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  1. Fat_Maniac


    ^THIS^ or join a clan that will help you gain more experience in the game and what ships and classes suit your play style
  2. Fat_Maniac

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    Well she certainly is not BB-15
  3. Fat_Maniac

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Sorry that's my fault. Not had my head on lately.But welcome aboard now :-)
  4. Fat_Maniac

    What do I do with crowns?

    Think there is a credit refund at the end of the event
  5. Fat_Maniac

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    We still have a few spaces for anyone with a genuine interest in history.
  6. Fat_Maniac

    Premium ships vs doubloon camo tech tree ships

    Some premium ships are good captain trainers. Take your silver captain and move him to the premium without penalty and farm commander exp.
  7. Better still extend the try before you buy scheme to everything. There are no surprises then.
  8. Fat_Maniac

    It's getting stupid now, we need to stop this and step up.

    @Bear_Necessities. Could not agree more with you.
  9. Fat_Maniac

    Can USN CAs(heavy cruisers) get a buff or something?

    I've just finished my New Orleans grind. From a performance viewpoint, I found battles only ever went one of two ways, fantastic or utter rubbish, there was no middle ground. Might be me and my play style. I really don't see that New Orleans needs a buff, you just have to adapt depending on the battle tier. If you are low tier play more defensively and use islands. If you are high tier you can be more aggressive.
  10. Fat_Maniac

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Welcome to our newest members @Silvamord and @Aetius85. We still have a few places for anyone with a genuine interest in history. Doesn't matter what your stats are or what game modes you play, we have a place for you in our very active community.
  11. Fat_Maniac

    Petition for HMS Furious(BC config) in WOWS

    ^THIS^ Given the game mechanics we have, as much as I would love to have more RN's in the game, this simply doesn't fit in WoWS anywhere.
  12. Fat_Maniac

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    I've sent you a PM.
  13. Fat_Maniac

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I really have no issue with + / - 2 MM. It teaches you that you have to adapt your play style depending on your tier vs the battle tier. What is annoying is when you get matches where consumables are grossly imbalanced, be it Radar Hydro, or Smoke. I'd love WG to try and balance this out, we would all have better games, or we all might feel like we are having better games. The problem is adding an extra layer of complexity to the MM, and all the issues that could bring.
  14. Fat_Maniac

    Operations - Newport baswe defence - an nightmare !

    Correct no bot CV's, but your team can still take a CV
  15. Fat_Maniac

    Flag to remove risk of mag detonation, is it only 99%

    And to find and fix a bug, you have to be able to reproduce it. There are 1000's of lines of code, and a huge number of variables which could be the root cause. A replay would be the start of that process. A person saying it's a bug isn't enough, there has to be some evidence to prove it's not just that persons perception and misinterpretation.