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  1. Atorpad

    Naval Legends: B-413 – Trailer

    Their wet dreams .....
  2. Atorpad


    How about fixing fonts you messed up !!!!! First change making engines sound like washing machine now fonts and that torpedo bar extended from east to west .... Every game in every update improves this game is always going backward!!!
  3. Atorpad

    Ship names bug?

    Bugs run WeeGee Be happy if you see sth that is not bugged
  4. Atorpad

    ST - Upgrade changes

    Once again I have to refer you to spreadships!!!!
  5. Atorpad


    Wow start writing a book
  6. I wonder how this plane lands on water ?
  7. Atorpad

    Official WG guide seems ever so slightly off

    It will die eventually they know it. All they are trying to do is to suck more money out of it
  8. Atorpad

    Official WG guide seems ever so slightly off

    WeeGee is busy making new ships to farm money from current players.They don't have time for new comers
  9. Atorpad


    They always do it wrong.Remember Hinden reload nerf ? then they gave her one more repair and just 2 weeks ago they her reload back and even more !!!! I think the balans guy (or team) does this to keep his(their) job !!!!
  10. Atorpad

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    Yeah i think it is the 3rd annual of this very simple request !!!
  11. Atorpad

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    Not unify but allowing users to customize the key setup !!! Let's ask officials @Sub_Octavian @Crysantos @MrConway
  12. Atorpad

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    They tested the idea with 457mm Montana .Community accepted ; So why the hell not ! they have hull so only need to model guns and here we go we have tX BB ready to sell!!!Now give me money
  13. Atorpad

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Yeah nerf YY torp reload and gun reload time !!! Now the detection range of her torps !!! So what is the difference of DWT now ?????
  14. So EU DDs are super RN DDs right? As far as I remember RN DDs were DD hunters .... WeeGee:gib me money i will give you prem YY
  15. Atorpad

    Clan Battles season VIII

    WeeGee why you insist on forcing the features we never asked for?! Maybe to justify the work or budget you have invested on such ridiculous things instead of solving very obvious bugs and problems of game!!!