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  1. ColdWarFish

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not going to discuss this here in detail, as this is not really the thread for it, but let me just say this: I fundamentally disagree. Don't get me wrong, I know the feeling, BUT: How often did you win matches because the reds did something like this? How many games would you have lost if that guy would not have been on the enemy team? How many comebacks would have been impossible without the reds screwing up? Point is: If everyone always played perfectly all the time, WoWs would maybe give you higher quality games on a regular basis, but far less exceptional games as well.
  2. ColdWarFish

    Japanese T9 BBs

    Well, for what it is worth, I started my Izumo grind yesterday. And all I have to say is: Give me Izumos precise guns anytime over the shitfest-RNG cannons of Musashi: And while we are at it, I got 2 other requests. 1st: please finally release me from the horror that is weekend teams (there is only so much you can do in a stock T9 BB) 2nd. please let my volleys actually kill stuff instead of, you know, leaving them on 3k hp so someone else can finish them off. And before someone thinks I would subscribe to the timid Izumo style: You don't get to 2 mil potential average by not tanking for the team (max in my 9 games is 3.6mil at the moment). And this is still A-hull, stock Izumo... So the only hint I can give you: don't park bow in towards the other BBs and hope to get lucky as Yamato can do. Izumo thrives when you get into crossfire positions and her guns are accurate and hard hitting enough to punish any broadside over pretty much any range. Also, don't underestimate your ability to shoot "over your shoulder". When you are on a collapsing flank, turn around in cover, kite away. Don't play too static and you should be fine. I, for my part, are now actually looking forward to the rest of the grind. Izumo certainly isn't the pushover anymore she (by all those stories) used to be. Now, if someone could give me a hint how to get the random dispersion nonsense out of my Musashi guns, that would be a treat!
  3. ColdWarFish

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Clearly this game: If you ignore the Solo Warrior, this might not look special at all, but the last few minutes and specifically the last few seconds really made this game incredible: Completely perfect timing: From my reload coming up just in time, to Halsey's fireworks going off just when I fire my guns for the final salvo, to the Yamato giving me too much side just in the last few seconds of the match. You really can't make crap like this up.
  4. ColdWarFish

    suggestions for future naval port (clan base) bonuses

    Observation tower: enables clanbase to be selected as harbour in the harbour screen. (Upgrades: display the most played ships of 5, 10, 15 clan members docked/anchored in the background)
  5. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    Alright, point taken. Can't remember if the container content was comparable, but let's just say it was. Means it's already the second time they do that. Doesn't make it any better in my book and the points 2 and 3 from my above post still stand.
  6. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    @Allied_Winter Close. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. The main grudge I have with it is: 1. It's the first time WG places a paywall in an event that cannot be overcome by playing the event itself (incredible luck with the 12 boxes from phase 1 withstanding) 2. The main way to circumvent the paywall is buying something full price that you WILL BE GUARANTEED to get at a reduced price soon after. 3. The second way to circumvent the paywall involves basically gambling. In short: if you want the full content, you can either buy an overpriced key now (and not wait for it to be discounted in 4 mere weeks) or gamble for the key with no guarantee that you will actually get it. That, and the fact that this is the first time WG does that in WoWS, is my beef with it. But as in the OP disclaimer: opinions if this is ok may vary. But I find it important to at least try to have a discussion if this kind of business model is percieved as fair by the actual players of the game.
  7. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    Exactly. You, good sir, are hereby officially granted the title "master of reading comprehension". Thank you. I was already losing confidence that anyone will ever understand the point...
  8. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    Again, please read my last post and take the time to understand what you read. DoY could be unlocked before the event missions ran out. This is NOT like the locked missions in the RN event. The locked missions will be gone next Tuesday with no option to finish them after you pull a T7 or T8 later, or buy a discounted Cossack at the end of the event. This IS something new.
  9. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    Ahahaha, thank you for that. What a cute comeback when you obviously missed the point entirely yourself. Even after I updated the OP to make it easier to understand. Nice try, thank you for playing, but no cookie for you. At least you made me laugh. And in all seriousness: People, could you at least try to understand the point before commenting? You are all missing the point entirely... No, I did not forget about Gallant. But since when is Gallant T7? As said in the OP, the only way to access 2 of the phase 1 missions (and likely more in phase 2-4) is gambling for Jervis/Lightning or buying Cossack. Those missions are restricted to T7 and T8. Gallant or the T5 and T6 from the crates won't get you anything. And no, WG is not doing this to reward people that invest in their game (if that was the case, they would make missions/rewards available on the basis of the total money you have spent on WoWS), they are using these locked missions to artificially drive the sales of the full price cossack and their loot boxes. And no, you don't need the missions and rewards, but this is the first event where WG actually locks something permanently behind a paywall. And yes, permanently, as the e.g. phase 1 missions will be gone next tuesday. In the Xmas event, at least you could still fully complete everything after unlocking DoY. So WG does something for the first time that goes directly against your interests as a customer and you jump to their defense without even understanding the whole thing? (Which is kinda obvious by all these "duh, just use Gallant" comments)
  10. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    You missed the point as well? Or was that a case of selective perception? aaaanyway, let me rephrase the OP...
  11. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    To get the Guineas, yes. To get all rewards, no. The two locked rewards in phase one are a premium and a regular RN container. And I suspect Phases 2-4 will be similar or have even more missions locked behind T7 and 8 RN DDs.
  12. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    No offense taken, mate.
  13. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    To be fair, in the xmas event you could still do all missions after unlocking the Puke of Dork. In this one? Not so much. alright then.
  14. ColdWarFish

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    Reading comprehension, heard of it? Each Phase will be, according to the news article, active for 1 week. The mission is gone after 1 week. If the news aren't mistranslated again, the missions will be long gone by the time the line is fully released. Why did you think I specifically mentioned 12 free containers you can get the 2 silver DDs from? I don't mind them being only available for certain ships. I find it stupid, that the only ships they are available for are un-released ships that can only be unlocked by luck (or gambling) or by a premium that you will have to buy.
  15. Hey WG, you know, when I familiarized myself with the RN event from your news, I found it rather nice. Giving us the opportunity to play all of the missions in one day, if one has only limited time to spend on your game during the week. Having the unreleased RN DDs show up as random drops again. It all sounded quite nice and doable for pretty much anyone. Unfortunately, the euphoria lasted only until I started the game and had a look at the last mission of directive 3 and 4 of phase 1... So, just to be sure I get this right: You are hiding missions of this event (with considerable rewards in the form of RN and premium RN boxes respectively) behind 2 (or maybe 3) ships, that are not fully in the game yet? Ships that, in order to get them, you have to be either really lucky to pull those specific 2 from one of 12 free boxes you can gain in phase 1 or have to go GAMBLING for by purchasing your premium shop containers? Or alternatively we can buy the Cossack full price (if it shows up on friday in the shop) to access those, right? Right... And those missions will not stay until the end of the event either (as each phase is active for 1 week), so we will not have more chances to get the T7 or T8 from the boxes that drop in the game, right? Right... Edit: OK, seems this was too hard to understand... Let me put in into more simple words: Some of the missions require T7 or T8 RN DDs. You can't do any of the ones in phase 1, except if you: Buy the Cossack (full price or with a 4 Guinea "discount") Are lucky to get a Jervis or Lightning in one of 12 RN containers from phase 1 (the missions in phase 1 will be gone on Tuesday, so those 12 are all that you can get in time for the locked phase 1 missions) You buy RN containers in the premium shop to gamble for a Jervis or Lightning If you are unlucky and not pull a Jervis or Lightning from one of the free boxes in phase 2+, you will stay locked out of T7 and T8 RN DD Missions in future pahses as well, except if you do one of the above 3 options. I'm sorry to be blunt, but that is a really, really scummy move. Locking missions behind a paywall (in the form of full price Cossack) or gambling (in the form of the free or prem shop containers) is maybe the most scummy thing I have seen yet, when it comes to WoWS events. Some may say I should have known better, but I really am disappointed right now. In fact, I expect the other phases to be similar. Either you fork over the money for a premium, or you gamble, or you will be barred from some of the event "content"... Just amazing. As I said in the topic, you almost had a good event, WG, almost... Disclaimer: As usual with stuff like this, opinions may differ, but I think it is necessary to at least mention it publicly. It might not impact you right now, but if this stuff gets always through uncommented it will just open the door for more of it. And at some point it will have an impact on you as well.