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  1. RazorBlade72

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    The funny thing is that with all the protests the problem becomes even worse. WG has already said that they want a certain percentage of subs and they will tweak the settings to accomplish that. So if a lot of people don't want to play them and even do things like reporting people that do play subs, then the subs will only get better capabilities. In the end you will get subs that are way to strong.
  2. RazorBlade72

    Important message for the community

    @clanleaders, Many tricks are used to monetize this game and one very important trick that is used is group pressure. Everybody wants to win and nobody wants to lose. However it is particularly bad if your group of friends loses because you are to frugal to get the best captain, upgrades, signals or ships. In many clans the leaders of the clan demand certain things before you can either join the clan or join clan battles. Does it sound familiar that you demand that players play in clan battles with certain captain skill levels, ships or with certain signals? When you demand these things there is a good chance that people will buy them if they don't have them. Also people who actually can't afford it will buy that. But it does not stop there. Why do you think the game has such good statistic logging? Many clans do not except new members if they have statistics that are below average. Since this is to some degree a pay to win game, a lot of people will try to quickly get the best upgrades in order to get better stats. In this game you are a nobody if your stats are not good. But it does not stop there. One of the first things I noticed in this game was the toxic attitude towards lesser performing (newer) players. I was surprised that WG did not enforce a friendly environment but now I get it. What do you want to do if somebody tells you that you are bad at this game? Sure, you want to get better. What is the best way to get better in this game? Indeed, just like everything else, practice! Play a lot! Obviously, if players play the game a lot, they will spend more money on it then when they don't spend a lot of time playing the game. And I don't mind that WG makes a fair bit of profit out of this game. It becomes however a problem when people, who can't afford it, start to improve their win rate by spending a lot of money on it. Be aware of this problem and don't force people to buy stuf just to be able to participate in your clan. Don't expect WG to solve this problem because WG has other priorities then the financial well being of your clanmembers. You might be "friends" with somebody who's life you are ruining by demanding better results.
  3. RazorBlade72

    [POLL] Subs in ranked. Are you enjoying them?

    I am not sure if I already used them in ranked but I like the submarines. I will certainly focus on these ships as soon as they are available in the tech tree.
  4. It is very simple. If you play the game, even when you are not paying any money on it, then still WG is benefitting from it. WG makes money because the game is played by a lot of people. So, even if somebody is playing the game for free, he is still contributing to WG. If your intention is to not be beneficial to WG then you should uninstall the game and never play it again.
  5. RazorBlade72

    Things you should do to help the Ex-CCs

    If you don't like the game or the way WG treats you then simply uninstall the game and quit. If you keep playing then you are still part of the product that is sold.
  6. If you are not paying for the product then you are the product being sold.
  7. RazorBlade72

    DD's Dying in First few Minutes

    Indeed, if you boost your way to the cap in a fast DD and can capture it then it will give you a relative large amount of XP. After that you might try a suïcide run with your torps on a (battle)ship and if you succeed then you have in a relative very short time even more XP. It is high risk but also high reward and that makes it attractive for new players. Racing to the cap does not require any skill either, which makes it even more attractive.
  8. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Well, it is hard to judge as a ship. It is my first cruiser so it is hard for me to play it properly. I also can't refference it to anything else. I do however regret the decision I made to buy the ship. I was under the impression that ship XP would be free xp with premium ships. A bit like commander XP is free commander XP when it is gained by a level 21 commander. It seems that is not the case. So I wonder why you would get a 200% bonus on the ship XP if you can only use it on a ship that you can't upgrade. My intention was to learn how to play cruisers and at the same time research a lot of other ships. That does not seem possible. I know that you can transfer ship XP into free xp for doublons but that is extremely expensive. A ship like the Hayate, that I would love to have, would cost then €260,-
  9. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Most likely WG is not that much different then other commercial companies in that respect. They try to make a successful product that most people like and are less concerned if some people have complains, especially if those people keep using their product anyway.
  10. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Well, it seems obvious that if you don't play with a certain ship that you will not become good with it. Since I played more with the Shima then all other ships together this is my best ship. And in my clan we play mostly with tier x so I also play with tier X. I just bought the Napoli so I will start to play that now for at least the coming month. If you have a problem with the speed at which new players get access to tier x ships then I would adres that to YabbaCoe since he is in a better position to help you then me. (Although I doubt substantial changes will be made).
  11. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    I have the game now for more then 9 weeks and have, when I write this, 586 battles. 327 on the Shimakaze. And I never said that I was a usable player from your point of view. I said that I was close to average on the Shimakaze. Most likely average players are not usable in your book anyway.
  12. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    You seem to forget that in average there are also people who installed the game today and at the same time bought their first tier x ship. Average is not comparing only to very experienced players. There are also people who bought the game and play it only for an hour or two during the weekend. Tier x is something I reached in 3 weeks and I have a full time job and I am 50 years old, which means you learn slower then somebody of 15. So I am pretty sure there are also people who have tier X ships who play the game now for 2 weeks. Tier X is not so elite as you think it is. The ultimate test is of course the win rate. I heard 50% of the people have an average winrate of less then 48% and obviously 50% of the people have a win rate above the 48%. So if I am with the Shimikaze at a winrate of 44% and that number is coming from 36% then I am at least close to an average payer on that specific ship.
  13. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    I would say, complain at wargaming. It is their game. They make the rules and encourage players like me to buy tier X ships. My first tier X ship I researched when I had the game for 3 weeks. At that moment I had an average winrate of roughly 36% and a destruction ratio of roughly 29%. Now the winrate is up to 44% and the destruction ratio is for the Shimikaze up to 80%. Since it is constantly improving I would estimate that I am not far from average on that specific ship. That means people can become average players in roughly about 1 month. Most likely younger players can do it even a lot quicker. And to be fair not everybody will even become an average player. It is very simple not everybody can become a better then average player. since I have now a bit more experience I would expect that it will take less then 2 weeks to have an acceptable skill level. No matter how you do it, people will always complain that there are people with a lower skill level. Typically you don't hear people complain that they are the ones who are the weakest link. And keep in mind. On average the chance that you have to deal with a noob like me in your team is just as high as the chance that somebody like me is at the enemy team. So, there is still a level playing field.
  14. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    It is hard to compare because there are currently no other tier X ships for sale. How much is having fun worth? There are hobbies that are a lot more expensive.
  15. RazorBlade72

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Yep. Edit: It seems like a good deal for new players. I can get free XP quickly during the first month with the 300% XP, which will allow me to unlock a lot of ships and it will give quick access to the research institute.