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  1. I am sure that this has been suggested before, but I would like to see packages of non-economic signals made available in the Premium Shop. I would also like to see smaller/more affordable packages of varieties of Camouflages.
  2. Butterfield8


    Just realized I've been spelling it wrong the last word is Epoque
  3. Butterfield8


    I already have all but two of them.... are they perhaps a seasonal or special event package?
  4. Butterfield8


    Do you know which containers go with the Belle Epoche Collection?
  5. Butterfield8


    I have all the collections completed except the Belle Epoch Collection (14/16) and the Third Anniversary Collection (8/16). There are no buttons that indicate that we are trying to collect items, as in many of the others. Are you still awarding these tokens(?) so that we may complete the collections? Its been quite a long time since I have been awarded anything.
  6. Butterfield8

    Totally Lost

    Mind you, I am an fairly experienced player with DD's, CC's, BB's. The new AC controls have me totally flummoxed. I can drive the Carrier. When I try to fly a flight of planes my view keeps jumping around, planes go one way while my view goes elsewhere, I cannot seem to get the reticle on the target in order to fire the weapons/drop torps or bombs... Is there a tutorial that can teach me the flight controls? How to aim? Etc... Submarines are looking better and better every time I try this new control system. HELP!!!
  7. Butterfield8


    I have noted many players have red or blue tracers when they fire their weapons. Is there a means to add such to my ships?
  8. Butterfield8

    Excessive Criticism

    Lately I have noticed quite a bit of excessive criticism during game play. "Report this person!" appears to be many players favorite commentary on other's abilities and play. This is a game! It is not life and death! I like to win as much as the next guy but when you act this way you are taking the fun out of it for yourself and those who may be playing with you! "Pull down your pants and slide on the ice!"
  9. Butterfield8

    Night/Dawn/Dusk Battles

    While I realize that developing and adding submarines into the WOW game is inevitable, I would prefer to see nighttime engagements, as well as dusk and dawn battles as well.
  10. Butterfield8

    Tier X

    Okay... I earned my first Tier X ship (Zao). The commander still needs to earn 3 more points to max out. What happens to all the points that I earn once there is no longer anything to research?
  11. Butterfield8

    Commander Transfers

    My thanks to everyone for the advice. I shall try the Elite Commander method from this point onward. I have been spreading the wealth evenly in all my national fleets and have managed to work nearly everything to Ninth Tier with commanders around lvl. 14-15. I need to start working on the smaller nation fleets now and learning to manage the new Carrier system.
  12. Butterfield8

    Recruiting New Clan Members

    Clan [-901-]6./sPiBtl901 has open positions. A good amount of bonus's are available to beginners and experienced players alike!
  13. Butterfield8

    Commander Transfers

    I was not referring to selling but... example: You can purchase Jon Doe from the Armory and place him as a commander of any vessel in the US Fleet. I just purchased Haida but there do not appear to be any commanders that I could purchase and then transfer to this ship.
  14. Butterfield8

    Commander Transfers

    Are there any other available commanders in the game that can be assigned to Commonwealth, Pan Asian, Polish, ect… ships? Perhaps purchasing experienced commanders through the Armory might be an option?
  15. Butterfield8

    Recruiting New Clan Members

    Clan [-901-]6./sPiBtl901 has a dozen positions available for recruits. New players or Veteran players... all are welcome! Level three bonus' present in nearly all categories. Especially looking for those who would like to try or participate in Clan Battles and other events! Contact: Butterfield8