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  1. _SJK_

    Flaggenpakete ingame für Dublonen

    relativ zum Skill und zu den Premiumschiffen gesehen sind die Kampfsignale zu vernachlässigen.. wers ohne nicht kann, kanns mit auch nicht besser für diejenigen die statsruns machen ists aber eine aufwertung des spiels und es verbennt dublonen - ist also im sinne von wg und es gibt offensichtlich nen markt dafür.. wird über kurz oder lang kommen, find ich gut
  2. I picked Cleveland and I clearly don't know how to play it.. worked out too for 5 stars - thx teammates So pick Cleveland no matter what.. should work.
  3. _SJK_

    the "carry harder!" thread

    283k on Fletch in loss and higher base exp than winning enemies.. Ouch! besides that I had some pretty good teamwork battles today. all my 10 compliments gone alrdy
  4. _SJK_

    the "carry harder!" thread

    well.. in german you say " ich fall vom Glauben ab" in english it means sth. like there's no way that I will believe in anything anymore unfortunately i got no replays activated, but let me tell you the story how a save win could be thrown away multiple times for no reason in a way that I will never understand Northern Lights 5 minutes gametime left we (Yammi almost full hp, 2 Bismarck almost full hp and Fletch down to 4k HP) got A and B and are at northern side of B enemy (Yammi, Mino, Gearing) got C and D and are moving from C to B in south still smoke of me inside B from capping, so enemy wont push into it being outnumberes on ships I'm telling all time keep pushing over to C, Gearing in south, we will have cap edge coz they wont attack smoked B due to being outnumbered eventually We are upfront on pts btw - so trading bases would end in a win. The 2 Bis and me (Fletch) push C and Yammi somehow decides to move into B and to suicide directly into a devastating strike of gearing torps - congrats 4 minutes gametime I'm capping C and telling the Bismarcks to cover and that I'm gonna take D after it, which ends in our favour due to cap pts. 3 minutes gametime C is capped, moving D we got base edge and are little behind in pts - still a save win. until: the 2 Bismarcks decided to go through C to attack Yammi, Mino and Gearing while I cant turn inside the channel from C to D 2 minutes gametime Already capping D, we are way upfront in pts. I'm pleading the halfway down on HP Bismarcks to turn and run. Nope, the keep broading enemy.. if one of them survived we had won 1 minute gametime D is capped, turning back to C while seeing first bismarck going down.. we still got a pt edge till end of game coz we got 3 bases against 1. Then shortly before end, the 2nd Bismarck goes down while sailing broadside to the yammi and mino honestly, I don't get it. I'm too tired to blame anyone for being anything. I just want to undestand what's going on in those minds (if so).. If Yammi had traded 1 for 1 or had moved with us we had won. If one of the Bismarcks just did not suicide or if those two had traded 1 for 2 we had won At least this is just game - what makes me sad is, that it's the mirror of how people react to circumstances in real life. Could the average human be that dumb - it hurts. The enemy would have thought it's X-Mas, birthday and easter with some bunnies hopping on the boat alltogether. Nevermind, have fun (somehow).. I'm tryin' to either
  5. _SJK_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    did some benson.. ok, 1 failgame in it with a death in the first minutes.. writing and stearing into torps. but the other ones were concentrated and yep - you can influence games, if you survive. at least on the short run! winrate = survival rate = 92,86 % with a K/D of 31 (yeah it's short tearm, but was fun though)
  6. _SJK_

    DD players get worse and worse.

    point is - icey ain't wrong.. on the perspective view but point also ist - icey ain't right.. really good dd players had been rare all time what did change the perspective is, that the average and below average players changed their style of play to more "careful" (one might say scaredy cat) because of the removal of stealth firing can't count how often dds fall back to 2nd or 3rd line.. it's legit to feel uncomfortable, but then don't play the 2nd most important and influencing class in this game after cvs it's ok, to try and make mistakes if you learn out of them.. but it's not ok, to not at least try where i fully support icey: you gotta tell sb that he's doing stupid things and you gotta tell sb that he's an idiot if he refuses to learn.. truth hurts, but sometimes heals and changes perspective - if you refuse to accept truth and prefer to see yourself in your shifted self-perception you might be happy on the short run, but pay the bill on the long run - in life and games. if you are happy being an idiot, it's also ok, but then don't anger with somebody calling you one!
  7. _SJK_

    How many 19 points captains do you have?

    also got my first one on the Atlanta now on the lo yang with a 13 pt atm - looking forward to the hp-skill und faster reload besides the 10 skill captains (for the 4pt stealth skill) the extra pts give only slight edges on the output.. on top of that 10 pts the main factor is the guy behind the screen
  8. _SJK_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    flags were runnin' out, needed new ones
  9. _SJK_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Highlight of the day.. killing an Atlanta 1 on 1 in my Lo Yang without smoke while being scouted by radar or enemy cv. Guess those 158 games on Atlanta helped the dancing around the firerain a bit though i take the most credit to the enemy player Besides.. the Lo Yang is a monster right now since most enemy players didn't realized the Hydro-Buff.
  10. _SJK_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    streaky on Atlanta today damage not that good, but played the teamplay style which resulted in the not common high winrate for solo
  11. _SJK_

    Neuer Modus ... erste Eindrücke

    nach 10 Anläufen mit ner Stock Cleveland endlich mal n halbwegs passables Team erwischt.. 5 Sterne. Mit Random-Teams ist das aber noch mehr Lotto als Ranked Games Lohnt sich dann sogar von den EXP her.. 2,5 k base
  12. _SJK_

    35% WR with my Bismarck!

  13. _SJK_

    Detonated twice today ...

    It just happened that 2 DDs shot each other and both detonated in the same moment.. I was just like LOL - srsly? edit: better pic quality if i don't attach
  14. _SJK_

    Zeigt eure Super Container !

    50 Drachenflaggen.. was nützliches - appreciated
  15. _SJK_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    thx bro.. just had another 6kill on the Lanta while leveling up the Captain not much damage though, coz there were all 3 enemy DDs in those 6.. slightly below 3k base