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  1. Dont forget the shuffleboard we must have shuffleboard.
  2. I kinda understand what you mean, but the only thing I'm trying to say, if this smoke change happens alone, then I cant really see how it helps the game unless WG are planning other changes as well which we don't know about.
  3. Doesnt it mean that WG are trying to make smoke a defensive action only. Use it to hide and cover your retreat whilst you disengage? What they are failing to address - unless other changes are planned as well, is the root cause reason as to why people use so much smoke. To stop BB's one shot deleting them.
  4. I would hope WG listen to all it's players.
  5. Guys you do know this smoke change has been proposed for a while and tested? Feedback on Smoke Changes - TST 24th June, 2017 Odem Mortis International [OMNI] This conversation is a step in the right direction between the developers and competitive players. The testing of the new smoke changes were done via the following: 9v9 internal “Tournament Matches” (3 games)
  6. 4 stars on first attempt its not that hard at all. There is an issue tho. Had three pinkies on my team second time round. And what did two of them do? They deliberately torp'd the little ships as we pulled into Dunkirk to pick up the soldiers, and then did the same again again on the channel crossing all to stop us getting the save the transport objective. Oh course they were reported but it looks like some people have resorted to gutter tactics to spoil other peoples fun.
  7. Actually think we could have a BB and BC line there are probably enough ships even if we dont get a full BC line
  8. And its in Berlin and WG have said there will be a big announcement on 23rd Aug I think.
  9. Next Fleet Engagement is tomorrow - Guadacanal!
  10. I'm seeing more of them in the last week or two. Usually on Neighbors and when nobody is prepared to shout up a plan. Everybody waits til the high tiers move and then just follow them. And in my Konig I just have to follow I cant carry yet and end up waiting to fall off the cliff when the front of the train gets in range of the enemy and then goes 'crap what do I do now'. Closely followed by everybody else following up as they all fall over each other.
  11. It is very funny tho watching all the DD's from both teams rush into B and kill each other in a hail or torps and shells shrouded in smoke. Its like a scene from a Tarantino movie.
  12. Ahh, but are they circle jerking, or playing the biscuit game
  13. Same armour and game engine. Wont change huge cost to do it
  14. I was thinking of the RU tree. RN, IJN, USN KM all had enough ships to fill the tree at different points
  15. You do know Cleveland has some of the best DPM numbers at T6? Along with monster AA. I've played her on PTS and she is an absolute dream boat.