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  1. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Bug reports

    1. Sometimes when you go to the Container page you cannot see the container. 2. Often when you have closed the game and you restart it and then have a container to open. When you go to the container page, the container cannot be seen, you can open it and most of the time you can see what you get, but not the container.
  2. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Bug reports

    It might have to do if you compliment another player in the end window. The last three times it has happened to me it has been after I complimented another player as "Plays well".
  3. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Bug reports

    1. When you press a key it get "stuck" and the game reacts as if it is pressed all the time. To abort you have to press another key, as to "abort" your action. Sometimes the game ignores your key press. You want to turn left and press A but nothing happens. You then have to double press D or another command key before you can get A to work. 2. Play some games and you will notice it. It is quite annoying and might get you killed. It might also happen whith the mouse and the fire-command. Quite annoying!! 3. A clearly frustrated player. 4. The keys should be followed distinctly. They are what keeps you alive in the game and the prompt start or stop of an action is what makes or brakes a game, what makes you a good player or a potato player! 5.. No specific time. It happens now and then.
  4. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Bug reports

    1. Description The 1-key stops working when you have been sunk and you are in the camera mode. You can not follow a shot. The 3-key still works so you can follow torpedos. If you go to settings, reset to default, fix your own settings it is OK again. Next game it doesn't work any more. 2. Reproduction steps Play, Get killed. Follow a ship and press 1 to follow a shot from the main guns. Nothing happens. Reset control settings to default, press OK and try; it works. Play next game, get killed and follow a ship. Try 1 to follow the shot from the min guns - doesn't work. 3. Result Annoyed player.. 4. Expected result Amused player. 5. Technical details No special time. Happens all the time (I get killed a lot).
  5. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Bug reports

    1. The game freezes in the last result wiew window. You cannot go back to port via the button or ESC-key or by clicking ESC in the top right corner. You cannot Battle on either. 2. Play random battle and win (do not know if it is the same if you loose (but I will certainly get to know it). See previous report, second bug.
  6. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Public Test 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    I love the start picture.
  7. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    New Campaign: "The Battle of the North Cape"

    I find it a bit strange that some of the tasks should be performed in the ship that is the ultimate win of those tasks. That should infer that; in order to win the ship you should first get it. Isn't that a bit stupid? Many of you are speculating in the fact that the ship will get replaced in the real campaign. That is good. I don't like when you have to finish a task in a premium ship. It feels like it's only there to make money. You thus can buy a better chance to finish the campaign than those that doesn't buy the premium ship.
  8. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Chung Mu

    Fun to test something else. I liked it's speed. It felt balanced with the guns and torps together with the smoke. Though I guess it can be a challenge to survive if you play too aggressively and the enemy have radar. The torps felt good and I liked the fact that I could use them without endangering my fellow destroyers. Though fighting another destroyer when capping could be tricky when they can torp you and you only have the guns to fight with. I felt the combination makes it rather fun and also rather well balanced.
  9. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    New Operation

    I liked it. Especially with British Cruiser that can smoke. Got both 4 and 5 stars in different occasions. Nice islands in the beginning so you can meet up armada in the beginning and then follow it as it goes towards the center. Liked the possibility to get repaired in the center of the map.
  10. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Played one battle with US CV tier VII After finished game went to next battle directly from result screen. The screen froze at team lineup and I had to kill the game and restart it to get into the game. This happened twice. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Play one game in US Carrier tier VII 2. Continue game from resul screen (without going back to port). 3. Get to Order of Battle and freezes up. 3. Result The game just freezes. 4. Expected result I would have gone into the Battle 5. Technical details
  11. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Loading Screen Tips

    Nice! Very basic though. I would like it if they could have a progression regarding the level of tips. Higher tire battle should mean more advanced tips...
  12. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Balance Changes

    Think the better smoke for the British Crusiers are good too. A skilled player can use the smaller smoke together with the terrain and map features and might nt be so affected. As a more average player I like the fact that I can smoke up from faster speeds without getting killed as easily. Previous you had to slow down, often while being shot at, smoke and then sit in a smaller smoke with a bigger ship whilst being torped. Now you have a better chance to survive. Slowing down, unable to adjust angle until smoked and then having to maneuver in a small space was challenging, this is a bit more forgiving. It is still very easy to get killed in an English cruiser anyway...
  13. Horatio_Hrnblwr

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Clan Base

    A clan forum would be great. Can I find that anywhere?