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  1. Yes we do. All the ship guides are at least 1 to 2 years old and the game has moved on. new players need the CC's to show them the skills they need to learn to progress. The argument I keep hearing is' we don't want to seal club', Screw that play some low tiers and get some low to mid tier game play guides out there. plus as has already been said - low to mid tier is sooo much fun to play.
  2. What ship line next?

    More importantly, what will be the new lines trait? If it's RN DD's what is going to be their playstyle?
  3. Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HAERT]

    Welcome to our newest members and a returning friend :-)
  4. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    It's 20% of the way to getting the T10 cruiser Salaam.
  5. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    My only alarm bell with this whole thing is that people with deep pockets - they bought shed loads of containers, each one giving 10 oil - will get shed loads of coal. This actually makes container purchasing a double win, get the contents plus get coal (via the conversion) to buy even more consumables and goodies.
  6. Premium shells in WOWS

    Dear WG if you do put golden ammo in WoWS, I'm off to play another game. Do not go down the P2WIN road.
  7. Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HAERT]

    We always have a place for anybody interested in history, stats really don't matter, and we don't mind if you prefer to play CoOp
  8. Looking for my first Clan Please

    Hi, Please come and talk to us at Hearts of Oak if you are interested in history as well.
  9. Division discord?

    Yes several .... Offical WG EU https://discord.gg/AFpB4G Flamu https://discord.gg/ for axample
  10. Muhriplere yapılan acımasızlık

    Basically its another radar thread
  11. Muhriplere yapılan acımasızlık

    From Google translate ...... I believe that Wargaming is personally an obsession with the dd players. It is my personal opinion that injustice to the destroyers who are radar on almost every ship integrated into it. You are entering the game with an X tier destroyer 2 clevland 1 baltimore 1 moskva is throwing insignificant armor like missouri throw dd player what do you do? I think there must be technology in the range of time that I try to reflect the game, but I think that the aircraft carriers are already pushing enough dd players. If there is something to be done in that regard for me, the pan asya gem is throwing a deep water torpedo and it is noticed that it is late and the torpedoes can not be damaged.DD players can not damage the aegean.You will notice that the ground torpedoes are worthy of the deep water torpedoes. Do not let the torpedoes be recognized. Good luck everyone. Have fun. Note: I apologize to all the players who do not know our language because I have to write Turkish into the English section of Konuyu.
  12. balance Update 0.7.7

    This sums it up for me
  13. Ranked Scoring System

    Ooops bloody auto correct
  14. northern lights

    Seen them once in co-op