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  1. Fat_Maniac

    What's up with the twitch drops?

    Twitch drops are still happening, and I believe they do drop at random intervals but there is a limit to how many you can earn in each season.
  2. Fat_Maniac

    Podcast with SubO

    I basically read that as, it's broke and we don't know how to fix it.
  3. Fat_Maniac

    Next Sale for Anniversary?

    That would make sense. I was wondering when this years summer sale would start.
  4. Fat_Maniac

    Abandoned flank as a BB

    I've felt your pain. I think we have all faced the situation you describe. Recently I've adopted a new approach to this scenario, If I find I'm on the weak flank, I've started to position myself differently, before the red team has even been spotted. I assume we are going to be outnumbered and try to take a defensive position, where I can get shots on the red team broadside as they push. This usually means heading more central, but I try and use the islands as cover, in case I need to withdraw. If it works ok and you are able to get a few shots off on the red push, it is amazing the effect it has, You can sometimes halt the enemy push altogether , and usually end up slowing them down, as they scramble to angle against you. All you are really trying to do is slow the red advance enough, to give your other flank the chance to push through and start to move your way with support. If it doesn't work, you can try and kite away or reposition to get better angles, using the islands for cover to help you make your turn.
  5. Fat_Maniac

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    *coughs* Points to CV 's and their impact on Clan Battles, which WG recognised and are attempting to mitigate. Also if there is nothing wrong with Enterprise, why is she not in the shop for everyone to buy?
  6. Fat_Maniac

    Horses for Courses (Ships for Ops)

    Usually Nurnburg for T6's or Warspite / Fuso. For Narai it's BB's all the way. Fav's are Sinop for the lols, or Scharnhorst and more recently Hood.
  7. Fat_Maniac

    Hindenburg turtleback ?

    It works occasionally if you catch the BB off guard, but the only time I ever want to find myself close to a T10 BB in HIndy, is if I'm left with no option but to torp rush him.
  8. Fat_Maniac

    Moskva --> Nevsky

    Shchors is my nightmare ship. I really couldn't make her work, I tried and failed and ended up FXP'ing past her. So far it's the first and only time I've done that. Of course I have to revist her - glup - or FXP her again for Tallin.
  9. Fat_Maniac

    Some interesting info around the world

    AA detectability changes https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/41
  10. Good idea, but not sure colouring their name would work, as we already have pink. Maybe a mute icon next to their name in the team list would work
  11. No No! Carry on, I'm just off to make more popcorn
  12. Just learn what has radar. In the same way you should learn the armour schemes of ships so you know where to aim. As a rule of thumb I always assume a ship that can mount radar is, until it proves otherwise.
  13. Fat_Maniac

    Killing Venezia? Are you serious?

    Of course it was but, WG don't want a CB season dominated by silver ships, they want premium or freemium ships to be there. Players will have played more and paid more to get them. It's a real shame, the Italian cruiser line is one of the few that rewards good game play and knowing where to aim. Get it wrong and you know about it. And as usual every time I go grind a line and aim for the T10 WG come along and nerf it. Aimed for Hindy, nerfed, Got HiV, nerf'ed, started grinding the Italian cruisers and nerfed. Maybe I should grind out the RU BB's
  14. Fat_Maniac

    Killing Venezia? Are you serious?

    Then if you can't nerf them the answer is simple, buff everything else up the other way to restore balance.
  15. Fat_Maniac

    How is this matchmaking even allowed???

    The T6 on your team is no different and probably a lot better than a +/- 2 DD or CL that decides to yolo in from the start and get killed outright.