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  1. Bongels

    Does buying premium increase chances of winning?

    After much beer and play testing I feel that buying premium is not a factor in winning or losing. Being drunk on the other hand.. hmm.
  2. Bongels

    Does buying premium increase chances of winning?

    This is what I'm trying to figure out. Yes, I did buy premium to test this. I'm not sure if I just had a bad run of luck and then things perked up is due to buying premium or not. Just seems strange. Maybe it's just the weekend effect. Further research required.
  3. Bongels


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  4. I have a Surname thats very English but not very common. I was checking the list of the men who went down with the Hood and found 2 of them have that same surname as mine. Both were from down South, where my father and his family is from. Also, 5 others also share the same name of the female line of family way back when. My mother is a keen uhm. person who traces family history. So, I've asked her to do some research. First thing I noticed, one guy who went down with Hood, has the same name as both of my Dads middle names.. Strange.. Anyway, might be nothing, but It's interesting to think that maybe my family were a part of history. Who knows...
  5. I had an absolute horrible weekend of gaming. Felt like I was constantly on the losing side, shells missing ships which I thought I could hit with my eyes closed, constantly the lowest tier in a battle, RNG was absolutely against me. So, I did something I wouldn't normally do. I purchased 3 days premium. Today has been a good day, compared to last two days. I've been in the winning team, I've sunk ships, I've survived battles. I wonder, Does having a premium account affect the team you are on? I can't prove it, but it feels that maybe, just maybe, the odds of getting a better team are slightly improved if you give WG some money. It may be totally random, I've had a losing streak and now I'm on a winning streak, and has nothing to do with the fact I spent money. Makes me wonder though....
  6. Bongels

    world of tanks 3 days premioum work for warships

    Worked for me. Thanks!
  7. Since we are on 0.6.4, I take it this is the case, but I see no mention of Beta when playing the game, reading about updates, news or anything.
  8. Bongels

    And this is the WG Fair Play

    I'm in Water and just went back to being a BBaby.. that's probably why we are winning Seriously though, you cant make profit by playing fair. WG are running a business, not a charity.
  9. Since I only have 100 coins, not blooming much.
  10. Bongels

    PC Upgrade Requirements to play wow

    I'm quoting from a comparison review of Ryzen versus i5.... "The problem is, people don’t want complicated answers. They want simple answers and they want you to pick for them. In that case, Ryzen 5 is the way to go. It burns Core i5 to the ground in multi-threaded applications performance and doesn’t give up much in single-threaded performance."
  11. Bongels

    What's your priority? COTE or New French cruisers?

    Well I'll be trying out the Frenchies. I'm stuck at low tier games due to my skill level so the new cruisers will keep me occupied.
  12. Bongels

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Awesome game Sander93.
  13. Bongels

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Makes up for my losing streak in cruisers the last few days...