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  2. xScoundrelx

    Bug Reports

    I got disconnected a like 10 times today. Altghough i have high end pc and very good internet
  3. xScoundrelx

    Space Battles

    Aesthetically and art wise it looks awesome. Now i'm not going to mention a lot of things, because most off it was mentioned already by other people. But the most annoying thing about space battle is that why would have water in space in the first place? And just simply copy pasting the regular WOWS game play and play style makes the game mode not unique and not interesting. It's just a simple WOWS regular game play with a new skin. That's it. It's not interesting. And for the love of God fix the carrier UI already.
  4. xScoundrelx

    Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    I suggest watching his stream... you'll see the pulverizing too. Also the video that is shown in the back is an older replay, but the focus is on what he is saying, commentating. Not the older replay video that you see.
  5. xScoundrelx

    Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    I didn't read all the comments, but it's nice to see people reacting and discussing the matter that's being highlighted in the video. So thx for that guys. I personally agree with Flamuu, because - and i've saw this in many matches - people are focusing too much on damage instead of focusing on the role they play and wining efficiently. And thus the game rewards damage more then it's rewarding the role you play in the match: spotting, caping, tanking, radaring, etc. even though a player doesn't do a godlike damage in a single match. Btw sorry for the grammar and spelling, english is not my native language.
  6. It's a good video. It's worth watching.
  7. xScoundrelx

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    The UI is lagging. Since the patch the game crashes a lot (although i have good internet and high end pc). Did i mention the lag spikes and fps drops as well? I personally don't like that i have to play the new operation only with the us, french and uk ships. Also a question: when will we receive the rewards for PTS 0.7.2?
  8. xScoundrelx

    Public Test Rewards

    Question: when will we receive the rewards for PT 0.7.2?
  9. xScoundrelx

    Public Test Rewards

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I clearly remember it saying on the PTS where the missions were - it stated clearly that if you do those missions you will get the Lyon and the Richelieu as reward on the main account. I didn't make a screenshot to back this up, I might be wrong.... but pls clarify this for this potato. thx
  10. xScoundrelx

    Co-Op Battle revamp?

    @IanH755 Yes I am new to the game and might not know many things about this game. And yes i have something like 195 games, and i am an avarage player and my highest tier ship is 6.... but I mostly play randoms, except weekends (cuz weekend players are very weekend xD), and trust me you wont get that results which you posted on tier 6 (unless the whole team instantly dies and you're the only one still alive) and it happened to me that i wanted to play tier 6 operations and the requirement was to division up. Now this may have been a bug or some sorts but it happened. So what i wrote i did it based on my experience.
  11. xScoundrelx

    Co-Op Battle revamp?

    Co-op is a waste of time imho. You gain nothing playing Co-op. You gain barely any xp or credits, and learning? You learn nothing in Co-op. Not even the basics. Just to shoot with the guns and launch torpedoes. That's it, nothing more. Operations? You need to have Tier 6 ships to play operations, but even then you can't play operations because it forces you to make divisions. Most of the new players who have max 1 Tier 6 ship can't play it because at low tiers they have no one to platoon with. Honestly who is going to join you (fairly new player) in division to play tier 6 Operations when a lot of players now are at Tier 8 -10? And you have to consider the fact that not everyone is available all the time to play in division. Not to mention not everyone wants to play in divisions. Some players just like this type of "solo warrior" thing.