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  1. FishDogFoodShack

    Automatic DCP for all classes

    I love it. Have you thought about sending your resume to WG? Something tells me you'll fit right in.
  2. FishDogFoodShack

    ST - New maps

    The third map looks like the best out of all of them, the first is ... serviceable depending on the height of the islands but needs more of them. But the second one? the second one is dead on arrival. Only one cap has cover inside it, and depending on the height of those islands, the far right cap will be cut off from practically the rest of the map a la Mountain Range's A cap. There is absolutely NO island cover fro cruisers to use without pushing up to the very front line. It is truly goddawful.
  3. FishDogFoodShack

    When a player owns 1 ship!

    Eh, seen worse.
  4. Title. It might be down to opinion but the fact that since 8.0 the port interface lags with every little movement and requires so much time to do so little is shameful. Browser games have better UIs at this point. As a test, I played RuneScape this weekend, which is apparently having a double exp event so player numbers were extremely high. The UI response time there was, despite being a game some 15 years old with packed servers, was STILL faster and more responsive than the port interface. Why does it take nearly 5 minutes to load the clan base or news feed? Why does everything shut the [edited]down for 10 seconds when I try to mount a signal? Fixing this is more important than Soviet dream BBs. It NEEDS to be addressed.
  5. FishDogFoodShack

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    Put simply, they don't.
  6. FishDogFoodShack

    Supertest - Soviet Battleships

    Best in class pen alongside arguably best in class accuracy on gigantic guns that turn faster than their reload. Larger than a GK and with more health, but "better concealment than it's peers". Immune to HE deck armor with non-overmatchable bow. Current iteration is a nightmare. Raised cit or not, they have exactly what they need to invalidate every other BB in the game at the moment. Their meagre weaknesses do not any way compensate for their myriad strengths. A large turning circle and exposed cit count for nothing with gun angles and turret shift this extreme.
  7. Can't wait to read how feedback was "Overwhelmingly positive" next time WG talks about this.
  8. FishDogFoodShack

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    The dream would have been for both Alaska and Azuma to be at t10. The former for 1.5-2m free exp and the latter for 240k or more coal. There they'd all bring something different to the table, and would be a super cruiser available for each different secondary currency. An option for everybody, both regarding purchase and playstyle. And even if t9 is where this ship belongs, these particular changes are not the way to do it. Removing hydro without a trade-off? 25mm Omni plating on a Yamato citadel? This armor profile is arguably worse than even Ibuki, the emerald of t9, and at least that ship has hydro and a rudder shift faster than the continents.
  9. FishDogFoodShack

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    In b4 600+ people chiming in "isn't enough data".
  10. FishDogFoodShack

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    *edited*downtiering of IJN ships continues ...
  11. FishDogFoodShack

    Help Me Decide! - Bismarck or Amagi

    Amagi, every day of the week until the day I die. 10 guns that hit stuff vs 8 guns that don't, there really is no contest. Amagi also shares the famed turtleback armor scheme that bismarck totes, albeit a bit thinner, but an angled amagi will stilldo absolutely fine, she kites much better as well. As for t10s? I also say Yamato is infinitely more enjoyable, but that is probably personal preference as I absolutely love her to death. IMHO she is easily the most balanced t10 ship in the game with glaring weaknesses but also fantastic strengths. Yamato rewards you for playing well like no other ship in the game (that I have tried).
  12. FishDogFoodShack

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

  13. FishDogFoodShack

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    If like to add that the concept of corporate sponsorships for household brands plastered all over a weapon of war is right out of some nightmarish, orwellian dystopia. This gun that killed and drowned your friends was sponsored by Dunkin Doughnuts, America runs on t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶s̶e̶c̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶o̶r̶i̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ Dunkin!
  14. FishDogFoodShack

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    Is there something to see here beneath the myriad corporate logos?