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    [] OdTo Camera

    Gonna try out this updated version, sounds great with the new changes you've made! These EU mod forums are basically deserted, if you want to reach people you need to get to where they're at. I'm sure thousands of people would love this mod if they knew about it :) You should be included in Aslain's pack, just post your mod here: http://aslain.com/index.php?/forum/32-request-a-mod/ That's what i've done with my other "mods", since i tried posting my first tracers mod here and getting almost no responses. Guess i rushed that sentence a bit sry, i meant to say faster or no animations, like this below i use, for maximum responsiveness while still keeping some fast animations for fluidity. Mine is far from perfect tho, only the zoom in/out track/return animations that've really mattered to me gameplay wise. By zoom/fov adjusted to the dynamic crosshair, i meant correcting zoom levels according to the FoV set, so it lines up with the numbers, juuuuust right :) Like 10 first level, 15 second, 25 third. A lot of trial and error on my part, but having the zoom go out to random numbers just bugs me so much.. Included mine as an example of what i mean below also, unique for the <fovBase> tho. -X33STORM Animations: <animation> <list> <def> <id> default </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.0 </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_XS </id> <proc> <id> dynamicLift </id> <liftScale> 0.0 </liftScale> <minLift> 0 </minLift> <maxLift> 60 </maxLift> <controlPointOffset> 0 </controlPointOffset> <timeCoef> 0 </timeCoef> <minTime> 0 </minTime> <maxTime> 0 </maxTime> </proc> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> dynamicLift_time </procResult> </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <positionInterpolation> <QuadBezierInterpolator> <controlPoint> <procResult> dynamicLift_controlPoint </procResult> </controlPoint> </QuadBezierInterpolator> </positionInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_SX </id> <proc> <id> dynamicLift </id> <liftScale> 0.00 </liftScale> <minLift> 0 </minLift> <maxLift> 60 </maxLift> <controlPointOffset> 0 </controlPointOffset> <timeCoef> 0 </timeCoef> <minTime> 0 </minTime> <maxTime> 0 </maxTime> </proc> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> dynamicLift_time </procResult> </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <positionInterpolation> <QuadBezierInterpolator> <controlPoint> <procResult> dynamicLift_controlPoint </procResult> </controlPoint> </QuadBezierInterpolator> </positionInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_XX </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.25 </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_Xx </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.25 </time> <easing> CubicOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_xX </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.25 </time> <easing> CubicOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_xx </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.25 </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_zoomin </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.15 </time> <easing> CubicOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_zoomout </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.15 </time> <easing> CubicOut </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> SnakeTail_zoomraise </id> <enableScroll>1</enableScroll> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.2 </time> <easing> Linear </easing> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> gotoShipModule </id> <DockModuleAnimator> <time> 0.5 </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <easingBoardChange> QuadInOut </easingBoardChange> </DockModuleAnimator> </def> <def> <id> openLootBox </id> <OpenLootBoxAnimator> <time> 0.4 </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> </OpenLootBoxAnimator> </def> <def> <id> returnFromTrackingShell </id> <proc> <id> timeAccordingToDistance </id> <distCoef> 0.00 </distCoef> <minTime> 0 </minTime> <maxTime> 0 </maxTime> </proc> <proc> <id> timeAccordingToYawPitchDiff </id> <diffCoef> 0 </diffCoef> <minTime> 0 </minTime> <maxTime> 0 </maxTime> </proc> <!-- <proc> <id> interimPoint </id> <tyaw> 1 </tyaw> <tpitch> 1 </tpitch> <tx> 0 </tx> <ty> 0 </ty> <tz> 0 </tz> </proc> <WaypointsAnimator> <waypoints> <procResult> interimPoint_waypoints </procResult> </waypoints> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <animators> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> timeAccordingToYawPitchDiff_time </procResult> </time> <easing> Linear </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator></YawPitchInterpolator> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> timeAccordingToDistance_time </procResult> </time> <easing> Linear </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator></YawPitchInterpolator> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </animators> </WaypointsAnimator>--> <CombineAnimator> <first> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> timeAccordingToYawPitchDiff_time </procResult> </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator/> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </first> <second> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> timeAccordingToDistance_time </procResult> </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator/> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </second> <positionByFirst> false </positionByFirst> <rotationByFirst> true </rotationByFirst> <fovByFirst> true </fovByFirst> <delay> 0.0 </delay> </CombineAnimator> </def> <def> <id> gotoTrackPlane </id> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.1 </time> <easing> CubicOut </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator/> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </def> <def> <id> gotoTacticalMap </id> <proc> <id> interimPoint </id> <tyaw> 0.3 </tyaw> <tpitch> 1 </tpitch> <tx> 1 </tx> <ty> 1 </ty> <tz> 0.5 </tz> </proc> <WaypointsAnimator> <waypoints> <procResult> interimPoint_waypoints </procResult> </waypoints> <easing> QuadInOut </easing> <animators> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.15 </time> <easing> Linear </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator/> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> <StandardAnimator> <time> 0.2 </time> <easing> QuadOut </easing> <rotationInterpolation> <YawPitchInterpolator/> </rotationInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </animators> </WaypointsAnimator> </def> <def> <id> switchBetweenShipsInDeathMode </id> <proc> <id> dynamicLift </id> <liftScale> 0.0 </liftScale> <minLift> 0 </minLift> <maxLift> 30 </maxLift> <controlPointOffset> 0 </controlPointOffset> <timeCoef> 0 </timeCoef> <minTime> 0 </minTime> <maxTime> 0 </maxTime> </proc> <StandardAnimator> <time> <procResult> dynamicLift_time </procResult> </time> <easing> CubicInOut </easing> <positionInterpolation> <QuadBezierInterpolator> <controlPoint> <procResult> dynamicLift_controlPoint </procResult> </controlPoint> </QuadBezierInterpolator> </positionInterpolation> </StandardAnimator> </def> </list> <modeSwitches> <switch> <from> * </from> <to> * </to> <animation> default </animation> </switch> <switch> <from> * </from> <to> map </to> <animation> gotoTacticalMap </animation> </switch> <switch> <from> shell </from> <to> * </to> <animation> returnFromTrackingShell </animation> </switch> <switch> <from> shell </from> <to> shell </to> <animation> default </animation> </switch> <switch> <from> * </from> <to> plane </to> <animation> gotoTrackPlane </animation> </switch> <switch> <from> dock </from> <to> dockModule </to> <animation> gotoShipModule </animation> </switch> </modeSwitches> </animation> Zoom levels: <snake_tail> <controller>m596980ac:SnakeTailController</controller> <defaultKey>180</defaultKey> <nearBinocularDistance>100.0</nearBinocularDistance> <farBinocularDistance>0.0</farBinocularDistance> <nearModelDistance>130.0</nearModelDistance> <farModelDistance>165.0</farModelDistance> <defaults> <fovBase>70</fovBase> </defaults> <barrierKey>120</barrierKey> <barrierKey>100</barrierKey> <barrierKey>65</barrierKey> <barrierKey>25</barrierKey> <barrierKey>12</barrierKey> <barrierKey>0</barrierKey> <flyThrough> <minKey>0</minKey> <maxKey>12</maxKey> </flyThrough> <flyThrough> <minKey>12</minKey> <maxKey>25</maxKey> </flyThrough> <flyThrough> <minKey>25</minKey> <maxKey>65</maxKey> </flyThrough> <flyThrough> <minKey>65</minKey> <maxKey>100</maxKey> </flyThrough> <flyThrough> <minKey>100</minKey> <maxKey>120</maxKey> </flyThrough> <states> <state> <key>0</key> <zoom>18.75</zoom> <smartZoomAngle> 1.0 </smartZoomAngle> <smartZoomAngleMax> 8.0 </smartZoomAngleMax> <nearPlane>2.0</nearPlane> <minPitch>-15</minPitch> <maxPitch>20</maxPitch> <forwardResistance>4</forwardResistance> </state> <state> <key>12</key> <zoom>13</zoom> <smartZoomAngle> 1.0 </smartZoomAngle> <smartZoomAngleMax> 8.0 </smartZoomAngleMax> <nearPlane>2.0</nearPlane> <minPitch>-15</minPitch> <maxPitch>20</maxPitch> <forwardResistance>4</forwardResistance> </state> <state> <key>25</key> <zoom>10</zoom> <smartZoomAngle> 0.7 </smartZoomAngle> <smartZoomAngleMax> 2.0 </smartZoomAngleMax> <nearPlane>2.0</nearPlane> <minPitch>-15</minPitch> <maxPitch>20</maxPitch> </state> <state> <key>65</key> <zoom>5</zoom> <nearPlane>1.5</nearPlane> <smartZoomAngle> 1.0 </smartZoomAngle> <smartZoomAngleMax> 8.0 </smartZoomAngleMax> <minPitch>-15</minPitch> <maxPitch>20</maxPitch> </state> <state> <key>100</key> <zoom>3</zoom> <nearPlane>1.0</nearPlane> <smartZoomAngle> 1.0 </smartZoomAngle> <smartZoomAngleMax> 8.0 </smartZoomAngleMax> <minPitch>-15</minPitch> <maxPitch>20</maxPitch> <forwardResistance>0.2</forwardResistance> </state> <state> <key>120</key> <zoom>0.86</zoom> <minPitch>-20</minPitch> <maxPitch>35</maxPitch> <nearPlane>0.1</nearPlane> <coeffRocking>1.0</coeffRocking> <forwardResistance>0.1</forwardResistance> <backwardResistance>0.1</backwardResistance> </state> <state> <key>180</key> <zoom>0.86</zoom> <nearPlane>1.5</nearPlane> <minPitch>-45</minPitch> <maxPitch>35</maxPitch> <coeffRocking>-3</coeffRocking> <backwardResistance>0.2</backwardResistance> </state> </states> </snake_tail>
  2. X33STORM

    [] OdTo Camera

    Nice work! A unique camera mod, very useful. The spotter pitch is what really sells this, and what i was searching for when i found this :) Just the -2 minpitch right? Very like my personal mod i couldn't help but think, but yours is more consistent as a whole. If it only had an edition with no/low animations, FoV / increased zoom adjusted to dynamic crosshair and increased carrier zoom height :)
  3. I just got a 1st Strike Warning, but i only use the same mods i've used forever, all of which are in Aslains modpack, and SweetFX/ReShade. The warning didn't specify anything, and i have little to no idea what could have triggered this, as i have absolutely never used any illegal mods ever! "We have detected that prohibited World of Warships client modifications have been used on this account. Please refrain from using any forbidden modifications in the future. Repeat violations will first lead to a temporary suspension of a violating player's account, and, subsequently, to a permanent ban should a violation be detected again." I mean, what in the hell.. Afraid to even open my game again, and i'm not playing mod-less!
  4. X33STORM

    Graphics Issue

    That's a reef under the ship...
  5. X33STORM

    PC brightness/contrast messed up after exiting game

    Not the game, but your graphics color settings. Nvidia or AMD. Don't use their color management, fullscreen applications will cause you to lose the settings, and you have to move any slider in the color settings for them to be re-applied. Instead leave at default, and configure your monitor.
  6. As the title suggests, i'm trying to get rid of the detection range shown in red below, and i'm not sure how.. I don't remember it being there always, and it's not shown in screenshots of it, so thought it might be a setting somewhere. It clutters up the most important part of my view, and i have that information elsewhere.
  7. X33STORM


    Why don't you just try ProShips to see what it's got? I tried it when the english version came out a found myself using a lot of things from it! Also pretty cool they included one of my tracers in their pack :D
  8. What good is something if you cannot share it, and so here's a pack of my shells and tracers for you all, including plenty of screenshots this time. The pack consists of a base package, making a clear difference between HE & AP, making every texture connected to each their own color. Red HE. Blue AP. And a simple thin smoke trail to more clearly measure distance and arch, and therefore giving you an advantage. I've of course included alternate trails, all of which are based primarily on the dash trails in Aslain's wonderful pack. Listed as follows: Base pack+Alternate Tracers Azure Line-Tracers Azure Dash-Tracers Black Dash-Tracers Blue Dash-Tracers Purple Dash-Tracers Red_vs_Blue Dash-Tracers (Regular Size) Red_vs_Blue Dash-Tracers (Small Size) Red_vs_Blue Dash-Tracers (Tiny Size) Screenshots of the base pack, some of the tracers and a preview of the textures used are shared here: http://imgur.com/a/tvWrA Download available as an attached file or via this Dropbox link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fz8vq2k5viq3qa/X33STORM-Shells%2BTracers-Red-HE-Blue-AP.rar?dl=1 (Tested on Hope to see you in-game, have fun gaming guys! -X33STORM
  9. Shells and tracers don't work properly anymore, tracers are scaled and distorted, and the shells are just big blocks of color! I think they changed the .dds resolution, but i haven't had any luck with guessing it..
  10. X33STORM

    Tracers Pack - st0rm Edition

  11. X33STORM

    Best gunsight mod and why?

    Tried a lot of them, but the scaling provided by the dynamic sight is invaluable when calculating seconds to target. Also a lot of superfluous graphics in a lot of them..
  12. Just a small pack i made, with simple changes to the game's splashes and torpedo colors. It contains the following colors: Red, Green, Blue, Light-Blue, Purple All except the light-blue are very bright, and very visible! Know where your shots land, how close the enemy is at zeroing in on you, and stay aware of any torpedoes. Preview of the Light Blue one: To install, simply copy/unpack the "particles" folder from the color of your choice to the "res_mods/x.x.x/" folder. To uninstall or replace, delete/overwrite said folder and file. Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wttsdfje4wdmnh/Splash-Torpedo-Colors.rar?dl=0 Enjoy -st0rm Splash-Torpedo-Colors.rar
  13. X33STORM

    Tracers Pack - st0rm Edition

    Here's my customized tracers for anyone who wants them. There's various editions in different colors and shapes, and are listed as follows: Azure Line-Tracers Azure Dash-Tracers Black Dash-Tracers Blue Dash-Tracers Purple Dash-Tracers Red_vs_Blue Dash-Tracers (Regular Size) Red_vs_Blue Dash-Tracers (Small Size) Red_vs_Blue Dash-Tracers (Tiny Size) Shell-Tracer_Red_vs_Blue-st0rm (Red HE, Blue AP Projectiles are in this one as well. Can be used with any of the tracers by just copying the content folder.) It's pretty much my trial and error finding a color/shape combination i was satisfied with, ending in the one you see at the end. To install, simply copy/unpack the contents from the version you want into your "\res_mods\x.x.x" directory. To uninstall, delete the folders from your game folder. *Based on templates from the Aslain and Haka packs. Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1pibowrpa4ylfy/st0rm-tracers.rar?dl=0 Enjoy -st0rm st0rm-tracers.rar
  14. Hi, i would very much like an explanation to editing mods by myself, having little or no understanding of the code, learned by trial and error and basic logic. I'm mainly speaking of the primary customization files that controls the layout, elements and camera settings such as: camerasConsumer.xml battle_elements.xml battle_layout.xml Fx what does each function here do, and what are the value ranges: By trial and error i've found most importantly that editing the <zoom> below 1.0 in the lowest of these sections acts as a higher FoV. The YAZOM, Zeiss and other takes the field of view way too much back so you can barely see whats in front of you, so it was vital for me to make the edit to "0.85" or even "0.9". Now the battle_layout.xml that controls the UI layout, i've been able to surmise the basic functions of each element by comparing mods so that i could move things around to my liking. The top one controls the horizontal and the lower one vertical afaik. But functions like the <glueElementID>, <glueElementCoord> and <elementConstraintType> i have no idea what the values are about other than controlling if the element is attached/glued to another element or relative to horizontal/vertical center, and i've just copy pasted from other elements so far. Also the scale doesn't seem to do anything, whether true or false 1.0 or 10.0 XY, has it been removed and the code is useless i wonder. Would've been nice to be able to see the UI from a distance. Now the battle_elements.xml controls which elements the game loads, and some mods add .swf files to the flash or unbound directory which are added in this file so the game loads them, and some even require their own entry in the previous described file. It's like USSExpressionsLoader.xml but that file is pretty self explanatory. Now take my elements file, which i think and i stress "think" is ok, i have no idea what the class= is about which can get very complicated in the <controllers> section. I have conflicting minimap mods from Aslain and Haka and could only guess my way to cutting one of them out. Lastly i've been wondering about the way these files work, hud_lib.swf and central_feedback.swf, and the "hud_lib_res" folder. The file sizes of the .swf files vary from mod to mod, but the hud_lib_res folder contents remain alike, i assume the .swf just points to the .png's in the hud_lib_res folder so i find it strange that the file size differ. I'm using the BlueMan detection mod myself, and with the "Priority Target" Commander ability you should supposedly be able to see how many enemy ships are targeting you, but the mods change the default in-game icons for being detected, and i can't see any number anywhere. And when there is a cyclone warning the tiny icon for that in my "hud_lib_res" folder is scaled up and sticks to the screen for the whole game, and a number is peeking out behind it. If i were to remove some files from the res_mods/.../flash/hud_lib_res folder, would those files be empty/not showing in-game, or would they default to the games standard icons. Also, is there any way to unpack/pack/edit the .swf files, as i am very curious about what's in them and what i could change. So some way of knowing what all this crapdoes, would be VERY nice! I don't know how the modders know since i've been unable to find any resources to help understanding all this. I know that i am asking a lot, and that i'm extremely picky about my customization needs, but i think not only i but other players will benefit greatly from knowing how to make their own adjustments. -X33STORM
  15. Hi, i'm pretty new to the game and trying to get my mods properly set up to fit me, but i've hit a wall in regards to the camera mods, which are way over the top with FoV. So i'm trying to change the value to less, but this file has me lost, nothing makes sense to me in regards to FoV and i dunno what to change. Tried comparing YAZOM, Zeiss and default files, but after dozens of attempts i'm still lost. EDIT: Found it, it's the <zoom>1.0</zoom> Change the zoom below 1.0, like 0.7 and FoV increases.