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  1. just look at my team's position And surprize we won the battle !!!
  2. server down?

    Never mind i scored better today Thanks btw
  3. server down?

    So we lost that battle result for last night ?!
  4. server down?

    What about those unregistered results?!
  5. server down?

    I just did my best damage on Yamato and surprize !! nothing registered
  6. Is Belfast gone for ever?

    Hi is belfast on the sale cycle or she is like missouri?
  7. RPF for Yueyang

    Nice . but this requires team play ! how often do you think it happens on random battles?!
  8. Italian Destroyers

    Have look at this World of Warships 2018 To-Do List Winter 2018 - French BB's Spring 2018 - US Cruiser Split Summer 2018 - British DD's Fall 2018 - Italian CL/CA's Winter 2019 - Russian BB's
  9. Italian Destroyers

    I saw a chart about that I will put it here if i find it
  10. Des Memes Captain build suggestions

    Flamu is using this PT AR DE CE PM SI AFT EL
  11. RPF for Yueyang

    I mean mostly in randoms
  12. RPF for Yueyang

    Hi I see people using RPF on yueyang. is it useful? beacuse most of the times DDs are in the front line and you can not torp them !
  13. Zao torpedo angles

    Yes exactly !
  14. Zao torpedo angles

    There is other reasons that people don't like to chase zao at all !
  15. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    My first try Second try Finally i did it