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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Leo. The shipbuilding tokens were the thingies you used to buy the boosters, not the PR building xp/building points. Alas, you will not be a millionaire. But you seem to have 127 tokens left, so you will get 952k credits... better than nothing, no?
  2. ColdWarFish

    Server Down

    Naja, wenn das hier stimmt: Dann sind es "leider" nicht die Server, sondern wieder irgendwas auf dem Weg zu selbigen...
  3. ColdWarFish

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    Doubt it. I didn't get any tokens either and my margin to the 50% cut-off was over 1500 points yesterday past 11. The camos were credited though.
  4. Ah, right, based on the size of your fleet this could indeed be the other way around for you than it is for me. I still doubt that the directives will require much of a grind, but let's wait and see.
  5. Initially I would have voted no as well. But I found the event mode quite fun, so I actually played quite a bit of it. Doing a few of those per day and 1-2 randoms/sprints afterwards (for a total playtime of between 60 and 90 minutes per day) and I am now on the last stretch of the "daily grind" part. Funny how that turned out for me...
  6. So you are going to do the grindy bit of the event, but won't bother with something you are most likely gonna complete by simply playing the game for basically trivial amounts of time (based on past directives)? Colour me confused...
  7. Especially this! Gotta catch them all and such...
  8. As it was like that with the RN DD event, I'd say that that's a pretty safe bet, yes.
  9. Of course I will "bother" with the event. Why wouldn't I? The Baguette DDs look fun, CV population has dropped significantly again as well and I have an obvious obsession concerning the collection of virtual warships. The event may be quite grindy for me (collecting all the tokens from all of my fleet will take some time...), but at least it doesn't seem to force me to play daily like the Benham grind.