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  1. FishDogFoodShack

    kremlin dispersion gets buffed accidentally...

    This thread is going to give S_O arthritis.
  2. FishDogFoodShack

    kremlin dispersion gets buffed accidentally...

  3. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea CAN work - I just don't think the way it is being done right now is any good. The balancing tbf IS relevant to the topic because regrinding a number of lines for an OP ship is barely different from the reviled first iteration of buffing tech tree ships. At the end of the day both what we had and what we have now are "regrind for distinct advantage" in a system that otherwise has no reason to exist other than a disappointingly transparent credit/time/exp sink.
  4. The problem is that if we want to "experience"lower tiers again, we would just play them normally like many of us already do. The biggest issue though is that the ships currently in line to be added as rewards are blatantly overpowered. Colbert is especially eggregious, and that one is supposedly "more ready". And please don't get all "WIP they're subject to change" on me. I doubt they'll give Colbert the severe Nerf it needs in these next week or two before it is available. And ships should be balanced when they come out, not eight months afterwards.
  5. FishDogFoodShack

    Troll Players

    They can still message you and you can still meet them. Blacklisting does nothing mechanically other than make their name black. I frequently blacklist players who are notably terrible though. Seeing a black name on your team tells you who to not bother relying on, or who not to worry about when they're on the other team.
  6. FishDogFoodShack

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    I'm partial to also slowing the turrets to a reasonable speed as well.
  7. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    They definitely need name changes, the t8-10 ones are especially egregious and practically spit on Regina Maria nomenclature.
  8. FishDogFoodShack

    Wargaming, why do you regard your EU players as second class citizens?

    Honestly if I had not just watched the stream chat go ballistic about it, I wouldn't have had any idea either.
  9. FishDogFoodShack

    Wargaming, why do you regard your EU players as second class citizens?

    Hes talking about the stream that just happened. Instead of syncing a russian and EU stream to reveal the new Italian Cruisers, they are showing the t1-7 ships on the EU stream, but the t8-10 on the russian stream tomorrow exclusively. In russian. With no English subs. EDIT: I mean, there is a reason the news thread used to be called "something interesting from RU".
  10. FishDogFoodShack

    bots invasion

    wonder how long it'll take for something to be done about this. After all, bots make player number spreadsheets look good ... Imagine how less of an issue it'd be as well if in game reports did something.
  11. FishDogFoodShack

    This is not the way to develop a game

    Thanks eagle-eye. You must be the brains of the operation.
  12. FishDogFoodShack


    Campaigns are probably dead content. The overwhelming focus on directive based events has out-phased them, unfortunately. Why put up something with rewards permanently when you can make spreadsheet look nice with high player numbers during a short period with temp events? The fact that Kutnetzov and the alt russian colour scheme were not campaign based and instead time-limited in an event leads me to think this.