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  1. Valkyrie_Hound

    Unsinkable Sam

    After watching Drachinifel's video on YouTube about ship's cats, Simon would have been a much better choice. But hey, there's money to be made by making people gamble for two sets of cack. Simon would have been great along with a release of HMS Amethyst. As much as I love the story of Unsinkable Sam, his adventures may or may not be true.
  2. Valkyrie_Hound

    Unsinkable Sam

    I am reading this that the Bismarck comes with an Unsinkable Sam with a specialisation for Cossack. And The Cossack comes with him for Bismarck. Surely I am dumb and I just can't understand what is written right. Surely my stupidity is making it impossible for me to understand that?
  3. Valkyrie_Hound

    Flag-o-Rama 2022

    In fairness I think there is a set number of entries per person and that number is 5 tickets for 250 flags. For anyone who normally stacks up or for those grinding then it is a nice bonus if they get something. For everyone else it is throwing flags at something with very little chance of success.
  4. Valkyrie_Hound

    Introducing Discord Drops

    Oh Thanks very much dude
  5. Valkyrie_Hound

    Introducing Discord Drops

    I'm having problems linking my account
  6. Valkyrie_Hound

    Camos with new economic update ?

    I have noticed that perma bonuses will now include free XP an commander XP. Will those free XP bonuses be added to the ones we will get from the perma camos we already have or will we need to by the lot again for gold? Tier Current bonuses New bonuses as a separate entity Price in doubloons II - VI -10% post-battle service cost +50% XP +5% credits +50% XP +50% Commander XP +50% Free XP 9001 VII 1900 VIII 2900 IX -20% post-battle service cost +100% XP +10% credits2 +100% XP +100% Commander XP +100% Free XP 3800 X -50% post-battle service cost +20% credits +100% XP +50% credits2 +100% XP +100% Commander XP +100% Free XP 4800 Superships +150% XP +200% XP +200% Commander XP +100% Free XP3 4800
  7. Valkyrie_Hound

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    I did so. Used Yolo Emilio to take caps fast. Didn't care about winning or losing. If I won great but I didnt even smoke up or anything.
  8. Valkyrie_Hound

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    That sounds like a plan
  9. Valkyrie_Hound

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    If you get a perma camo you already have you get a miserable 1.5k(yes that is 1 point 5 k) free xp. How pathetic is that?
  10. Valkyrie_Hound

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    GTFO of my cap. DDs will be pushed out of caps.
  11. Valkyrie_Hound

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    I know. What is it with WeeeeeeeGeeeeeeeeee and their apparent desire to piss players off?
  12. Valkyrie_Hound

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    Ha ha. Falling down water. Brilliant.
  13. Valkyrie_Hound

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    So we have to pay to gamble to gamble more. Awful!
  14. Valkyrie_Hound

    WG: What happened with "Prime Gaming Reward" for May?

    As can be seen by WeeGee's normal practices, their focus is on new players. They don't care much for loyalty.
  15. Valkyrie_Hound

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Azur Lane Intro Pack

    Thanks dude.