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  1. Rum! yer landlubba! Pirates drink Grog don't ya know!
  2. Thanks guys
  3. In the 6.11 portal notes this is quoted. Nelson, Podvoisky - fixed bugs with some Main Calibre towers. Now, when turning in prohibited areas for shooting, the guns began to circle the ship's elements. While correcting this error, the minimum angles of horizontal guidance of the towers for some ships were revised. This will increase the angles of aiming at close distances - up to 1.6 km. List of ships: Kolberg, Karlsruhe, Yorck, Roon, Hindenburg, Ishizuchi, Atago, ARP Takao, Novik, Bogatyr, Kirov, Dmitry Donskoy, Izyaslav, Kiev, Khabarovsk, New York, Colorado Looks like something got lost in translation. Can somebody explain what the fud they mean? I assume the second bit is about barrel depression when aiming close, but the first bit I'm lost. Thanks in advance
  4. I sent you a private forum message, check your forum messages, click the letter icon, top right of the forum page next to the bell icon.
  5. HI, I've sent you a message
  6. But the real point which you all seem to be missing is, WG have a vision of how they want us to play this game with all the classes given, and all the nation/class attributes. The problem is, WG wont tell us how they think we should play a given ship, they leave it up to the player base to find or be told thru CC video content, Because we are human, we exploit every last advantage we can get to try and win. This means we don't play the way WG want us too, and then they have to go round making changes to prevent mechanics being explioted, or, to put it another way, mechanics taken to the limits of their capabilities, including the use of teamplay, ie. smoking up your teammates.
  7. I wonder if this is why we've seen the UFO and Halloween portal already?
  8. Shame I haven't got any T10's yet, but at least there seems to be stuff for everyone regardless of tier to pick up. Thank you WG
  9. Hi I've sent you a PM
  10. Hi I've sent you a PM
  11. Not going to touch CV's until WG do the rework or say they aint doing one. Not going to try bothering to learn a class on a UI that could completely change. It's just a waste of time and effort on my part at the moment, when I can spend my time learning the other three classes
  12. I have a theory. In preparation for the new clan functions, WG made some back end changes that broke the basic clan functions we have now on live. Clans with the 6.11 planned new functions are working on PTS. Clans on the live environment are not going to work until 6.11 is rolled out. WG know this, AND instead of telling their customers this, because it would cause yet another shite storm, WG have decided to say nothing and just ride out the storm. If this is true, and as yet despite tagging @Tuccy, @Kandly, and even @Sub_Octavian, in other thread on the subject nobody but nobody from WG has stuck their head above the parapet to comment, its just a wall of silence. And to top it off, people who have raised tickets with support on the clans not working in live problem have had their tickets closed with comments back saying 'my manager has said the problem is fixed, ticket closed.' I don't blame Paris for the lack of communication, I dont think they have any response themselves after they have told us they are aware of the problem and have forwarded it. This comes from the very core of this game, the dev team. And a refusal by anybody from WG to comment on this or give us an update shows utter contempt for us their paying customers. Right now, I so pissed of by this that I'm not actually going to invest anymore of my money in this game. I was considering buying some more gold and thinking about buying a new premium ship, but I now have little or no trust in the inner workings of WG because of broken clans, and the wall of contemptible silence with 'Screw you customers, shut up, pay and play' that seems to be written all over it.
  13. Theres a minor bug on the clan naval base page. If you upgrade your clan to 40 or 50 members, the member list at the bottom of the screen still says number of members in clan / 30. Not the new 40 or 50 member limit