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  1. CaptainKreutzer

    Public Test 0.11.1 - General feedback

    Hello there!~ So umm not sure if this is correct place to write this but GK's model looks outdated compared to other changed tech tree ships like Moskva and Khaba, Please give some love to GK's model before her change like those 2 Soviet ship got. Captain Kreutzer~
  2. CaptainKreutzer

    Ways of distribution of new ships (DB 256)

    Hello there, You need to research it for getting her when change happens, so if you unlocked GK but not buy it, you will still get GK.
  3. CaptainKreutzer

    Ways of distribution of new ships (DB 256)

    Hello there, It's same case as Moskva, If you already researched her once, you will get GK, You will get her no matter what, even if you sold her or reset the line
  4. CaptainKreutzer

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I like to join aswell!
  5. CaptainKreutzer

    Closed testing 0.11.0, changes to test ships and soviet carriers

    Hello there, Improved guns of Sevastopol gets reload buff but same guns with way worse accuracy and performance as a battleship has 26 seconds reload... I know I know it's T10 but let us agree, Gneis, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Siegfried and FDG is powercrept by their BC counterpart, please look into buffing their guns aswell. Captain Kreutzer~
  6. CaptainKreutzer

    Update 0.10.10 - Superships in Ranked battles

    Hello there~ I want to write this now and i need you to take this seriously before they arrive to randoms @YabbaCoe First off Conde, currently her testing is very inaccurate due to ranked nature being closer and utility for cruisers, ships such as Conde don't show their full potential as their Utility is lower compared to maybe enemies Annapolis or Petro or Stalingrad, For ranked Conde is monster as gun platform i just didn't use her often as Anna is very good for utility but in randoms I'm very scared that her speed boost + accel mod + stupid DPM potential and long range making her impossible to deal with just like pre nerf Henri IV. please bring this up to developers. Secondly Hannover, Hannover currently works in ranked as it's 7 v 7 small match, even Odin works in same condition as it's small close quarters battle but in way larger match Hannover will be lacking gun power to do something at range and considering her size and concealment Hannover will have really hard time getting close so without some buffs to main guns she will be terrible to play, I recommend 3 things choose one, buff 483s to have 29 seconds reload or make the guns 508 mm guns with 31.5 or 32 seconds reload this will allow Hannover to get bit more damage then Ohio or Preussen or Schlieffen because of higher alpha or add both thing i recommended here 483s with 29 seconds reload and 508 mm guns with 32 seconds reload just like GK and FDG's gun options, also H42s real gun caliber is unknown also this ship is more like H43 and H44 so playing with guns actually makes sense. Thirdly Zorkiy, She needs buffs that Delny getting, not reload but range on guns and torps, rudder shift times those type of things as Zorkiy should be upgrade over Delny or Grozovoi but she doesn't show it currently. Lastly Satsuma and Yamagiri, Satsuma feels like Yamato so i can't find anything wrong with her in randoms and ranked she feels superior to Hannover but it's because Hannover currently is bit bad, Yamagiri also feels good and balanced although i need to check her with new torps. That's all of my opinion and my warnings. Captain Kreutzer~
  7. CaptainKreutzer

    German Hybrid CV line proposal

    Hello fellow commanders! As this post was very empty i decided to redo it with Hybrid German CVs, Instead of Support CVs i propose to give Germans Hybrid CV line. Captain Kreutzer signing off~
  8. Hello there, That's a pretty good news, thanks. Captain Kreutzer signing off for now.
  9. Hello there, It's good and all but there's no info about if there's shortlist or not, just like previous years? -Captain Kreutzer
  10. Hello there, I do believe this new system can be nice and can have some nice effects if done right... we will see
  11. CaptainKreutzer

    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    Okay the subs are here and i played once and played against them then just watched others to get this feedback and problems Problem 1st: Empty maps DDs, Subs, CV and couple of long range or stealthy cruisers makes map way too empty time to time, If you ask me i can recommend giving soft cap on Subs of 2 and DDs of 2, hard cap of 3 subs and 3 DDs. Problem 2 Homing of Torps, Heavy weight on DCP and Submarines are boring in general To me Subs are boring as boring as CVs, You guys are making them dumb as possible for monkeys that there's no thought process on them like just sit and spam pings from far and spam torps, then there's homing we saw all those clips Cruisers and DDs getting deleted. Recommendations: First make Sub torps stop homing when they are spotted, meaning if Torps have 1.8 km concealment they will stop homing after that range, add upgrades to get slightly better concealment on torps but gives up on reload, When torps are spotted by Hydro they will also stop homing this change lowers the weight on DCPs, Make torpedo homing in a way tho that when it stops homing it will still go where enemy is heading what i mean here is if enemy is straight lining he will get hit but if he turns he will avoid. This change also allows more teamplay by DDs and Cruisers, Lastly i think this will improve sub gameplay by adding more thought process like is that cruiser has hydro, should i torp this DD, Is Preussen's hydro still up, should i flank and get their broadside and etc. I'm not saying subs can't fit to game but there's need of changes and these are the ones that comes to my mind.
  12. CaptainKreutzer

    Waterline, superships feedback (DB 227)

    @YabbaCoe Something that's not mentioned, If i buy Hannover for an example does she stay in my port after event or does she get removed? Her price might end up near or more then 40 million credits so i need answer to this question.
  13. Finally after all those proposals, designs etc. I finally see large gun GK, I'm happy asf! Now i wish i can test the Preussen like ST or CC but it will be distant dream i think...
  14. CaptainKreutzer

    Large gun Großer Kurfürst Proposal, "Battleship Preussen"

    We did it boys, She's coming!!