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  1. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Did you think the game would get easier as you progressed up the tiers? As everyone becomes more experienced and ships are much, much more dangerous?
  2. Year preview 2018

    I'd rather have one Akizuki on a team than two Shimakazes. Any day, every day.
  3. About the Conqueror

    I don't think my ability to take someone seriously has ever evaporated so fast. Every word here is an unmitigated catastrophe.
  4. how is this even possible??! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Literally every piece of information you need to answer your question was provided by you yourself in your own screenshots. Okay here we go ... DMG dealt = more exp = more money. BUT it is calculated as a percentage of the enemy ship's total HP. 10k dmg on a DD is worth a shittload of exp while 10k dmg to a BB is peas. If you're at t10 with no premium account, no premium camo, full prem consumables and no clan bonus, you will unavoidably lose credits. Later on I expect a post stating how it isn't fair that t10 has higher service cost, followed by being informed that without that, people would only play t10 all day. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    14 seconds, not 14.7 actually, a full second faster than Pensacola. Do you use AR on your IJN captains? it should honestly be used on everything imo but because everyone thinks IJN cruisers are blap-bait you'll rarely have to wait the full length of the reload. If they're not for you though that is fine, but IJN cruisers are my bois and I tolerate no slander heheh.
  6. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    Myoko is in every way superior to both Aoba and Furutaka, it has the best HE alpha of all t7 cruisers (afaik not including prems) and her AP is only beat out by the Yorck, which has terrible pen and shell speed. Her reload is needed to balance out her alpha strike potential. She is also the second fastest t7 cruiser, only a half knot slower than Shchors, but has a MUCH better rudder shift of only 9 seconds. I remember Aoba also having fantastic guns but I've not played her in a long time. The only thing you're right about here is the torpedo arcs, which are bad. However the torps themselves are still serviceable, you just have to use them differently as area denial and smoke scouts instead of BB nukes. Still my favourite cruiser line by far.
  7. Emblems and insignias huge success

    Honestly they are so inconsequential, I do not understand how some of you can be so irritated by them. Complaining about their addition is to some extent reasonable, but at the same time is hilariously comparable to something like, "why did they devote and waste dev time to giving captains different appearances in port?" or "why did they devote and waste dev time adding different voice effects for different nations?". It is all just fluff, I'm not going to deny that. But not every little update is going to be a content bomb. If something fluffy like these patches gets added as a side-grade to performance updates and bug fixes, is the game worse off? That said, pissing and moaning about seeing them after getting blapped is grade-A comedic gold. Are some really so thin-skinned as to blow a fuse when shown that yes indeed, an enemy ship has destroyed you, in a game about destroying ships?
  8. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    I don't see how a Balti could only shoot down 2 planes from an equal tier CV. No way in hell you had defensive AA up either. This whole thing is kinda suss and screams that you were horribly out of position but hey, I could be wrong. Look at it this way, only 8 more planes and you complete your Bofors mission eh?
  9. Pink name bug

    You know, most people would just bite down and play the three, maybe four games it takes to no longer be pink. Knowing that either they made a small mistake to earn the rosy name, or the highly unlikely scenario that someone else was at fault, they'd realize how totally inconsequential being pink is to a good player and keep on trucking. . You though? you just had to go the extra mile didn't you.
  10. Shell splashes

    The new ones are a joke. I sincerely hope this change is revised before it hits live.
  11. [PT 0.7.2] Visual effects changes

    I sincerely hope this change isn't something that is overly noticeable in the grand scheme of things. In other news though, the new sea foam looks nice.
  12. WG allowing you to start your french BB grind at tier VIII

    The fact that so many here describe them as not all that good is a big reason of why I am actually really looking forward to these BBs. After the unmitigated disaster of the last BB line introduced, I'm looking forward to a line that - from what the CC reviews and gameplay footage implies - is actually balanced with pros and cons. RNG Lootboxes however are not the method of early access I would have preferred.
  13. WTF is going on with this game?!

    Ranked is hot garbage and even more a cesspool than randoms can be at times as far as skilled play goes. There is literally no wall stopping the same kind of bad players in randoms from playing ranked.
  14. HMS Fiji research cost

    At low tiers (1-3 ish) there really is no need for a "leader" or plan, as ships will generally die so fast because they are not particularly strong and the level of play is not very advanced. This is one of the reasons why it is the perfect environment to learn in as the focus for each individual player is their own performance. Positioning, priority targets, and POSITIONING (I cannot stress this enough, this is THE thing to be aware of in this game) are among the most important lessons to learn here. At these tiers, performing well yourself is all you need to win. The game itself facilitates this learning at lower tiers with it's smaller map size, making repositioning and focusing fire easier should a new player find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time Starting around t5 however things get more complicated as ships get stronger and players get smarter, but even up to t10 you won't find the "leader" position you are looking for. Oftentimes people will declare and/or bicker about which caps to focus on (the strongest combinations are AB and BC, due to the ability to support each other) but otherwise at these tiers players are expected to know what to do in whichever ship they are in to succeed in their role. The teammates you describe are theoretically not going in "random" directions, they are going where they should, you just don't know where that is yet yourself, no offense intended. In addition, I personally would never trust someone who publicly declared themselves to be "the leader" to know what they are doing, you need to trust that your team can do their jobs. The basics should ALWAYS be to support the DDs in caps, stick with the pack, and focus fire. EDIT: Also any and every versus multiplayer game will ALWAYS have an aspect of competitiveness to it, from Warships to Pokemon. The trick is having fun while also being competitive. For some reason a lot of people here seem to think that these concepts are mutually exclusive.
  15. A-140 F3 as a Replacement to Izumo

    I *hated* the Izumo until I got the right captain skills on her. After that she does a damn good job of what she is supposed to do. IMHO that is the real thing with this ship. Before I got both Concealment Expert and Fire Prevention my experience was absolutely miserable, it is impossible to disengage without both of them. The captain (in-game) makes or breaks this ship. Her numbers are fine the way they are, but at fix to her turrets to make them all face towards the bow would do a LOT to balance out her faults.