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  1. Kirmin

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Both 12 big gifts, not a single ship. Don't waste your money on gifts. Most people who post here are those who get a ship, there hundreds of us not getting it .
  2. Kirmin

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Both 7 huge gifts, got only flags and camo
  3. Kirmin

    Tirpitz custom flag

    I think that Tirpitz had a swastika on the nameplate historically and that can be a reason why its not on the ship.
  4. Kirmin

    To WG - Why camo for new French BB must be so ugly?

    I like the French camo. It looks cool.
  5. Kirmin

    Where is the holiday excitement?

    You want seal clubbing, admit it!
  6. Kirmin

    Where is the holiday excitement?

    I hope you are right. I have ben witing so long for t61, checking the web each day. The reason I belive it will come next week is because there is a mission with the ship and this week we already got the Graf Spee.
  7. Kirmin

    Where is the holiday excitement?

    I think next week we will get the t61 with some mission and the week after the Duke of York in the 0.6.15 patch. The reason I don't belive the patch will come next week is because the Duke of York just got changed and they need more than 4 or 5 days of testing.
  8. Kirmin

    Tirpitz custom flag

    I found this article on the web and took the freedom to translate some of it. https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/her-ligger-tirpitz-70-aar-etter/a/10105091/ "Here lies Tirpitz 70 years later" The article describes in short the history of Tirpitz and how it was sunk. After the war Hovding ship chopping company bought the wreck of the ship from the Norwegian government for 120k Norwegian kroners. The total weight was over 40 tons and it took them over 10 years to cut the ship up to smaller parts and there is still large part of the ship at the Hakoya outside Tromso. Later on the city of Oslo bought several plates and they are called "Tirpitz plates" among professionals. The plates where brought by the "water department" and "public road department". The plates are used to close bigger holes on and around the roads. The plates are unique because they are both very tough and hard. They are probably originating from the "inner panzer bald next to carcasses to the torpedo room". Sorry for some bad translation.
  9. Kirmin

    Tirpitz custom flag

    https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/10/19/new-flags-0-6-12-wows/ http://www.kbismarck.com/tirpitz.html This is the flag Im talking about
  10. Kirmin

    Tirpitz custom flag

    I just noticed the historical Tirpitz flag in the game files and I was wondering if there was a Tirpitz bundle where the flag was included? I do not own the Tirpitz and would like to buy it with the flag. Do you know when a boundle with the flag could be released? and historical dates when this could happen?
  11. Kirmin

    [][FR][EN] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Just want to say a big thank you for all the work you are doing. I love your anime UI, female characters and all the rest that follows. When I get frustrated by bad battles the anime mods reminds me its just a game and not to take it too serious. When Im recruiting a new commander I can easily use 10 min just to find a female character with the portrait I like and a fitting name. :-)
  12. Just want to say thanks for all the great work you are doing Aslain.
  13. Kirmin

    New players protection

    Some players have also reported change in MM after you hit 100 battles. Like you get more frequent bad teams if your rating is high.
  14. Kirmin

    Battleships - what am I missing?

    They have big guns and they hit hard. What more do you need? :-)
  15. You don't need to press the battle button on the mission. Just chose a ship that meets the criteria and play a normal game.