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  1. Fat_Maniac

    Why is Napoli still not released

    Heard a date of 29th July from a CC last week when asked about Napoli.
  2. Fat_Maniac

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    I thought exactly the same, and remember WG saying they tested missiles in house and they were fun but wouldn't work in the game. So I guess they will be coming and glorious Soviet Navy will crush all WW1 and WW2 navies with our 1980's missile boats.
  3. he won't be aware the friendly was there, after all that pesky minimap has to be minimised and he has to stay in binocular view and look at his next target the whole match.
  4. Fat_Maniac

    Abnormally long Startuptime?

    Had it for about a week now.
  5. Fat_Maniac

    New code

    Code worked for me. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Fat_Maniac

    Question and suggestions about the Connecticut.....

    I thought Connecticut was just a test ship. WG are trying a new concept.
  7. Fat_Maniac

    bots in the game

  8. No comrade. You are not supposed to grind, Simply buy your way with gold, and use your time on the fun and engaging double CV CB sessions or Subs in ranked, but please remember to buy your flags for these modes.
  9. They can't. Anything they say could be used in court against WG
  10. Fat_Maniac

    New German battlecruiser tech tree line coming next.

    From the blog ... The concept of the alternative branch of German battleships rests on short-range combat due to their low concealment, decent secondaries, and small number of main battery guns with a low range of fire. The ships are also armed with long-range torpedoes.
  11. Hell no they won't. They will simply turn everything into a doubloons auction.
  12. Fat_Maniac

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Silo mentality. We are the devs, it's our game, we know best, now shut up and give us your money. Until we the players stop giving them so much cash nothing will ever change. Until the revenue stops flowing they have (in their eyes) no reason to do anything differently, why should they the cash is still flowing.
  13. Fat_Maniac

    More nerfs to RN CL line

    They are popular, which I think means money making opportunity for WG. We have seen it before, 1 - take a ship nerf it. 2 - Copy paste to a new premium with the original stats. 3 - Put it in the shop and wait for the roubles to flood in.
  14. Fat_Maniac

    Subs News...

    We will be unstable after 11 weeks of subs in ranked and coop "testing". Well at least those of us that are left will be.
  15. This is what they think. We are cash cows to be milked.