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  1. ChaosMachineGR

    Announcing SKIPPER

    I feel so fool hahahahahaha. The love boat!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ChaosMachineGR

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Fisrt i wish to all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Enjoy your life because the situation in whole world its very difficult and love your families guys is very important. and yes I want to join the lottery plz!!!!!
  3. ChaosMachineGR

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    Really everything is perfect and amazing job guys. But can you create plz new maps plz, NEW PLZ!!!!!!
  4. ChaosMachineGR

    The Second Naval Battle of Narvik - Discussion Thread

    Amazing article well done. Keep going the great job!!!!
  5. ChaosMachineGR

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    About Alaska release date plz?
  6. Good luck to all!!!!!!
  7. ChaosMachineGR

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Nice article really nice. New ships upcoming!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ChaosMachineGR

    Clans: Fight Against Another Region! - Discussion Thread

    Ops sry guys now i check the news apologize.
  9. ChaosMachineGR

    Clans: Fight Against Another Region! - Discussion Thread

    For EU server guys says and 23th in news but i cant see nothing in game. only for NA. can you explain me plz?
  10. Ah you put it already sorry. We thank you from all members.
  11. ChaosMachineGR

    Nvidia Freestyle usage with WoWs

    I try the non automatic and I uninstall all drivers and I install again with the clear installation and nothing Good news guys. It works Finally!!!!
  12. ChaosMachineGR

    Nvidia Freestyle usage with WoWs

    Is not working anymore for me. You have the same problem with me?
  13. ChaosMachineGR

    Client crash

    Plz WG do something about this. I play ranked battles and in the middle of the battle my game crashed. plz!!!!!!!!