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  1. The game needed any of these so called reworkes . It is all about making more money out of it....
  2. This is for today All I have noticed that now Captain XP is equal to base xp+ bonuses you slot .It wasn't like this before even wit out bonuses we had more CPXP Free XP is now equal to base XP+ bonuses these are new for me (at least) 1230 is all I got for 400% bonuses for this match !!!!!! I am not grinding any line for now but I believe shipXP and credit earning is massively nerfed tooo
  3. WeeGee will find a way to earn money from cammo just wait
  4. Detonation used to delete fullhp ships. Then they changed it to 80 or 75% of hp .Where did 80k come from? Maybe he changed or I am blind !!! Makes you happy?
  5. Dude you have played 23k battles and don't even know what is detonation mechanism ????? One single shell hit can detonate 105k hp BB !!!!
  6. I am playing WOWS for more than 4 years . Never received such mail !!!!
  7. Atorpad

    NC KOTS camo mission

    No mission . It is WeeGee what do we expect?!
  8. Atorpad

    Camo rework announced

    Calm down people they have just found a way to sell credits for money. They will remove credit bonus from cammos and sell silver in prem shop .... My guess is they are going to make T10 pay to play ...
  9. Atorpad

    Transformers Collection

    Hi I have completed missions but items were not enough . Do I have to buy rest of them or is there any other way to complete collection?!
  10. Atorpad

    This is what 7/10 games look like these days

    Like or getting paid for?!
  11. WeeGee: Nah. EU is our milk cow. You should have known that by now. We don't talk to cows(no one does!). We just milk them .... Now say maaaw
  12. Atorpad

    Important message for the community

    Meanwhile we have 3000 new Missouri player !!!! Imagine how many loot boxes have been sold ......
  13. Atorpad

    Confirmed: Colbert is a destroyer

    Sure you are .... They are aware of everything . But is there money in solving bugs for them ?! nah . So not a priority
  14. Atorpad

    Important message for the community.

    It is still the same. Just change of tactics If they wanted to change simply they would put missouri in direct sale !!!!! There is saying in my country "Wolf repentance is death"....... They are just trying to win CCs back
  15. Atorpad

    ST, visual changes

    Is it money for them in new maps ?! nah!!!