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  1. Just read the rules and it says this ... "If a container drops an item from the Ships group, you will receive a ship that you do not already have." So I read that as if yo have all other ships listed and you get a ship roll then you will receive the Sherman.
  2. Fat_Maniac

    What words are covered by censorship?

    There aren't any reliable facts, that I know of. However you could PM @YabbaCoe @MrConway or @Crysantos they may be able to tell you specifically why you where banned in this instance.
  3. Fat_Maniac

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate. Many thanks to all offering prizes, and OP for organising again this year.
  4. You need to read this devblog article. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/229 WG have made it very very clear, and tried to explain how probability works. The Important bit is this ... A probability does not guarantee that opening a specific number of containers will give you the desired reward. For example, the probability to get a specific reward set to 10% does not mean that you're guaranteed to get it if you open enough containers. Statistics and probabilities best reflect the situation for a large number of events (in this example, the event is opening one container). The bigger the number of said events is, the closer the result will be to the expected value. For example, tossing a coin 10 times won't necessarily lead to 5 tails and 5 heads even though the probability is 50% for each of them. But if there would be many thousands of coin tosses, then the share of different sides will be close to 50%. As a consequence of this peculiarity, there might be those who're lucky with opening containers and those who are not. It is possible that even opening 50 containers a player won't get a desired reward which has a 10% drop chance, just because chance was not on their side. At the same time, unlike the "lucky" ones who get the desired item from their first container, or get 5 of such items from their 10 first containers, the first player could be upset by the outcome. And the fact that, statistically, the number of people with that same outcome is very low is hardly a consolation for the player.
  5. Fat_Maniac

    PROPOSAL: Refit-Designer

    It's a nice idea, and similar mechanics are used in other naval games allowing you to effectively design or customise you ships. We do have upgrade and refit mechanics of sort already in game. Alternative hulls, torps, guns, and propulsion units, all be it tied to a fixed tier as part of the tech tree grind. However I don't think it's something WG will ever adopt in the excellent way you are suggesting. Given the number of ships we have in game, WG are getting low on viable options for new lines and more importantly for them, new premiums. WG are already effectively taking what you are suggesting, and dishing it up to us new premium/freemium ships. Yes your suggestion includes us paying for the refit, but I just get the feeling WG are too control freak minded and hell bent on extracting the maximum cash return out of anything new , by timing their release etc, to give us any control or freedom on our ship designs.
  6. Fat_Maniac

    What little things irk you about the game?

    Gotta say moving silver T10's to freemium status has a consequence which right now for me is annoying. Access to the research bureau requires you to have researched 5 silver T10's. After finishing my GK grind a couple of weeks ago I have done this. However since Moskva was made a freemium and I haven't researched her replacement the game thinks I haven't met the criteria. Technically I have. I have completed the grind on 5 silver lines, and in a few weeks it's going to get worse as the GK moves to freemium status. This means right now I have to actually research 7 silver lines to get access to the RB, unless of course WG decide to move more of my unlocked silver T10's to freemium, in which case its even worse. Another case of the goal posts being moved by WG. @Crysantos @Tuccy @MrConway
  7. Fat_Maniac


    I'm more worried about super CV's
  8. Picking up on a snippet of Sub_O's reply .. "We've also checked and double checked several times and it's an established fact that after a certain threshold there is no need to increase the target group size, as the replies will be absolutely the same. It only "spams" people (the more surveys they receive, the less they are willing to complete them in future) and overloads our research team in their quality analysis." The key word here for me is target. WG are targeting the customers they want to answer, as they predict they will give WG the answers they want. Confirmation bias at its best.
  9. Fat_Maniac

    Delny and Preussen Unique Upgrades

    TBH I think WG has decided that instead on giving ships UU's they can now simply take the cash and bake any theoretical UU option into a copy paste clone of the parent ship, that they can sell or make a freemium.
  10. Fat_Maniac

    miscommunication gap again?

    And as we know WG have a policy of deliberately making the true value of goods murky and difficult to actually calculate.
  11. Fat_Maniac

    miscommunication gap again?

    Its worse. Isn't there a mechanic now where you can only have 100 unopened crates? Any more and the game auto opens them. That would be the contents of 6650 ish crates auto opened and the contents added to an account, Account rollback would be the only way to quickly resolve this
  12. Fat_Maniac

    miscommunication gap again?

    Generally, if you enter into a contract for goods which a company fails or refuses to deliver, then a breach of contract occurs and you can look to the company for damages (being the cost of having to buy the goods elsewhere). But where it is clear that a mistake has been made, the law will not allow one person to benefit as a result. In this case the customer is seen to benefit, so retailer can cancel the transaction. However freezing the accounts and preventing those customers from using a service which they may be paying for (prem time) seems harsh. WG fooked up, the customer should not have to suffer a service outage because of it.
  13. Fat_Maniac

    miscommunication gap again?

    Hmm Trading Standards would have a field day with this.
  14. Fat_Maniac

    UPDATED AGAIN: Brand New Code

    Gratz code worked for me