I do not understand the language. tnx
  13. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    cv+ dds in co op battles ?

    indeed, but not 4, isnt fun for the others ( bb-cr)
  14. Cpt_P4N0S_GR

    cv+ dds in co op battles ?

    Hello everyone and have a good weekend. I want to say my humble opinion about the ...... battles, many of the players for various reasons such as a little relaxation and easy credits, play here, so I think that if there are 3-4 dd except that in 3 minutes it ends but the other players do not even catch a shot, the same goes for the 2 cv. Thank you!!! and sory for my english