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  1. I have to agree with all of this, the trend certainly in the last 3 or 4 months seems to have become lets milk our customer base for as much cash as we can. If it's purely to line the coffers of WG then it is a nail in the coffin for the game. However, it some or most of the money is to fund further game development, i.e. more content for us, and I don't just mean more premium ships to buy, then I can live with this.
  2. stopping at bayern

    All of these. Gneisenau is a beast if you play her to her strengths. The only time I have had problems in her is when she is bottom tier, then you just have to be careful. She has good range / good reload speed / and reasonable AA, with good speed and maneuverability. Like all the KM BB's dispersion is very frustrating, at long range. Maybe she is just not a ship for you. I hated Konig, grew to like Bayern and Love Gneisenau. I got Bismark and put her down straight away, to come back too later when I can cope with the high tier campy meta crap.
  3. About to win a game

    Two things .... 1 - You are honest and admitted it. 2- You recognised the mistake. That makes it ok in this instance, after all ... 'We all make mistakes' said the Darlek, as he climbed off the dustbin.
  4. Why ? ^This^ Pure and simple. It all boils down to ... the actual chance of getting the Ship Quest from a container * the depth of the player bases pockets (how many containers they want to buy) = Money in the bank for WG. I can see no other reason for it.
  5. About to win a game

    Pimping out your Potato team mates, now there is a 'new and exciting game mechanic' for WG to introduce
  6. Yes and Proships and the WG offical pak as I understand Sub_Oct's original message
  7. About to win a game

    Drives yer mad doesn't it
  8. About to win a game

    Its not just BB players. Just had a match in New York where a Svietlana was firing endless torps at a Karlsruhe. He was over 10Km from him at all times. And I checked the guys stats. He has over 1500 battles, so he isn't even a new player.
  9. Whats wrong with carriers in Op Narai?

    This is so true. Operations do seem best completed in ships with high DPM.
  10. Whats wrong with carriers in Op Narai?

    First time I did the mission in Belfast I had over 20 plane kills I think, that time around I was at the front of the pack, maybe the bot planes are set to go after the lead ships, so a Gneisenau near the front would do OK. Plus the bot fighters seem to focus on spotting.
  11. Whats wrong with carriers in Op Narai?

    There isn't really anything meaty for them to go after, apart from the CV and Hood at the end. A T7 carrier taking down a T4 Wyoming or T5 Omaha isn't going to get much XP
  12. Whats wrong with carriers in Op Narai?

    You really don't need a CV on this operation. I've been farming it with Belfast.
  13. Exactly. I can understand not wanting to waste yourself in a yolo or suicide mad rush, but somebody has to take point. If find myself in that role in a CL/CA, I try to use the terrain and have some cover to run into, till support arrives, or an exit route if the team decides to melt away. That for me is really the big plus of being in a div, you know that at least some of your team are going to do, and you have at least one or two ships supporting you
  14. Probably the fear of being spotted first focused down and deleted