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  1. Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    Cute to see that the same people who had a shitfit when the cruiser accuracy was first removed are the same ones circlejerking about how fair/balanced this version is now. The same, "my neighbor can't get it so it is only right for it to be op." Talk too. I hear ostriches are also in the habit of burying their heads in the sand, funny. Imagine a div of 3 of these in randoms. T10 is already going downhill, but this ship utterly invalidates the presence of every other cruiser in the game. It makes even the 907 in WoT look like pattycake. Oh, the HIV gets to shoot 3 extra times now? Well golly gosh darn, I take it all back, that'll sure put this final stalingrad on the back burner. They're practically on the same level of god-tier in that case. Watch out CW meta. /S
  2. I hate how much I can see wg actually doing this.
  3. T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    It'll either be removed for being too good or go the route of cesare and stay anyways. Bought one just in case.
  4. Stalingrad changes are [edited]insane. They made its AP have improved angles and short fuses so it deals with bbs? Seriously? This thing is going to Dev strike every cruiser in the game with those guns. Good forbid anything with a citadel gets to benefit from angling anymore without being catastrophically wafflestomped anyways. Plus good aa, plus radar. What the everliving [edited].
  5. Tier 10 premiums

    There a mistake and need to be reimagined as tech tree splits or dropped. A fantasy, but I can dream.
  6. Dev diaries 0.7.8 hints and clues - speculation mode ON

    You're totally right. My wording wasnt the most accurate but I more or less meant what was already said. That after t5 they basically don't exist. They're insignificant in terms of impact on the world stage compared to most of the other navies in the game. I'm not a history genius though and I am sure there are instances these ships actually putting some work in. Also sorry for double post.
  7. Dev diaries 0.7.8 hints and clues - speculation mode ON

    This is pure speculation on your part, there is absolutely no basis for saying there is a 99% chance of anything other than your gut feeling, which is (no offense) worthless because hey, I bet a lot of people including myself had the gut feeling that RN bbs would have good AP and not ... Whatever the hell they are supposed to be right now
  8. Dev diaries 0.7.8 hints and clues - speculation mode ON

    The Soviet bbs themselves are not so much what people dislike as much as it is the decision to prioritize them instead of one of one of the premier navies of WW2, Especially considering how straight up worthless the Russian Navy was. It is being puffed up in game to appeal to the fragile egos of their favorite playerbase. With this in mind it also becomes more likely that they'll be gimmicked to the extreme and borderline, if not completely game breaking. Also no, it is the LATEST attempt at a balanced bb line. Hardly the last chance. Italians should be getting their own bb line sooner or later and if the Brits are anything to learn from, the premiums are hardly an indicator of what the real line will be like.
  9. Please put me out of my misery

    This is the same experience that I've had in my Haida. Carry as hard as you can, it just doesn't matter sometimes. But goddamn I wish half the dds I've met recently have half as much an idea how to play as your khaba does.
  10. Wargaming at it again making sure that the "slippery slope" arguement is alive and well with all these t9 and t10 premiums in the pipe.
  11. Please remove T8 from Tx MM

    I'm 95% sure OP only started this thread to turn it into wanking about his stats, considering it is all he ever usually does.
  12. Server down 140818 at 09:58

    Works fine for me.
  13. Submarines ingame?

    You have a 45% WR in bbs. You're really not.
  14. Submarines ingame?

    You've played yourself. This is from April Fools day last year when everyone got one in port, with that captain whose name (blurred our here) was BussianRias. You have the investigative skills of a dead dog.
  15. Price of the T-61?

    But the t-61 and Z-39 can meet in battles, and I'd bet on the T-61 pulling out ahead every time.