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  1. I first started playing this game primarily because of high quality, well modeled ww2 era warships, rather than any gameplay aspect that may have gotten me interested. Naturally, any improvements done to them would have me reeling in anticipation.
  2. This is *the* comprehensive list imho. I agree on practically all counts.
  3. Flamu released a first impressions video on the Kii about 2 weeks ago now and I beleive he said the Kii felt less well armoured than Amagi despite it's thicker belt because it's citadel has much, much worse protection. Is that still the case? seeing a lot of talk about how tanky Kii is.
  4. I honestly doubt she'll be anything but a free exp premium at t9 but god DAMN would I love to see her be the endgame t10 for a IGN bb line split ... WoT has the gift of having been around longer, but the only mechanical aspect of it that I like more is the sheer variety of lines and vehicles each based around a different playstyle, I'd kill for that kind of thing with WoWs. Already have it with IJN dds but I want MORE. MORE!
  5. Get used to it, t8 is actually the best and imo only playable high tier in the game. at 9 & 10 borderhugging explodes, a complete shitshow.
  6. Guy don't worry about karma, even if if did matter, nobody will ever compliment you, no matter how good you play. Reports though? all the time. Can't say it is undeserved sometimes though, but if someone's dad should have jacked them off into the toilet, who else is going to tell them?
  7. So long as you're asking in the interest of finding a ship line to grind up with a t10 as a reward at the end: until the Conqueror is nerfed there is no reason to play the Montana over it, so go with Großer Kurfürst. If you're expecting said nerf and don't care, just choose whichever looks prettiest to you.
  8. Its AP is good but still suffers when uptiered, IFHE allows consistent damage against what feels like everything, also helps in knife fights with other dds. real big things are BFT and AFT though, kiev torps are some of the worst in the game, and speccing around them is less than wise.
  9. BFT, AFT, and IFHE, the rest is basics like adrenaline rush, last stand and priority target. mCE isn't really woth it as you'll be close to max range or detected most of the time anyways.
  10. ngl I am super excited for the new collection ... I am an absolute sucker for collect-a-thons, probably one of my favourite things added to the game since I started playing. Any word on what the hidden achievements might be specifically yet?
  11. I can't believe I'm looking at a post count RP in the year of our lord 2017. In the interest of staying on topic, Flamu cursed once or twice in the AP challenge video, how long before WG tries to cease and desist him, then redact and apologize? Way I see it, either that ends up happening for the third time or we get another month of deliberate silence as if these broken ships were not even added in the first place.
  12. No, they really didn't. Final engagement with Bismarck: Germans: 0% British: estimated at less than 5% of the 719 BB shells fired with ranges closing as close as 3.5 km. Battle of Jutland British: 2.71% of 9,068 shells fired Germans: 3.39% of 7,194 shells fired You don't realize just how blessed you are with that 30% average accuracy.
  13. Do you really expect anyone to take your words with seriously when you profess that the only way you can play your Tirpitz is by long range sniping? Funny that you bring up a flamu video as evidence of how RN BBs are healthy and balanced. Tell us, which was it? was it one of these perhaps? where he vividly explains exactly how balanced he thinks they are?
  14. Wh ... ? Everyone just keeps tooting the German horn in this thread. Imo it is less about "best" and more about what you want from a bb, and skill ceiling. Compared to other BB lines (ignoring brits cause they broke) Germans have the lowest skill floor, but also the lowest skill ceiling, they're easy to play. Sure they're the "best" if you want to live a long [edited]time, but inaccurate, lower pen guns won't reward you for outstanding play like the IJN or USN battleships will. A smart opponent who stays out of your secondary range can't necessarily kill you quickly because of your thick armour, but you'll be worn down consistently and there won't be much you can do about it. Ultimately, an average player will love them because they'll make you feel like an unkillable god, a very good player will feel like their guns are holding you back. Don't get me wrong, I like enough of them, but I feel like this thread is putting them up on a styrofoam pedestal, too much talk and it'll collapse. personally prefer USN and IJN lines. USN concealment, superheavy AP and best in tier AA means that it is paltry to catch unaware broadsides and punish the bejeezus out of them. And IJN has the same story but makes a few trades for the B I G G U N S™
  15. The whole idea of balancing gimmicks is supposed to be about give and take. Give away a little to get a little, increased performance in one area for less in another. We can see this with RN AP, shorter fuses means less overpens on lightly armoured targets, but less effective ballistics over angled and heavily armoured ones, balance. The HE though? where is the "take" for that? people can argue all they like how using nothing but HE in one of these boats is sub optimal or a missed opportunity, but the fact is that even if someone is braindead enough to do so, they can easily manage to deal an above-average amount of damage anyways. As much as effectively switching ammo types? probably not, but way more than a reasonable amount regardless. If you average 100k dmg while switching ammo types and another player spamming HE averages 90k, something is wrong. The risk/reward is skewed, and it is ultimately easier to do that 90k spamming HE than it is 100k when switching ammo because of the observational skill required for the latter. RN AP loses something to make up for it's increased effectiveness against an armour type, but was does this HE lose? not fire chance, not ballistics or damage, not pen ... it loses absolutely nothing in exchange for it's increased performance. This doesn't make you want to switch ammo types, it makes you want to sit using the one that is ostensibly better than any of it's peers. captains that take IFHE lose fire chance, but these BBs can start fires better than any other, and get the better pen anyways. The Ishizuchi, the previously well known "HE battleship" had none of these perks, but still performed well spamming HE, so why do RN BBs need more pen and firechance 10% higher than it? with better armour and concealment too? and a borked heal? RN HE needs to lose SOMETHING for it to even begin to feel balanced to me. It can keep the 1/4 penetration, if the firechance is nerfed by about 10-20% across the board, letting it keep raw impact damage for less DoT (base firechance would then average at about 25% or more, less than other BBs, but it is supposed to be a tradeoff isn't it?). Alternatively, it can keep the insane firechance, but must lose the extra pen. You can't have both. Lol this doesn't even touch on the heal and concealment, those deserve posts/threads of their own.