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  1. NO. anyway... Its simple... WG Will never listen the community.
  2. Kro_Tar

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I wish to participate!
  3. Kro_Tar

    ModStation don't Show up

    Goodmorning to everyone, So, like the title, after update 0.8.9 when i start the modstation she didnt show up, but it remains in the windows activity management as a background process, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the program, but it always does the exact same thing, no error appears. I've given administrator privileges, but even so it still doesn't work. Did the same thing happen to someone?
  4. Kro_Tar

    BBs and Other Questions

    Thank you very much for your answers, you made me realize that skip a whole line to get to Tier 10, it's the worst thing and I do not even have to think about it. So, I will gather your advice and concentrate on playing the line and learning the ships well. I will do it for sure, because I want to become a good player and not the player "who skips lines up to tier 10" After playing the Yamato in the public test server, I was falling into this trap, so I thank you because with this sentence you made me feel like a "child" who aims to have the ship of tier 10 without knowing how to play. Thank you again because you managed to make me understand my completely wrong approach to the game, I will change, and I will focus more on the real game, instead of launching my wallet to have a ship that I am not yet able to play. I will focus on Kongo and use the accumulated experience only to unlock the modules and do the same with the other ships.
  5. Kro_Tar

    BBs and Other Questions

    Hello ColonelPete, at the moment im playing the tier 5 japanese BB, and Tier 8 Roma, tirpiz and Alabama, first to learn, second to save up exp to unlock the yamato. Sometimes i try to push in when i feel is the right thing to do, and this 50% works, and 50% not work, so i have to learn more when i have to push and when not. Stay Defensive: Sometimes i do it, but im feeling that im only camping and i hate it. Thank you again for the tips, i will try to do all of them while playing!
  6. Kro_Tar

    BBs and Other Questions

    First of all; Hello Forum! its my first time i write here, i'am playing for near 1 year now, as you can see in my profile i dont have so much battles because i spend most of my time in cooperative, only in the last time i started with casual battles (i played the season only to see how it is). I tryed Cruisers, DD and BBs, and im feeling that BBs role is what i like, but sometimes, when i play im feeling im not doing the right thing, im not in the right place. I keep looking guides and gameplays about BB, and always they seem to be in the right place. So.. I have to play more, more and more near 1000 battles to completely understand how to position myself? I have to shot to an enemy (if broadside) always even if i know that i get spotted and punished? Is better to wait that enemies are near 10 km or is ok to fire at max range? I try to move alot, bow-on, getting my broadside hidden, and sometimes i try to stop and reverse staying bow-on, keeping bow-on and going 1/4, then reverse again, if a bb is going bow-in versus me, i take aim on another ship, sometimes Cruisers, and if i can i go for DDs. The main question is, what im doing wrong? is there any tips or trick that can help? maybe something i cannot see? Thank you in advance for who will answer me, and i'am sorry for my english, i have to improve my language too