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  1. The WGC might just not be beneficial in all its features for everyone, and it doesn't claim to be. If your device does not meet the minimum requirements, you will have to upgrade your device or cannot use the service. Maybe it's time for a new hard drive, or some cleaning up. It's not like 250GB SSDs are expensive anymore. Even 500GB Evos come in at less than 100 bucks these days.
  2. Ced23Ric

    French Cruiser Changes

    I had hoped the reload booster would give me 15 seconds of punishment and awe-inspiring burst, but in the end I just kinda tapped the button whenever I went in and that was about it. Go in, boost, turn away, recharge, repeat. The French cruisers felt the best and able to keep up when the consumable was running and fell short when not. The 12s nerf seems uncalled for, especially with how weak the Charles Martel already is.
  3. Ced23Ric

    Anniversary Event

    Overall, I didn't see anything that jumped out at me. I suppose I could get some camos and use them to grind a little faster on new ships. There doesn't seem to be an innately appealing or beneficial item purchasable for the tokens.
  4. And now we have come full circle, where you finally admit and prove that my initial point was right: People hate change, and not for rational reasons, but out of principle. You have every tool and option available to prevent the things you and others lamented, but you decided to not use any of these avenues, because you don't want to. Thank you. Admittance is the first step towards improvement. Once you are past this stage and are willing to simply turn the WGC off, or never use it and just play the game, you can probably even arrive at reflection, where you'll look back at this thread and realize how irrational you and others have behaved. This is your actual issue. This has nothing to do with the launcher. Vote with your wallet, then, and cease partaking in the service offered, or stay and simply do not use the WGC outside of updates (though even that isn't entirely reasonable/fair itself, considering that you will gladly benefit from other people seeding the new patch to you, but obviously have no intention to help out the community by seeding yourself in return). It's a scapegoat excuse you cannot reasonably, feasibly defend, yet repeat to make yourself feel less irrational. There is no one we can lie to as effectively as ourselves. Also something I mentioned in my first posts.
  5. Not at all. You need to be more mindful of the word groups you decide to use to describe things. What's subjective is calling the WGC's offerings intrusive. There are no overlays, no functions hidden under ads, no pop ups, no notifications for changed products. Every function is plainly visible and accessible. And, the point you keep ignoring regardless how often it is brought up: You do not need to start the WGC, have the WGC running, or leave it running after you used it to get an update. You are entirely free to turn it on when there's an update and turn it off right away again, with no residual processes running. Pure conjecture and more fear-mongering, based on nothing but made-up slippery slope argumentation in an impotent attempt to sway someone and/or yourself to believe the unreasonable resistance you have towards an improved piece of software.
  6. Ther mental gymnastics necessary to stay the course are impressive. 1.) Steam sends you marketing offers all the time. This is a bad counter-example, unless you are saying that company X may send these ads and company Y may not, based on arbitrary reasons. 2.) The WGC is only running if you start it. The WGC does not run unless you want it to. The WGC does not need to run to play WoWS. The WGC can be terminated at any time. The WGC does not run in the background unless you let it run in the background. 3.) The WGC benefits every user playing World of X (and a respective PTS) or any other World of X title in parallel, and does not impact anyone playing only one World of X negatively. The net sum of people affected benefit. 4.) The WGC allows WG.net to deliver the same business incentives to the player as before, it just looks different. Your hang-ups are about clicking in a different spot and a different look to an application you don't have to have running unless for updates.
  7. It's ... actually rather good business practice, sound and commendable, actually. Keeping your software up to date, unifying resources, reducing overhead in the same step as increasing the reach to your customers is very sound and smart, both towards your clients and your business. You just don't like. Let's not throw out buzzwords as if they lend credence to your unreasonable statements.
  8. I refer back to an earlier post. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions aren't inherently sacrosanct. Opinions based on misconceptions and a lack of understanding are inherently inferior, because they aren't educated opinions. So far, the argument boils down to users unable to operate a piece of software, unwilling to learn how to, and making a new click elsewhere. The rest is made-up nonsense, fear-mongering and conjecture. When this is pointed out, it is taken as personal offense, rather than accepting one's own ignorance and adjusting the incorrect opinion. The defense of "values" is also a pointless appeal to emotion, and outside the realm of rational logic. If you insist that "Well, I feel that is wrong." in face of facts, you are willfully engaging in cognitive dissonance and perpetuate ignorance. If someone would come around and say: "I don't understand this technology and am afraid about it." That'd be fine, but that's not what they are saying. They are making reasons up that are argued against with observable facts and explanations, only to come up with the next made up reason. The explanations are disregarded, and the retreat is, repeatedly, "Well, we don't know! It could be anything!" Also, how about you be honest about the other thread. There's plenty of Old Men Gaming (OMG) discussing exactly the same nonsense, with exactly the same uneducated nonsense. And when the WGC becomes mandatory, the twelve people that claimed to leave WoWS forever will not leave at all, except for one guy, nothing will change, and even the single guy that left will come back, because he's just as much as a hot air balloon as the other people.
  9. You already know next to nothing about the applications on your computer. You already use a piece of software by the company you are accusing of proliferating malware/spyware. You already don't keep track of these things. You already accepted the EULA/ToS. You already gave WG.net your data. You already have software that does the same with less functions, looks different, is less convenient for a large chunk of users, and uses dated code base. You are not getting something you haven't used before.
  10. I play WoWS and WoWS PTS. The WGC allows me to update both within one application.
  11. If you call this a valid concern, it'd be a valid concern to call me a CIA agent, because you don't know if I am not. This is tabloid tier populism. "Just because I don't know [read: understand] something, doesn't mean it isn't [bad thing]!" This is unreasonable. You can start the WGC, do the update, quit the WGC, and play without it ever running. Your complaints are invalid and unreasonable. It's not adware. You don't get software X and ads for product Y. You walk into the office of the company you are making business with and they advertise their catalog. The old launcher also advertise doubloon purchases, premium shop items and more. Just because the WGC has a different presentation you are flipping out.
  12. The WGC only runs when you want it to and closes when you tell it to. This has been explained to you time and time again and shown, too. The WGC has the same option for autostart as the old one. The difference is one click, and the reason for that click has been explained, too - convenience for the combined seeding client accelerating patch proliferation for all users. If the WGC/old launcher did not have that seeding function, you'd be among the first people to complain how your client updates slowly, then making demands based on the US$ 20 ship you bought how WG.net should buy a US$ 150,000 server to expedite these downloads.
  13. But... you can still just launch the game and not the WGC, which uses zero additional resources. And you can still update the game with the WGC and then close it again when you're done. Is the entire complaint about an additional click, then, which has already been addressed by others, prior, in this thread?
  14. A business which you use the services of showing you offers of their catalog, like the old launcher already does, is not adware or spyware, Jesus Christ. You accepted the EULA, you accepted the ToS, you consented to Wargaming sending you offers and processing your data within the realms of their services.
  15. Please cease perpetuating these falsehoods. The WGC only starts when you start it. The WGC can be terminated at any point. The game client can be started independent of the WGC. And if you only have 8GB RAM and 1.25% RAM usage is limiting out your system, or driving up your electricity bill (which it doesn't, as RAM has constant current while your box is on), you might reevaluate that rendering videos in Adobe Premiere while playing WoWS isn't a smart move.