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  1. If you guys give us manual aiming for AA guns, I will actually be happy with the rework. Skillshot drops require skillful counterplay. Otherwise we're still left with the problem that the CV is playing a PvE game while the surface ships are being punished by a real player. And to the guys saying that manouvering, aiming main guns, AND aiming AA guns is too much... no, no it's not. You will simply stop using your main guns whenever you need to defend yourself from a carrier. When you are being shot at by multiple ships what do you choose? To manouvre until you are safe, or to keep shooting? Defending yourself vs a carrier should always be a priority. Who cares that you will lose dpm for those 30 seconds that you spend using your AA guns? Staying alive based on your own skill is going to give you a lot more damage later, because you SURVIVED!!! Also, thanks a lot Wargaming for this delay. Take your time! We want a good rework. Not something half-done. :) Really appreciate your decision.
  2. FreetheBrain

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    @antean So you went around and downvoted anyone who had something constructive or good to say about the rework. Thanks buddy, you're making a real good contribution.
  3. FreetheBrain

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    So, I played the carriers up to tier VIII. Honestly, they become really fun and satisfyingly powerful at tier VIII. I especially found the US HE bombs extremely strong, which I love. The Japanese AP bombs, on the other hand, are definitely underpowered. The Japanese flavor does not feel good. They need to be on par with the US. Either buff the AP bombs, or remove them completely. Overall, I like the rework. I think it will be healthier than the current RTS version. I do have some issues though. Like everyone else, I think it's essential to be able to switch back to the carrier without losing the airgroups. Also, I would like to be forced to enter first person mode in the carrier more. Maybe lose the bomber spawned fighters, and instead force us to choose where the carrier spawned fighters would go within a certain radius. If you could only do that from the carrier point of view, that would be really fun and immersive! It would also force the carrier to move more. Another thing - AA defense feels bad. I think the best balanced carrier game would be one, where the defending player is allowed to actually shoot at the attacking aircraft similarly to shooting at enemy ships. I believe this is doable, since the aircraft hover at a set altitude, and we already have a passive axis adjustment when we shoot at enemy ships. You just need to lock to the aircraft with the "x" key and start shooting at them. This of course would prevent the defending ship from using its primary armament, which I think is balanced, realistic and engaging. The carriers are bound to lose more planes to skilled players that way, but they will still be taking a ship out of the fight. The good part is that this ship won't feel helpless. Shooting down aircraft might become a meaningful statistic finally if implemented properly. It doesn't need to be perfect, AA defense could still be arcady, but as long as there is counterplay to the carrier, the game is guaranteed to be fun, because the deciding factor is skill, rather than the type of ship you have chosen. Another plus is that aimed AA would actually allow us to play our carriers in first person mode more. I think this is massive. Those are my two cents. I think you are heading in the right direction guys. The carriers feel strong, but they are not godlike like in the RTS version. Implement meaningful counterplay into AA defense, and I think the rework will be a gem.
  4. FreetheBrain

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    First of all, I should say I enjoyed the test, and think it's a good idea that will lead to a healthier carrier population. My opinion is positive, so please don't take the following criticisms as an offence. I have only played in the tier IV carriers for now (around 6 games). My impression is that the Langley's Fire Bombs are A LOT stronger than the Hosho's AP bombs, even against Battleships. Regardless of how many Citadels I get on a BB, the maximum damage per AP bomb is 3000. The maximum damage on the HE bombs is 5000+, which is retarded, considering they have a high fire chance, and are a lot more effective against destroyers and cruisers compared to the AP ones (which have no fire chance at all and deal less damage to everything). For comparison, I easily reached 100k damage with the Langley, while constantly struggling around 20k with the Hosho. Also, I found the rockets on both ships very ineffective and especially hard to aim. Their fire chance is quite low. Coupled with low base damage, low fire chance, and hard aiming system, the rockets feel useless compared to the bombs - especially the Langely's HE bombs. Another point is that I feel there is no real incentive to switch between squadrons. As soon as I'm done with one bomb squadron, I can immediately take the next one with virtually no down time. This feels unimmersive and doesn't make a lot of sense. I'd be a lot more comfortable with a generous hangar capacity, rather than an infinite supply of rapidly refreshing air groups. The fighter solution doesn't feel perfect, but it's also not a bad idea, in my opinion. Finally, I'd love to ability to switch between my carrier and my air groups in first person without losing the airgroup. This would be balanced if there is a hangar capacity, I believe. This is my opinion for now. Warm wishes, and good luck with the changes. Can't wait for the final iteration.
  5. Definitely join us guys! The clan is really cozy. We are active in clan battles, have lots of good players, and yet we are relaxed. :) We've also got a nice discord environment!
  6. FreetheBrain

    Those fancy Worcester cammo's

    You press the gear icon on bottom left of the ports screen (just above the ships carousel). You can disable additional content there. Although, I sadly just realized that disabling the content also demounts the camo. :(
  7. FreetheBrain

    Struggling to secure kills in Fiji

    Hey guys, I just got the Fiji, played 20 games so far and have been doing very well in terms of wins (70% win rate). I seem to be struggling a lot in securing kills though (Average kills per game - 0.5). Time and time again I feel like my kills are being stolen from under my nose, which baffles me, since this is supposed to be a rapid firing cruiser. I did not have this problem with the T6 Leander. Looking at the average stats for everyone, I seem to be reaching the average damage numbers (42k), but the average kills for people playing the Fiji are (0.9 kills/game) compared to my terrible (0.5 kills/game). I try to be smart - I hug Islands, I smoke up well within range of enemy ships, I hunt destroyers, I contest caps a lot, and I seem to be carrying a good number of games judging by the XP I get. When fighting enemy cruisers I aim for the waterline and hold the left mouse button, but I don't seem to be getting those juicy citadels. I don't land a lot of torps, but I don't get charged much either. I do melt DDs a lot, but I just can't seem to get the killing blow. Any idea what I'm missing? How can I improve my kill count? Thanks in advance! Fair seas!
  8. Do the French cruisers, especially the Henri IV, need a buff in your opinion? They are the least team oriented cruisers in the game - they have very limited consumable utility (i.e. no radar), they have low dpm, and terrible concealment (especially at tier X). With a full concealment build the Henri IV sits at 12.7 km detwxtion range. I feel that if it were buffed to 10.8 km, or even 11.-something, the ship can start to shine by allowing us to contest caps. It's weird that the Henri IV is supposed to fulfill a similar role to the Zao, and yet it has worse concealment, worse dpm, worse torp range, worse number of torps, and the same conaumables as a Zao. I might be a tad biased, because my french cruiser performance ia by far my worst among all the warships I've played, so I would love to hear your opinions, guys.