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  1. Aah! I've not been watching the missions at all, and OP didn't specify that it's DD only.
  2. You can do it in a CV presumably by using the classic tactic feigning a full strike and waiting for them to use their DCP, then bringing in more to stack some DoTs.
  3. I cannot understand why anyone might recommend the Izumo over any other t9 BB. What a mess.
  4. No, torpedo guy! You're too young!
  5. Ordinarily I'd be on your side with this one, but Op advocates removing pretty much every other ridiculously overbuffed gimmick of these lines, most importantly the HE pen. If they lose the HE pen and are balanced like every other BB in the game instead of a vacuum, having the super heal is at least acceptable thematically with the cruiser line, which does get the super heal at t8, unlike the Mon(arch)strosity.
  6. Unless you suck and die early a lot (which in BBs which are the options here, you shouldn't) you can't play two ships at the same time. Honestly even if you could I'm not sure that both Kii and Tirpitz would even come close to Missouri's money-printing ability. If your decision is based solely on the need to make credits, go with Missouri, hands down. The tech tree versions of both Tirpitz and Kii are better anyways.
  7. It is unfortunate, as imo Warships Today has a much more polished and appealing layout.
  8. Almost as if having the best of both worlds (alpha and fire chance) without any drawbacks is, in fact, broken.
  9. So this CV rebalancing comes with AP bomb access for a lot of USN carriers? I take it that for some damn reason, WG views those bombs as working as intended? I don't know about that ... They're still incredibly inconsistent with dealing damage against anything but maybe 5 individual ships, I wish they'd touch them up instead of leaving them as a gimmick half-finished.
  10. Here I am wondering how long it'll take this thread to become grotesquely misogynistic. Already catching a whiff of it in a few of these, hmmm ...
  11. Yudachi was one of ten shiratsuyu class destroyers. I can't really see her as being a premium, as from launch to her sinking she remained exactly the same as an in-game stock shiratsuyu. I don't think there were even hypothetical upgrades for her. She would add absolutely nothing to the game, kind of like the upcoming Massachusetts, not even a unique model.
  12. Probably because you bought a t8 BB when the closest you've gotten is the t6 bayern you've just unlocked? You were not ready for it.
  13. lol alright, I'll bite. First let me play a little game: "How is it for instance that you have much lower PR in your CVs than you do in other classes? Couldn't be that it's a harder class to play now, could it?" Really though, Most of my CV games are in T4-5 from progressing up the lines, where manual drop is disabled as I've only gotten one CV line over to manuals, and that is the t6 Ryujo. I also bought the T8 Enterprise, which may have been a mistake on my part. In other words, my CV stats (only 100 games btw, paltry) are sealclubbing stats. If you want to play the stats game, look at my Enterprise and Ryujo numbers, they're much less polarizing, because believe it or not, manual drops take serious discipline on top of micromanaging everything else.