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  1. _Mjolner_

    Bug Reports

    Same happens to me at least 3 times.
  2. _Mjolner_


    I like it.
  3. _Mjolner_

    Game Core Improvements

    Just a general tugt. When you get sunk and stay to follow another ship, what are the logic behind which ship you get to when you click the left mouse button? I would prefer to follow ship close to where I got sunk. That is where I have been in the midst of battle and most often cooperating with other ships. Why am I moved to the ship furthest from the place I got sunk at? Doesn't make sense to me.
  4. _Mjolner_

    Bug reports

    It's when you compliment another player. Played three games without complementing any player, no problem. Complimented a player, locked up. Played some games more without complementing players, no problem. Complimented a couple of players, it locked up.
  5. _Mjolner_

    Bug reports

    1. The game freezes in the last result wiew window. You cannot go back to port via the button or ESC-key or by clicking ESC in the top right corner. You cannot Battle on either. 2. Play random battle and win (do not know if it is the same if you loose (but I will certainly get to know it). See previous report, second bug.
  6. _Mjolner_

    Chung Mu

    I liked the little destroyer. I liked the fact that I could sit behind my fellow destroyers and still use the torps without endangering them. Thought the guns where enough to meet the other destroyers since I got rather good smoke.
  7. _Mjolner_

    New Operation

    Think it was well balanced. Nice islands to use as cover. Fun to be able to spawn from two places. Liked the possibility to repair and still be in the battle. A good operation for British cruisers.
  8. _Mjolner_

    Balance Changes

    I like the better smoke for the British Cruisers. Now I have better ability to handle surprises. I am also able to help others with smoke. The British Cruisers are so easy to kill so I do not think they get over powered by this.
  9. _Mjolner_

    Loading Screen Tips

    I like this change. It is clear and simple to access. During the wait for a game to start I will have time to read the tips. The only negative is that the tips are very basic. It would be nice if I cold get increasingly advanced tips the higher up in the tiers the ship I am going to battle in is.
  10. _Mjolner_

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - General Feedback

    I think the scenarios are nice to play. They give a better "reality" and a nice background story. For me they are hard. I play for fun, not for a career or for being the best. It is leisure time. It would be nice to get a simpler level first and some more hints about how to play. I like the concept and think it can be used to teach how to use all the different kinds of ships in a more realistic way. As it is now, it is up to the group to organize te action, if you just play for fun, there would be nice to have some more guidance. Even if a person in the group tries to organize the play you really don't know if that person knows what he/she is doing or not and it easily results in heckling in the chat and "noob" pointing within the group. I like your map tactic videos, it would be nice to have scenario tactics videos. I can guess it I s a fantastic form for teams and groups that knows each other and thus already have a designated leader.