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  1. Javenge

    [M_OB] Men OverBoard

    Glad to have you to team up with Steelboa =]
  2. Javenge

    What to do with my doubloons?

    Another viable option is saving the doubloons for those perm camo's on Tier X's, think they are 5,000 doubloons? but without them you will always take a hard hit on your post services
  3. Javenge

    Looking for mature English speaking clan?

    Hi Shockwave, looking at the amount of comments I am sure you have found a clan to fit well into... but on the off chance that you haven't M_OB ( Men OverBoard ) are looking for some mature players =]. We are a family run clan ( literally myself / dad and brother are commanders founded it ) we are active daily and do our clan battles 2-4 times a week provided we get the numbers. If you feel like popping into the discord for a chat feel free I will post message to you (:
  4. Javenge

    [M_OB] Men OverBoard

    [M_OB] Men OverBoard Men OverBoard is a UK Based Family Founded Semi-Competitive / Casual Clan of active English speaking Players from over Europe that have a common interest of enjoying the game but also to play some what serious when it comes to the clan battles ( when pushing leagues ) Due to the progression of the clan recently we have been able to maintain two active full teams Alpha and Bravo, with substitute players that are in the clan battle discord waiting room being able to rotate after each battle so that everyone gets a chance. Discord Link :- https://discord.gg/aEXXjrK Unlike other clans we do not have a broad clan structure such as fancy websites / recruitment posts etc, what we do have is quality players that communicate and offer help and advice to all players, experienced or not there's always chance to improve. We currently only have the following rules; CLAN BATTLE RULES: #1 Thursday and Sunday - Alpha team priority clan battle nights. #2 Wednesday and Saturday - Bravo team priority clan battle nights. #3 Only members with their own T-10 ship will be considered for Alpha team clan battles. #4 Members without their own T-10 must play in Bravo team clan battles. #5 Members must sign onto Discord when playing on clan battle days. #6 Members who do not participate in clan battles regularly will be removed from the clan. If you would like the opportunity to wear the [M_OB] Tag, be part of clan battles, division up with players feel free to either send a request to join or PM me and i can get a request sent out to you. I am active throughout the day via discord so that's another form to contact me Javenge#2479 I hope to get a chance to speak to you and to division up and get some good quality games in. Thanks for taking the time to read through this thread and I hope many of you decide to give us a go. [M_OB] Javenge
  5. Javenge

    Radar ?

    I did search for " radar " and nothing came up. Thanks though for linking for me.
  6. Javenge

    Radar ?

    appreciate the grammar police. glad to help get your post count up.
  7. Javenge

    Radar ?

    So Radar is quite a game changer in higher tier games. just a question whether or not anyone has suggested the ability to " knock out " Radar on ships? Similar to destroying a main battery on the deck of a ship or torpedo tubes whether it has ever been mentioned to introduce the ability to destroy / disable the Rader on ships by hitting specific areas of the ship whether internal / external. I am sure many will agree Radar can be a real pain in the superstructure :P What are everyone's thoughts ?
  8. I only purchased the Massa last night and coming from a full DD player i really REALLY enjoyed the Massa gameplay... so much so that I got 5 hours sleep before work because of the back to back to back games I just had to play. 10/10 shiperino
  9. Javenge

    Clan Battles

    **** RECRUITING OPEN ****
  10. Javenge

    Clan Battles

    Hi Everyone, Men OverBoard ( M_OB ) are looking for European players available to participate in clan battles, ideally have a tier 8 and are progressing to tier 10. Any experience is welcomed as we are just a casual group of guys enjoying the game. Discord :- https://discord.gg/t2nEMx6 Deputy Commander Javenge.