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  1. Atorpad

    This is what 7/10 games look like these days

    Like or getting paid for?!
  2. WeeGee: Nah. EU is our milk cow. You should have known that by now. We don't talk to cows(no one does!). We just milk them .... Now say maaaw
  3. Atorpad

    Important message for the community

    Meanwhile we have 3000 new Missouri player !!!! Imagine how many loot boxes have been sold ......
  4. Atorpad

    Confirmed: Colbert is a destroyer

    Sure you are .... They are aware of everything . But is there money in solving bugs for them ?! nah . So not a priority
  5. Atorpad

    Important message for the community.

    It is still the same. Just change of tactics If they wanted to change simply they would put missouri in direct sale !!!!! There is saying in my country "Wolf repentance is death"....... They are just trying to win CCs back
  6. Atorpad

    ST, visual changes

    Is it money for them in new maps ?! nah!!!
  7. No they don't care And they are not making fools of themselves because not even 20% of players are following forums or Flamu's YouTube . So they are pretty successful.That is why they are repeating this and they will keep doing it ....
  8. secondary builds never worked will never work in my opinion....
  9. Atorpad

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Whales please keep company running for us Thanks
  10. Atorpad

    How many currencies can a game create?

    As much as people pay irl money for them !!!!
  11. Atorpad

    This new feature...

    WeeGee:Well dear sir you will be buying these signal flag next time with irl money .... Now gib me money
  12. Such skills are only to fill gaps in skill tree. The only aim was to make money out of commander retraining and reset ....
  13. Atorpad

    Signal flags from achievements

    This is a free to play game but unfortunately you will have to buy everything with irl money from now on ... have fun comrades ... welcome to soviet union First captain retraining with doubloons next signals with doubloons what's next ?? prem ammo ???
  14. Atorpad

    No flags for achievements?!

    You will need to buy signals from shop from now on !!! now gib me money Should i mention that this game is free to play?!
  15. Atorpad

    Collectors Emblem

    Son you are blessed by Stalin himself . Enjoy your prize