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  1. Welcome to our [G1] Blackbeard's gang Are you looking for a clan where you can be an individual. But most importantly you want to enjoy the clan benefits. Being in our clan you can play as you wish. You can play alone and no need to use headset or take part in clan wars or divisions battles. In our clan you can be an individual and enjoy the game by yourself and at the same time you can receive all the clan benefits: + 3% XP earned per battle - 10% to the cost of researched ship of the spcified Tier - 10% to the cost of servicing ships of the spcified type How to join Well, it is easy. When you are in the game just go to clans section and find our clan [GI] Blackbeard's gang there and send an application. We accept your application in no time. No questions asked. No check up of stats. Every one is welcomed if only there is room in our harbour. Some minor reguirements we would like you to fulfill You speak some English. Well, then everythig is ok. And your age is +17. Our clan has players from 18 to 55. And yes, we have the Discord communication if you want to play in divisions or CV some times.