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  1. psa

    Same, and it's happening more and more frequently. There isn't a day goes by recently when I don't get a 502 Bad Gateway error at least once when trying to load a forum page, while everything else on the internet loads fine
  2. PR will never work people will farm to have good stats just as some do now, However MM taking number of battles fought into account might help, as you would hope more battles equals more experience and an understanding of how to actually play the game. Reality and the stats shown above clearly show that there are exceptions to every solution suggested.
  3. In real life yes one shotting a target could and did happen. The problem is this is a game not a simulation, so the game has to offer fair mechanics across all classes. But I agree a well played DD is an absolute bugger to hit at range, most of my hits on DD's at range are either down to luck / dispersion, or the fact that the DD is moving in a very predictable way which means you know which way he is going to wiggle.
  4. Since last patch particularly, I've had more glitches than usual, port UI freezes etc, but also had alot of lag in game at times after installing the official modpak and smart panels didn't work. I ended up running the integrity check, which to put it mildly failed after it disappeared up its own butt hole and took the client with it. I ended up doing a full re install and switching to Aslains modpak. Everything seems ok now. Seems I'm not the only one in my clan to have issues, lots of us have had lots of glitches and issues since 6.12 has been released.
  5. I suspect the same server cluster is used world wide to support CW across all regions, each region plays at a different time in any 24hr cycle. Changing EU times will impact the rest of the world, so it probably wont happen.
  6. Ok my contribution would be to add the contents of this post I made some where where every new player can read it.
  7. Agree 100%, but based on what I've seen Wg do in the 6 mths I've been playing this game, nothing would surprise me.
  8. You do see the dark side of this tho I hope. If somebody at low tier or even T1 first day in game, just moved over some WoT say because they have heard CW is coming to WoWS is given say a T8 prem to try, they will have satisfied the play 1 battle at T8 to qualify for CW loan ships. Or Somebody like me who hasn't touched CV's being offered a Kaga, Saipan, or Enterprise to play with and screw 11 other players game.
  9. Anything historically correct and this Dazzle Camo we dont have yet
  10. It's smart minimap and it is in the official mod pak - the pack I use, I use that mod myself, as I believe do some of the major CC's. And to be honest I dont find the X on the minimap helpful at all.
  11. @MrConwayNot sure if this has been asked already, apologies if it has. What happens if somebody reaches T8 during the clan wars event i.e. whilst clan wars is running. Will they be given the 'loan' ships immediately, when they are changed for the next three, or not at all and the player has to wait til the next clan wars season starts?
  12. They posted they already know and will fix, swapping everybody with the correct module within two weeks
  13. I've sent you a PM.
  14. Welcome to our newest member @Hawg
  15. Met @Aotearas with a couple of his clan mates. Didn't end well, like so many games recently the team just seemed to melt. But it was nice to see the scrub boats with their drivers riding bareback naked on their little blue pony