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  1. Stevie_beste

    Krasnyi Kavkaz

    I would love to see it as a T5 premium with a modernized aa suit. Maybe as reward for completing a future Soviet collection? If it is T5, it needs to have 7 seconds reload and good accuracy.
  2. Stevie_beste


    Könnt mal vorbeigucken.
  3. Stevie_beste


    Hallo Kapitäne, Ich suche einen Clan, welcher größtenteils Jugendliche beherbergt. Ich bin 15 und habe die NC. Würde mich über euer Schreiben freuen.
  4. Stevie_beste

    Possible future ships

    Hello fellow captains, As I was searching the web for possible new ships I found a very interesting article about a french destroyer class called Le Fantasque. It was the fastest destroyer for her time (45!!! knots). I think it could be an interesting prospect for a french T10 destroyer. I linked the article:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Fantasque-class_destroyer Enjoy reading, Stevie_beste