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  1. Fuseran

    NA player looking for a "fresh" start

    Greetings from [SMOL] sekirei! I just saw your post and i am more than willing to invite you to become a member of our special family. We created this clan around 2 years ago with the whole purpose of getting some extra xp and little did i know our smol circle of friends soon grew up to become something much larger than that. Our players range on all kinds of skill level, as we try and nurture new players' talents and just keep those who are familiar to the game entertained. We really don't have a primary focus, most of the time we make random divs and when the clan battles season is on we usually assemble a team to take part in them. So after saying all of this i again offer you to join us, please send me a message if you are interested. Have a good day!
  2. Fuseran

    Looking for an English speaking clan

    Greetings from [SMOL] Thamor! I couldn't help but notice your post and after checking it i offer you to join our smol and salty family. Now then, what does make our clan special from the other ones? To be fair, nothing much, we are just a group of [edited] friends that decided it'd be fun to spend 2000 doubs back in the day and even if the game has changed a lot in the last 2 years we are still alive and kicking. We might not be the best of players but we surely provide a daily dose of fun and entertaiment. At the beginning we mostly played random divs but after changing our clan name recently we have been increasing our members to try to get into clan battles. We dont really care that much about stats, they are important but in my opinion being friendly and getting along with others is much more crucial than that so there's no need to be shy. So after saying all of this i again offer you to join us, please send me a PM if you are interested. Have a good day!