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  1. Atorpad

    shipbuilding scam

    The only reason this game is still free to play is that no one would buy a copy .... and they know that !!!
  2. Atorpad

    So RN CV's no longer the worst?

    Just wait for mighty soviet cv line !!! this is a platform for testing !!!!
  3. Isn't it copy -paste of ps4 icons? maybe they are trying to do some merge !!!
  4. Atorpad

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    More than a year passed still WeeGee doesn't know what to do with this broken rework ...
  5. Atorpad

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    Are they ?! The problem is decision makers don't play their own game !!!! All they rely on is numbers !!! You know numbers never give you the real feel !!! I wish guys like you had more influence in balance decisions ...
  6. Atorpad

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    2040 WeeGee still doesn't know what to do with CVs...
  7. Atorpad

    FYI: Shipstorm tournament no longer supported by WG

    Well weegee is confiscating everything possible to have control over !!! Just like they did with subreddit !!!! CC program changes ..... This is how communists do in their country
  8. I shot a full salvo on a DD with my Donskoi. first one hit a second later got 6 more hits with kill !!!
  9. Atorpad

    WG we need DM.Donskoi only MM pls

    Complimented the DD that managed to survive
  10. New metta 0.9.5 Life for DDs getting better imao with these new additions ... subs...
  11. Atorpad

    Armory Update Review

    It is beautiful but more multiplicative
  12. Atorpad

    Enhanced consumables

    I know the dmg number isn't impressive(thank you for reminding that) and I don't intend to show off cause I'm an average at best.My point is somehow we should feel the gap of 75000 credits not spent on consumables
  13. Atorpad

    ST 0.9.6, sound improvements

    Please add Dishwasher sound too just like washing machine sound for DDs
  14. Atorpad

    Enhanced consumables

    The thing is I could earn even more before that so called Enhanced consumables
  15. Atorpad

    Is Amagi really turtleback ?

    Not turtleback but she has decent armor on her aft