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  1. My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    I wouldn't even say too heavily (because full potatoe play can be punished by every cruiser/BB), but too easily. But I have little beef with the Stalingrad, apart from its improved AP angles, anyway. The only thing that doesn't click with me is the argument, that the Stalingrad is perfectly fine because it will only punish bad play, while the punishing (AP to broadsides) is being done with guns that basically have training wheels for their AP. For me it seems, that they sacrifice nothing/too little (compared to e.g. desmo guns with their high arcs/slow shell speed and comperatively short range) for their AP performance.
  2. No need to feel sorry, I am aware that I am not really a recognizable name in here and neither was my Div-mate (said Nelson). Also: I didn't say anything in chat either, so at least half of the blame is on me.
  3. Yep, certainly not our proudest CB. Oh well, it happens. Anyway, lots of familiar names today. First ran into @Deckeru_Maiku in green and a load of [SCRUBS] in red in a single game. (hint: double Nelson comment) Forgot to take any screenshots though, as it was a pretty lousy game for me (red Bismarck got a bit too lucky and triple citadelled me while I was fully angled in the #9... why does that never happen to me?). Also ran into @Robber_Baron and two of his [AKI] friends. (luckily on my team as well) Not a terribly exciting game, but at least the gunners on my Missouri decided not to drink themselves completely silly this time, so I actually did hit and damage stuff (well, most of the time that is).
  4. bismarck

    OP, what in the world are you talking about? Bismarck, Scharnhorst, even Tirpitz already have radar in the game. In fact, It's even German radar, so it's running all the time. WG just had to balance it, so it has only 2km range. But do not fear, there is a module that lets you increase the range by a whooping 50%! Just look up target acquisition mod. The mod symbol even is, in fact, a rangefinder+radar array.
  5. RN DDs and their significance for DDs in general

    Since you quoted me, let me at least say that your quote included the radar thing, so I feel that I am hardly derailing this thread. Also, concerning the general state of DDs, I found it relevant to at least explain why I don't see it as changeworthy as others might suggest. If that looked like turning this thread into another radar thread, then I am sorry, that wasn't the intention
  6. scharnhorst

    No thanks, we already have Missouri. One BB with radar is already too much.
  7. RN DDs and their significance for DDs in general

    While I agree that BBs should be easier punishable when they misplay and full AP Pens on DDs should not be a thing, I still can't get my head around why spotting by radar is such a huge problem. I'd rather have a bunch of radar crusiers in the enemy team than a CV for a simple reason: Islands. Pretty much all caps have some sort of cover in them, so even if I get radared in a cap, there is no guarantee I can even be shot at during the radar duration. The same goes for radar in situation where a DD is not near a cap. Just because you are spotted does not mean you can even be shot at. Does that mean that an abundance of radar cruisers isn't a massive annoyance? Hell no. But limiting their number per team (and also: making sure that both teams get the same number of radar) to 3 would already be enough for me. Radar has both range and duration, so playing around these two factors is doable, even if you are playing aggresively/far forward. The only exception here is ships with higher radar range than their concealment. That is complete bollocks and needs to go asap. Anyway, since you were asking for suggestions: Limit the maximum number of radar cruisers to 3 per team (just count the RN CLs as always having no radar, for the sake of avoiding the whole "but then you can see what setup that mino is running"-argument) Remove radar that has more range than the concealment of the given ship (having at least a 500m buffer should do the trick) Reduce radar duration of the USN cruisers. Especially with 2 or more USN radars in game that time their radar (bonus points if both are running the module), the duration becomes a bit ludicrous. Change all CV torps into DW. A class that can spot me 24/7 anywhere on the map should not have the ability to blap me anywhere on the map too. Planes have no duration, nor range, so playing around them means playing ultra passively, which is the exact thing this game does not need. DBs can stay. CVs should be able to hurt DDs, as all classes should be able to do some damage to all others, but crosstorping DDs can go the way of the dodo. Alternatively, give planes a maximum loiter time (aka fuel gauge) Revise the concealment numbers on a few DDs, but considering a balance pass through all tiers might be in order as well. Especially the mid-tier has a few that suffer massively by being unable to equip the T8 mod when getting uptiered. The combination of being outspotted by all the competition, running into radar and maybe getting flung into a CV game on top, makes those actually painful to play (Maas and Mahan come to mind) And before someone comes along and accuses me of being a whining DD-only player: close, but no cookie.
  8. Dallas

    Maybe I am just weird, but I actually like the Dallas. Running her with IFHE and CE (no AFT yet) and found her quite fun to play. Yes, she is no T6 Cleveland, but her HE Alpha is good, her reload is workable and her combination of maneuverability and concealment doesn't feel like it's limiting the ship. I have consistent 70+k damage games in her (though with only 5 battles that isn't of much statistical relevance) and actually quite a lot of fun. She is no carry ship, but if played to her strengths she can be really fun to play. It also helps that i find her looks quite... cute (for the lack of a better word). Her bridge and deck structure make her look like a militarized yacht (at least to me). And her 2-gun turrets are clearly AT-ST material. So, all in all, I am actually enjoying my time with her at the moment.
  9. Where is summer sale WG?

    Alright, must have missed that. Thanks.
  10. Where is summer sale WG?

    Eh? The last I heard about the CC was its global announcment. Mind pointing me to your source? PM is fine as well, as to not go too far off topic in here.
  11. Kagero any good?

    Ah, well, to be fair: ranked is an entirely different beast than randoms. Interesstingly enough, it would have never occured to me to take Kagero into ranked. She is primarily a torp-boat and I feel those don't have enough advantages in ranked. Nothing beats the Loyang as a T8 ranked DD anyway, so why should I chose anything else when I own one anyway.
  12. Kagero any good?

    Oh heck no! I can fully agree to that second statement, but never forget about your guns. Just be clever and chose your gun engagements wisely. Kagero is no gunboat, but that does not mean you cannot downright poop on lower tier IJN DDs or already hurt gunboats. I got almost half my kills on Kagero (which I ran exclusively with TRB) with her guns. People tend to underestimate the alpha of the IJN destroyers far too much. Edit: Also, Kagero was a pretty good boat for me, so yes, Kagero is a solid ship, imho. Yugumo worked even better and was, quite frankly, the highlight of the line for me.
  13. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Pretty good round for the NO. And it was her final round as well, as this unlocked the Baltimore for me . But this is what made this match really special: I got to mine that sweet, sweet salt by being called a hacker/cheater again! (By a broadsiding scrub, as usual. report and everything included) If this happens one more time, I may finally be allowed to play with the good players.
  14. Early prototype Tirpitz spotted at tier 3

    In similar news: Belfast has finally been given the buff she deserved by adding torpedo tubes. Finally she can defend herself against battleships rushing her smoke. Was about time.
  15. Minsk - advice needed

    Only if you aren't the last DD alive on your team after 5 minutes and at least have to try to make a difference.