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    MIRAI Rebirthed!

  2. Watch_Symphogear_XV

    MIRAI Rebirthed!

  3. Watch_Symphogear_XV

    MIRAI Rebirthed!

  4. Watch_Symphogear_XV

    MIRAI Rebirthed!

  5. Watch_Symphogear_XV

    MIRAI Rebirthed!

  6. Watch_Symphogear_XV

    MIRAI Rebirthed!

    MIRAI | The Future of Warships MIRAI is an active, well connected, and experienced clan from all around Europe. We are an English-speaking community that has been sailing on the seas for over one year already and we have recently been searching for new members to further up our game. We offer: An open and active community Active CW play Rewards for activity Clan activities To enter our clan we do not require any specific stat numbers. We believe that everybody can be a hidden gem so do not hesitate to jump in. The only requirement we are putting up is to have at least 3 Tier X ships that are ready for Clan War. Community-wise we want you to speak English, have a mic (you won't be allowed to play Clan War without) and be mature. As for our recruitment procedure, we will have you go through a probation period of 3 weeks after an initial interview. During it, you will be able to participate in anything the clan has to offer (be wary that the recruitment process can be ended prematurely, may it be for the good or the bad). If you want to contact us please use/download Discord and join our server: https://discord.gg/g2YBQgK
  7. Watch_Symphogear_XV

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    Borizzz iz back (for a moment)