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  1. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Kitakaze is good DD and can be played in DDs role much better than Akizuki.I try early capping with it if possible...try to spot but also use smoke and dakka dakka.I have only 19 games with it but so far it feels nice for me...I dont have any hurry to Harugumo.
  2. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I have seen Harugumo with my Khaba and only thing to do was run away and heal when safe.
  3. No screenshot but yesterday i was reported because Idont know how to play Khaba.I supported our z52 and there was two Shimas against us.Z set a smoke and get torpedoed in it.I was about 3 km behind him trying to kill those hydroed Shimas and I killed that other after z died.Z blamed it was my fault he died...who is so stupid that set a smoke and sit on it when there is two shimas under 6 km...
  4. evp66

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Try to guess what happened in this game...It has never before happened to me.
  5. evp66

    Can't win

    This day was for me very bad...17 matches with Khaba and win rate 41,18...PR 1254 and DMG 62587.Even best matches were defeat...but that happens.
  6. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

  7. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Most of them were US CLs and Missouris.I think this is a number of radars what it is going to be.Most of games were playable...maybe little bit boring waiting Shimas long range torps reload(wr 71.43,PR 1700 and dmg 54869).
  8. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    This evening 7 games.1 with one radar in enemy team,1 with 4 radars and 5 with 2-3 radars...and those are sure radars not including Minos and YYs...and I was playing with Shima.
  9. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I play daily in different hours and 2-3 is normal what I see...
  10. evp66

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Number of radars have dropped from that peak thats true.Now normal is 3 radars in team...sometimes 2 or 4...1 or 5 is rare.Still there is much more radars than 3 months ago.Yes it is possible to play DDs but playstyle has become very different.One big problem is that people who dont play DDs dont understand it.They ask DDs cap early when there is many radars in game...if you dont do it you are reported or even shot.
  11. evp66

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    It looked weird but because I didnt know how much he can heal I didnt say she is cheating.I have been blamed for cheating in wows and more in sniper elite3 when playing good.I mean if somebody do something very good it doesnt mean he cheats.
  12. evp66

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    That is possible and thats why i dont say he cheated...
  13. evp66

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    Couple of days ago I saw cruises healing from couple kilos to almost full with one heal...no evidences but I wondered.
  14. Do you try to go gunfight against other DDs or avoid it?If you try to get gun fights you must remember they wont normally be alone...Gearing have good guns to close and midle range but they are not so easy to hit DD in higher ranges and Russians and Akizuki can punish you very hard when distance is over 8 km.