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  1. X33STORM

    bots invasion

    Submitting bots, bots and more bots. Apologize for plain screenshot with no censorship, but i can't be bothered.
  2. X33STORM

    no gun fire sound effect?

    I tried checking the rear left and right, front left and right, and center speaker cables, since i just changed them. Should've searched on google before doing that and saved myself some time!
  3. I just got a 1st Strike Warning, but i only use the same mods i've used forever, all of which are in Aslains modpack, and SweetFX/ReShade. The warning didn't specify anything, and i have little to no idea what could have triggered this, as i have absolutely never used any illegal mods ever! "We have detected that prohibited World of Warships client modifications have been used on this account. Please refrain from using any forbidden modifications in the future. Repeat violations will first lead to a temporary suspension of a violating player's account, and, subsequently, to a permanent ban should a violation be detected again." I mean, what in the hell.. Afraid to even open my game again, and i'm not playing mod-less!
  4. X33STORM

    Graphics Issue

    That's a reef under the ship...
  5. X33STORM

    PC brightness/contrast messed up after exiting game

    Not the game, but your graphics color settings. Nvidia or AMD. Don't use their color management, fullscreen applications will cause you to lose the settings, and you have to move any slider in the color settings for them to be re-applied. Instead leave at default, and configure your monitor.
  6. As the title suggests, i'm trying to get rid of the detection range shown in red below, and i'm not sure how.. I don't remember it being there always, and it's not shown in screenshots of it, so thought it might be a setting somewhere. It clutters up the most important part of my view, and i have that information elsewhere.
  7. Shells and tracers don't work properly anymore, tracers are scaled and distorted, and the shells are just big blocks of color! I think they changed the .dds resolution, but i haven't had any luck with guessing it..
  8. Hi, i'm pretty new to the game and trying to get my mods properly set up to fit me, but i've hit a wall in regards to the camera mods, which are way over the top with FoV. So i'm trying to change the value to less, but this file has me lost, nothing makes sense to me in regards to FoV and i dunno what to change. Tried comparing YAZOM, Zeiss and default files, but after dozens of attempts i'm still lost. EDIT: Found it, it's the <zoom>1.0</zoom> Change the zoom below 1.0, like 0.7 and FoV increases.