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  1. Atorpad

    Server down every night for the last 3 days

    Russian server .... We lost twice in CB because of server disconnections ! Do they care about low quality servers ? no Do they care about your money ? yes ...
  2. Atorpad

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    i will try ticket but i have no hope...
  3. Atorpad

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    he was my atlanta captain before . on a mistake i did assign him for a DD but now he has back on atlanta but the retraining part requires 75k xp !!!
  4. Atorpad

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    I know . but i was grinding the captain for 19 point
  5. Atorpad

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    Problem is i have decided to assign him to my atlanta but instead of grinding i have to retrain him for 75 k xp :(
  6. Atorpad

    IFHE on daring

    Is it mandatory or not? With 18.8 mm pen for HE shells without IFHE facing a bow on DD how can a Daring fight him?!
  7. Atorpad

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a good start but it is weekend...
  8. Hi Is there a way to cancel a captain retraining?
  9. Atorpad

    update 0.7.11 patch notes

    Hi where can i find update 0.7.11 patch notes?
  10. Atorpad

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Just want to visit the balancing guy with that mathematical physics degree in person.... I will stop grinding the line
  11. Atorpad

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    thanks for sharing
  12. met @Commander_Cornflakes today unfortunately his team was ...
  13. Atorpad

    Remove Standard Battle

    I would rather have an option to chose the game mode myself!
  14. Atorpad

    PSA: Twitch Drops

    I received one thanks