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  1. no it is open for one week rate is 1 crown for 8 florins
  2. Atorpad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Thank you all for detailed help even the guy who dislikes everyone without any constructive opinion
  3. Atorpad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Sometime you need to ignore some people .. Thanks for detailed guide btw
  4. Old or new the op ships make other players suffer facing them.while making them unavailable for all doesn't change anything and only gives the owners advantage of ruling others I know players always want their unique op ships to have fun but what about other 23?
  5. Atorpad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I am not a cv player but i want to start to learn I need some help with captain build of all 3 lines please
  6. @Sub_OctavianWhy did you release such op ships in the first place ??!!!!
  7. Atorpad

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My effortless kraken ever
  8. Atorpad

    Bug: Can't fire guns

    My clan mate says it is a cheat as it happens mostly when you have a nice broadside to shoot at!
  9. Atorpad

    akatsuki detection range

    But it makes playing these ships so hard
  10. Atorpad

    akatsuki detection range

    Haven't played my akatsuki for a while . today i did Aquestion occurred to me: why akizuki outspots her by 0.5 km ?! why lightning and (cossack) outspots her by 0.9 km ???!!!!!!! Even mahan suffers from this
  11. Atorpad

    What was wrong with old SHARDS map ?!

    Why did they just copy-paste OKINAWA ??? SHARDS was a different map . what was wrong ?
  12. Atorpad

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    the long story of WG servers ......
  13. Atorpad

    Why i can't hear eating a citadel hit sound anymore?

    Yes i'm sure clan mates confirmed this . every class i tried . i could even hear it eating heavy damages in DDs before !
  14. I didn't change anything as far as i remember but i can't hear the sound anymore !