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  2. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    Just grind credits and buy Bismarck this weekend with the discount. Buying a t10 ship just to sell it again is a huge waste of silver, even if you rarely play it.
  3. You're just rewording what everyone else here has already said. If everyone sheeples together in one direction, they'll do one of the two things: Either loop around in circles behind a cap, get surrounded and die, or push through it. The latter works, the former does not. Games where both teams lemming to the same cap can get pretty crazy. Because of the fact that more often than not a train ends up with the former situation, breaking up to hit different caps is more indicative of players who know what they are doing than anything else. The classic AB/BC motion works because the teammates at both caps can support each other with crossfire and maintain control of the map. Trains CAN work, but you said it yourself that passive play loses games, and mindlessly following the other guy is usually a sign of that.
  4. US Campaign

    That is cute but the actual missions were posted on the daily bounce a while ago and they're fking ridiculous.
  5. US Campaign

    As in, without most of the t10 USN ships, borderline uncompleteable without farming 1 star missions.
  6. New Map ?

    Since there is no news on a new map in supertest I'd be willing to bet this is either a scenario/operation map in the works or simply a placeholder.
  7. How to maximize secondary hits per match as cruiser main?

    None of them are particularly good for secondary hits, ESPECIALLY without a secondary-specific build for them, which on any cruiser would be pretty insane. Your best bet honestly would be to jump into co-op matches with all of them. Rush in, get some hits, die probably, then jump into the next and repeat. I have to say though, even doing this would take a painfully long time, I know I'd get bored doing it. Without a t8+ battleship, you should weigh how much your time is worth to you. The german captain from these missions is nice with his free 10 points, but his bonuses are not particularly useful for any german ships imho. Just saying if you decide to skip this last stretch, you won't be missing too much.
  8. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    And yet, here you are with only one fewer t10 ship than I have, after half as many games indeed. My stats are better than yours because I spent a lot of time in mid-tiers getting better at the game (300 in amagi before I even bought Izumo), instead of under some fool notion that the higher the tier, the more unstoppable I'd become. Complaining about MM and having no control over your WR or in-game performance is an excuse. An excuse to made by bad players in order to push the blame somewhere else, so they don't have to own up to the fact that there might in fact be something still to learn. And as long as you use that excuse you won't get better, because you've tricked yourself into thinking that you don't have to learn if you have no control anyway. In the long run all you need to do to secure wins is shoot your guns, and over a 10-50 game span it may not feel like your WR can be helped, but after hundreds to thousands it shows; whether you get a high caliber and a kraken ever 20 games, 50 games, or never at all.
  9. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    The PTS is glorified early access, once something hits it, it is there for good and isn't going to change one bit. The best you can hope for are bug fixes at that point. Honestly everything is probably solidified even before the CCs get their hands on them. When was the last time WG actually listened to any of them?
  10. Missions thanks for nothing

    Part 4 does indeed need t8-10 ships.
  11. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    Who the hell designed these missions, and why do they need to be so much more difficult than the Yamamoto ones? None of Yammy's missions required the sole use of IJN ships, but most of the missions here that give the most stars are exclusive to USN ships. I get that Halsey is a USN admiral or whatever but jfc, shouldn't gameplay quality come first over some shittily specific mission requirements? Stage five is a [edited]joke. Are they perhaps harder to get because Halsey is power-crept over Yamamoto with that confederate-req perk?
  12. Very harsh in match TK penalty

  13. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    Sounds like something someone who [edited]sucks would say. EDIT: 45% win ratio and 700 pr, what a compelte surprise. I am shocked, abashed, and my jaw is on the floor. Who could have predicted such utter mediocrity?
  14. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    Not going to waste my time reading this thread because I already know the answer: Ranked is a shitshow because it is infected with the same players you find in randoms. I just finished two matches where first each and every one of our 5 bbs shot exclusively HE and lost, after that another team lost 3 (!) ships from each other's torpedoes. I don't play ranked because I know the same kind of crap happens there anyway. Without a minimum requirement to be able to play ranked, it will always be crap.
  15. Proposal

    And the e25 was only available in a 50€ bundle iirc. On topic, voted no for all because clearly each should be given freely to all who have not played the game in 6 months. Obviously.