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  1. CaptainKreutzer

    Let's talk about the Odin

    Tbh i don't like Odin after the nerfs, ship really is worthless and i have Scharnhorst anyway. But if i want a ship with same Hydro + Torpedo combo gimmick, i'll be looking forward for Ludendorff which will be coal freemium ship aand looks nice for her tier even tho she has poor firing angles and 32 second reload on main guns(but sigma is 1.8 just like old Alsace).
  2. CaptainKreutzer

    ST - New ships

  3. CaptainKreutzer

    ST - New ships

    If you look closely they are not Fi 167 aircrafts that's stock on August. @Crysantos Btw why not saying what the planes are? I mean Tanatoy did it right after German CVs stats was revealed in devblog post. Oh btw i think she has Ju 87 Cs , I looked closely wing is very hard to see for most but one of them is not blocked by things around the deck. Then engine bay of the planes are very similar to Stuka's engine part. Then pilot cabin is long and streched to back and the tires again its hard to see but you can see its similar to Ju-87's tires.
  4. CaptainKreutzer

    ST - New ships

    Alsace and Ludendorff has 12 380 mm guns. so that's not a difference.
  5. CaptainKreutzer

    ST - New ships

    She has 1.8 sigma similar to GK and FDG.
  6. CaptainKreutzer

    ST - New ships

    Well Ludendorff is a ship that i didn't hope, I hoped to see T10 H42 or T9 Again but using 420s of FDG with Torpedo setup or something like that, it's just weird to see triple turret German Battleship. Well to stats it's terrible, Reload of 32 second, terrible gun angles similar to GK, AA that's worse then FDG, Rudder shift of 22 second( Instead of 17.5 of FDG), so right now Ludendorff looks like worse FDG to me. Löwenhardth looking very nice speedy CV with GZ secondaries and finally Stuka's i think if i saw correctly, Torpedo's are like downtiered GZ which is way better then main line Weser or August. DB has GZ's circle ellipse which is scaring me because you know GZ DB reticle is terrible and needs rework. I still didn't talk about AP rockets but i don't know much about them. Plus here: please change German CV line torpedos they might have heavy damage but they don't have that usability like GZ's torpedos or Löwenhardt's torpedos, with 25 knots and 738 meters arming distance at T10 is horrible.
  7. CaptainKreutzer

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    I have a question- Is Petropavlovsk 0.9.6 release gonna change German CV early acces event time or is it gonna be like Kleber, gonna be released fully with German CV early access event?
  8. CaptainKreutzer

    Tier IX German BB Ludendorff

    Well Early prototype GZ design is nice for T6. Biggest CV at T6, I hope she gets Stuka's as well. But T9 BB looks bad. Armor wise she's good and maybe turret angles maybe improved because of removal of hangar and Torpedos but she still looks like downgraded FDG. No AA, Worse reload, Smaller guns, Worse Rudder shift with 22 seconds(instead 17.5 seconds of FDG). I wish we got H42 rather then this imaginary BB again but let's not loose hope.
  9. CaptainKreutzer

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    Well, Grind looks reasonable so yay something nice. But for whales that like to pay 35 k doubloon i have to say this don't! Odin is underpowered T8 BB with T5 health, mediocre secondary and main guns. So just grind it. 2 months grind time looks nice aswell i think. Rewards are still nice aswell and Parade camo looks awesome better than that PR camo for sure. Well i will try getting Odin (Because that camo looks so nice) since i have bunch of saved money for doubloons right now. But for real we need lot more camos like that Parade camo.
  10. CaptainKreutzer

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    @CptBarney My idea was similar to Siegfried and Ägir. Beowulf gets original setup, 8 380 mm guns with very awesome accuracy , 4 triple 150 mm guns, 4 dual 128 mm secondaries and very great armor including icebreaker armor and working turtleback and large HP pool. But with bad secondary range. Thor in other hand gets her catapult deleted and her guns would be different, 4 Triple 305 mm guns with Puerto Rico accuracy, 4 triple 150 mm, 8 dual 128 mm secondaries with German BB secondary accuracy and long range same as GK, Armor is same as Beowulf. Thor will end up as Mini GK.
  11. CaptainKreutzer

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Beowulf for T10 Siegfried Thor for T10 Agir I was actually making for proposal about sisters but then i decided to not do it.
  12. CaptainKreutzer

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Project 24 first designed with 457 mm guns then Stalin didn't approved the design and it changed in both displacement and the guns.
  13. CaptainKreutzer

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Kremlin is project 24 battleship btw. anyway Fumtu is so right it's so pointless discussing with you.
  14. CaptainKreutzer

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Amagi class designed in the era where Battlecruisers was just faster battleships with lower armor thus they were for fighting against BBs and dodging their shells. Georgia or Iowa designed for chasing cruisers and going against Battleships. Alaska in other hand designed for killing cruisers. Siegfried or O class designed for killing cruisers and merchant ships. and stop comparing BBs to Cruisers for christ sake they are completely different classes.
  15. CaptainKreutzer

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Kron has innaccurate guns, and weird armor scheme. JB is Richy at T9 with better AA, MBRB,better accuracy. Siegfried armor is better then Kron just not the bow armor, 33.5 knots speed, 6 380 mm guns but it has cruiser accuracy not Kron's BB dispersion, plus Torpedos and German Hydro, secondaries still good and actually kinda better then Georgia by pen capacity but not by amount of secondaries. Siegfried has great things, has diffrences then other cruisers.