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  1. FishDogFoodShack

    Islands of Ice redesign: total garbage

    It baffles me how totally this map has managed to be ruined. All you needed to do WG was fix the two bigass [edited]islands that cut A off from the rest of the map, and instead you've decided to emulate the worst maps in the game in the form of Mountain Pass and old Tears of the Cruisers to create some new hybrid monstrosity. The center of the map is absolute suicide to try to hold, and if you even can get there before getting blapped, you can only do so by dry-humping the islands and not contributing otherwise. The ONLY viable way to play this map now is to go whole ham in either A or C. Even if it weren't for the gameplay faults, the map just plain looks like crap. A spseudo-symmetrical mess that looks fake and plays fake. God I wish I worked for you, then I could get paid for doing absolutely nothing worthwhile, and constantly dropping the ball.
  2. FishDogFoodShack

    Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    Boom goes the dynamite. Opinion. Not fact. Biased, subjective and baseless.
  3. FishDogFoodShack


    Every single thread you make is just a wall of rhetoric. They say so much and yet nothing at all. My cats meowing at me are more cohesive and understandable, as I can discern the point of why they're screaming in the first place, usually food. You? not so much.
  4. FishDogFoodShack


    OP's most played games are in UK cruisers and battleships, and here he is complaining about invisible ships.
  5. FishDogFoodShack

    Stopwatch Aimassist

    Seems to me like someone is googling/forum searching for "aim assist". Can't imagine why you'd be doing that
  6. FishDogFoodShack

    Haida v. Gadjah Mada - who will win?

    You must be the coolest guy to talk to at parties.
  7. FishDogFoodShack

    quick messages

    I mean, we have the quick-chat command to request a smoke screen, why not one for radar too? arguably more important for teamplay nowadays.
  8. FishDogFoodShack

    Anniversary Event

    Well, colour me pleasantly surprised.
  9. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    It IS a RN line ... they were this close to releasing one that wasn't choked with gimmicks. Oh well ...
  10. FishDogFoodShack

    Royal Navy Arc

    An achievement that does absolutely nothing for the player, I might add.
  11. FishDogFoodShack

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    It is still a heal on a DD though which is dodgy. Khabarovsk and Tashkent not withstanding since they can't DD, but these ones? In one untested updat ethey add USN AP, defensive hydro, and heal to the dds that already wrecked face in knife fights. Because they didn't do so enough already I guess???
  12. FishDogFoodShack

    People like Stats but which ones matter

    Hot take: it is fine the way it is, the problem lies in the playerbase being bad.
  13. Anyone can make it to rank 1. The question is if you get there by winning and playing well, or failing hundreds of times until you get lucky. In your case, the smart money is on the latter. Still using Surviviability Expert on your t10 BBs?