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  1. _Sensei_7

    Armory, inventory, news, clan etc not loading in client

    New update fixed it for me. WG magic <3
  2. _Sensei_7

    Armory, inventory, news, clan etc not loading in client

    For me its the other way around. I can see armory and everything else if I run the game on 64bit but I play on 32bit and I can't see any of this. I filed a ticket a few days ago and got this reply about changing hardware acceleration file to false but it didn't work. I tried adding cef/ces (not sure how you call it) file to firewall exceptions, both 64bit and 32bit, also didn't work. I tried, as @Bagongolo suggested, to switch amd settings to power saving and it works but the game is really slow.
  3. _Sensei_7

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    I don't see the point of this forum. Whatever we write you don't really listen. We've been complaining about loser-star-saving for years already and you don't give a $h/t. Last season we all hated rentals now again you're pushing them down our throats. 130 games are not enough for someone to learn how to play the game in a rental ship. It's not even enough to learn the game mechanics.