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  1. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    A man of taste I see Normally I'd immediately assume they're premiums as well but Slava has me hopeful, especially with the announcement alongside her that they'll be looking into alt tech tree ships more. The dream is for WoWs trees to look like the web of opitons that the WoT soviet, american and german trees are.
  2. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Because it is more enjoyable to grind up a line then farm a particular currency? Because grinding steel/coal is almost exclusively most efficient at t10? Don't tell me im the only one getting sick and tired of the release schedule putting actual lines behind premiums and one-off currency ships.
  3. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Really hoping these are more alt-tech tree ships a la Slava and not steel/coal ships.
  4. FishDogFoodShack

    Twitch drops significantly decreased?

    I had both flamu's and the official stream on just for shits, not a single container or currency drop.
  5. FishDogFoodShack

    There is a new SF movie posted on WoWS site, go watch it!

    Hey WG, remember this one?
  6. FishDogFoodShack

    When can we expect yoshino ?

    Don't see why it should cost more than Salem, the other t10 coal ship. That said, I expect even when Yoshino is ready, it will be artificially delayed to encourage more azuma sales.
  7. FishDogFoodShack

    Großer Kurfürst need boost

    I don't have the time to sift though 4 pages to see if this has been said can already, but fixing secondaries to be more than a meme would help GK out plenty. Just have them aim for the deck or superstructure and finally fix manual sec to not disable the guns on the opposite side of the ship. Bam, suddenly GK has it's no-fun allowed hurt circle again and has something to distinguish it from the upcoming ruski dream machines. Would it be enough? Maybe, but it'd be a good start.
  8. FishDogFoodShack

    Which Legendary upgrades would be good to have?

    For the life of me I cannot figure something out ... Are the legendary mods the arsenal going to stay available after the April fool's event, albeit for a regular currency? Their introduction alongside an overhaul of the Arsenal's inventory has me perplexed. Patch notes made me think they'd be universally available but they're only purchaseable through the event tab with event currency.
  9. FishDogFoodShack

    How can we add more interaction to: Airplanes versus surface ships?

    Just remove the braindead sector reenforcement mechanic and make large cal AA guns manually controllable and aimable like your main battery. Be able to switch to them like you can between guns and torps. You'd need to lead and multitask between shooting and maneuvering, just like you do now and using the same skills, just with different guns at different targets. AA would still be automatic otherwise, but when manually aimed the bursts go where you want them. Maybe weaken auto auras if it is too strong this way. You'd actually interact with planes this way, and if too much is going on you can leave it auto and keep using your main guns. Used to see people suggest this a lot for secondaries, but with those it was pointless because why not just use your main battery instead. That isn't an option vs planes though, opening up real manual control as an option for AA. Miss me with any "too much to pay attention to" Garbo. We could handle RTS, we can handle shooting at surface ships while dodging torps, we could handle this as well now.
  10. FishDogFoodShack

    A-150 T10 premium

    You're going about it all wrong. If you really want to see a150 in game, all you have to do is think of a reason there could be a red star on the bow. Do that and I give it 3 months before WG spontaneously locates deep lore detailing a super secret Soviet project, coming to random battles near you ...
  11. FishDogFoodShack

    2nd flag on german ships

    God I hope so.
  12. FishDogFoodShack

    2nd flag on german ships

    Will probably get secondary flag and colour schemes for Ruskies next with their BB line, then for French since they're getting the next line after that. Apparently ...
  13. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    I'm not angry with you. You're right that it is their fault, but not being given access to archival records is something they've blatantly lied about before.
  14. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Horseshit. We know for a fact that the UK was actually quite open with their archives, it just didn't line up with what WG wanted. They chose to not go through with what they got from the archives so that they could theorycraft some HE bbs instead. Besides, they've has proven that they have absolutely no qualms about just making crap up (RU bbs), regardless of how [edited]ridiculous it is (Lyon). Considering how joyless these French dds seem to be, it seems to me that it was just easier for them. Why put effort into a line of Italian Heavy cruisers when you can copy/paste the french gimmick into the line they don't have yet? regardless of the fact that that gimmick is self-destructively worthless for that class of ships? It is laziness, plain and simple.