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  1. Fat_Maniac

    Mods unavailable?!

    I was using Modstation v2.1.0.7 and received the same warning Updated to the latest version of Modstation ( and I can select and install mods again.
  2. Fat_Maniac

    HMS Elizabeth spotted?

    I use this image of PoW coming into Liverpool as my desktop
  3. Gold ammo. You know its coming at some point. They've broken every other 'that will never come to the game' they spouted. Introduction is guaranteed to rid the game of complaining vet players, and leave WG with the silent majority happy to take whatever they are told will improve their 43% WR
  4. Fat_Maniac

    Which Streamers/Tubers Float Your Boat?

    AndytheCupid is my number 1, Flambass a close 2nd and ChaosMachineGR and Trenlass on my watch list also
  5. Fat_Maniac

    nations against nations in the game

    Short answer is No.
  6. Fat_Maniac

    nations against nations in the game

    Nation vs nation simply doesn't work from a balance point of view. Nor does Axis vs Aliies. Believe me I know, we tried many times in clan to have events based on historical battles or nation vs nation, axis vs allies. Smoke and hydro simply cannot compete against smoke and radar for example.
  7. Indeed, using WG's very own aim bot
  8. Fat_Maniac

    General Bitching

    The CV rework was never intended to fix CV play, the rework happened because the RTS playstyle wouldn't work on consoles, and WG wanted the PC and console gameplay to be the same, so they could use and maintain the same engine code and mechanics on both platforms.
  9. Hybrid carrier featuring 2x2 533mm rail guns 1.0 sigma. Comes with AP and HE shells. HE shell has 100% chance of causing fire. And don't forgot 10 sec reload
  10. Fat_Maniac

    Why are so many ships restricted in the next CB?

    But you can get them. You just have to wait for Santa crates and go whale, or get very very lucky
  11. Fat_Maniac

    Premium ship return

    No No. For the real I must pay to win because I can't be bothered to learn the game crowd, you have to .... produce something blatantly OP, sell the bejayzus out of it, then take another existing hull and pimp it up to the point its more OP than the first, so you can sell the bejayzus out of that too. As you start to run out of clones and gimmicks simply throw in a new top tier and you can start the cycle all over again and have fun engaging in wet dream fantasy alternative history, look what could have been built shenanagans.
  12. Fat_Maniac

    Premium ship return

    It's no side effect. It's deliberate marketing, designed to boost sales of loot boxes.
  13. Fat_Maniac

    who does the respawn and matchmaker in this game.

    In this context respawns could refer to the enemy ships dropping in and out of concealment, which opens a whole new can of worms for the OP.
  14. Unfortunately WG don't care if the player base know the basics. In fact that knowledge would work against their business model. WG simply want people to spend money and lots of it trying to buy success, before they become frustrated and move on to another game.
  15. Fat_Maniac

    Holiday Lottery 2022 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Many thanks to you for organising this again, and gratz to all who donate.