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  1. Bug Reports

    If you mouse over it ; says "citadel armor belt !! it is not coincidence . I know what you mean. but the thing is that bug reveals the exact position of citadel makes aiming easier !
  2. Bug Reports

    1. Description visual bug showing exact position of citadel using any cammo 2. Reproduction steps simply using any cammo
  3. RN DD captain build?

    A player like me is going to keep the same captain up to tX
  4. RN DD captain build?

    I have seen some builds but i dont know which one is better for their role as a DD hunter? 1)PT PM LS SI CE IFHE RPF 2)PT LS AR SE SI CE IFHE even bft + reload module gives her 22% buff on guns?
  5. server down

    wow what is going on here ?! good news is 15 min after schedule server is up now ...
  6. Hi What is the exchange rate for anniversary tokens? couldn't find it.
  7. Future of the pirate flag

    Sadly no event this year
  8. I love this thing As a compliment my team mate Aoba said "its good to have a DD with brain in team" lol ...
  9. The chance is so low . it takes too much time to get only one duplicate ... I had 47 collected . it took 3 days to collect 4 duplicates and the 4th day it gave me the exact missing item !!!!!
  10. Jean Bart Flash

    How about Stalingrad and payfast ??