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  1. ubaidahad

    Hate fighting these things

    so this is a topic where we talk about the ships that make you crap your pants when you see them in ranked for me there are only 3 Flint Atlanta Belfast these are the only 3 ships that i hate fighting in ranked whenever i see them i leave that flank and switch to the other one and if i dont i get killed by fires plz tell my how to deal with these in ranked? also on the side note why does everyone thinks that the sinop is OP i mean whenever i see it in my Nagato,KGV,Colorado or the German non premium bb i go exp and credits pinata
  2. ubaidahad

    plz explain

    ok thanks everyone
  3. ubaidahad

    plz explain

    so this is NOT a rant i am genuinely confused by this so i had a game today in my tier 4 ruski BB i fired HE at a podoisky at pretty much max range for lolz now i got 0 hit ribbons 0 dmg but i got 2 incapacitation ribbons took out its engine and rudder can someone tell me how can i disable engine and rudder of a dd but not dmg it is there a mechanic in the game that near hits by HE can incapacitate but now dmg again NOT a rant just looking for an explaination
  4. ubaidahad

    cant get into battle

    yep i have a mechanical one but i tried to play in the early morning and late at night and same problem
  5. ubaidahad

    cant get into battle

    i use the following intel(R) core(TM) i3-3120M cpu 2.50GHZ 4 GB RAM intel(R) HD graphics 4000 hope it helps i have potato laptop but battles go fine with 40+ fps i only have problem getting stuck on that screen
  6. ubaidahad

    cant get into battle

    i cant get into battle i always enter the battle 2 or 3 mins late when in battle game runs fine and smooth i have used the tool to fix the defragmenting but that had no effect plz tell me how to fix this i can see that the battle loads but i get stuck on the awaiting players screen plz help me
  7. ubaidahad

    referral program

    so i havent played in a while a few months and my brother is gonna play the game for the first time so does anyone have 2 referral program codes(like in wot) if anyone does plz give us links so we all three can get rewards plz