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  1. Early prototype Tirpitz spotted at tier 3

    In similar news: Belfast has finally been given the buff she deserved by adding torpedo tubes. Finally she can defend herself against battleships rushing her smoke. Was about time.
  2. Minsk - advice needed

    Only if you aren't the last DD alive on your team after 5 minutes and at least have to try to make a difference.
  3. Minsk - advice needed

    As others have said, don't rely on the torps, play her as a gunboat and stay on the move constantly. Also, hope you don't get thrown into T9 MM all the time, as this is, from my own experience, not a whole lot of fun. MM really seems to hate my Minsk: Both times I tried taking her out I was basically the sacrificial DD in an almost pure T9 match...
  4. Between being annoyed by the MM and talking with a clan-mate over discord, I completely missed @BeauNidl3in his ducky on my team... shame on me...
  5. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    A very good point, didn't even remember that.
  6. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    If we go just by feeling, the Bismarck is (tier for tier) the better ship for me. I can acknowledge that the Currywurst has a place in the game and that it can perform in the right hands, but between its horrible guns angles on the X/Y turrets, its glacier like agility and its dispersion (that goes out of its way to troll me whenever possible) I currently just cannot make it work either. But, as getting a T10 means you invested a lot of time and credits, why not save up a few more credits and get the Bismarck in addition to it? T8s aren't too expensive and having one in port is surely never a bad idea.
  7. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    Fire Prevention is, together with Basics of Survivability, one of the prime skills that is usually taken for survivability oriented builds on battleships and high health cruisers (e.g. Hindenburg and Moskva). Basically, if you are in a BB and want to adjust your build to keep your guns aflot longer, FP/BoS are both easy choices. As already mentioned by others: Your fire extinguishing behaviour, upgrades and signal choice will have a huge impact as well, so keep that in mind too.
  8. Z39 in Shop

    I am a bit surprise to be honest, Z-39 seems to enjoy quite a bit of popularity. 3/4 of the games that I played today within its matchmaking spread had at least one in them. Guess people were indeed eager for a German DD Premium. (Based on their performance, a lot of them should not have bought it though )
  9. Found @El2aZeR in his Big E, farming a Zeppelin. Other than that, not a remarkable/rememberable game though.
  10. Z39 in Shop

    Uh, oh... I didn't think about that being a possibility. Please don't say things like that, you might give WG ideas. Still, the two Ducas got released as a bundle as well, so there is still hope.
  11. Remove Straffing?

    If the UI wouldn't give me so much trouble sometimes (position of fighter symbols, groups not reacting to commands, etc.) and some tricks (counter-strafing) would actually be explained in game, I would completely agree. As it is now, CV play might not be incredibly APM dependent, but if you just go by the info that is available in game I can see how one can get completely wrecked by someone who has done some research on external sources. But hey, I only got <200 CV games under my belt. Maybe experience alone will solve some of the problems I am having with the UI just by being more used to it and therefore knowing what to expect.
  12. Z39 in Shop

    Alright, Z-39 does not seem to be a bad boat, but still... where's my T-61? I guess I will hold back on Z-39 until the inevitable 39/61 bundle shows up somewhen this year. Also: 11,50€ for the Captains? And they only come with 10p (and a bunch of bundled flags)? Sorry WG, that won't fly for me. Actually wanted to get at least the Doe brother when he becomes available (I wasn't playing yet when Seagal/Doe was available in game), but with this price tag? Thanks, but no thanks.
  13. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    This hits the nail right on its head . Don't blame the boat, blame the players. Recently, I've seen more and more Fletchers and Gearings ignoring the Cap and going "flanking" as well. (e.g. ignoring C cap on hotspot and going 9/10 line instead) Stupidity is in no way limited to IJN DD players, unfortunately.
  14. US-Treesplit ab 0.7.5

    Gibt's dafür auch Beweise, oder ist das eher wieder so eine "gefühlte Wahrheit"? Wir könnten ja auch die Gespräche in Discord mal komplett auf Englisch umstellen und sehen wie's läuft, Cheffchen.
  15. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    Also, I only count 8 DDs. One of which does not have torpedos that you should be too afraid of. No Asashio as well. Why exactly are you complaining again?