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    Do you care about your PR? Do NOT buy the Black ships.

    Yes it is technically a strong formula, but because it isn't official your PR will be different between websites which lends PR and "unauthentic" feel that leaves a lot of people ignoring it. WR does just fine.
  2. The evidence suggests otherwise.
  3. FishDogFoodShack

    WG you have got to teach your players

    Christ you're self-righteous. No, you can't fight anyone quite well it seems. with 26k average damage you're a detriment to anyone unlucky enough to get stapled to the same team as you. Worst of all, your holier-than-thou attitude make it clear that you will never get better, because you're "just playing for fun" and any genuine advice that gets thrown at you will glance off. Personally I'm long past giving edit* handouts and advice. Either shut up and get better, or uninstall. Better outcome either way. Edit: Language please
  4. FishDogFoodShack

    WG you have got to teach your players

    Honestly there is no saving this playerbase. Dead dogs could play this game better than 90% of the garbage I am forced to bear witness to every [edited]time I play. Lets be real here, the game isn't hard. The mechanics are not hard. WG could actually begin to give a crap and make as many tutorials as they want and it would not save these mongoloids from themselves.
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    Aay nice.
  6. FishDogFoodShack

    Why everyone hate CV players ?

    Stop playing CVs or die mad about it.
  7. FishDogFoodShack

    VLAD HP buff OP

    Sounds like someone doesn't know about Vladi Daddy's B hull.
  8. FishDogFoodShack

    vot for is justice

    Obligatory gif shitpost in an inevitably locked Milan_G thread:
  9. FishDogFoodShack

    Time for German T10 BB with 48cm Guns :)

    This truth is what kills me (and prevents me from getting Georgia or Ohio, say no to stolen gimmicks)
  10. FishDogFoodShack

    Can we talk about the blatant lie that is Smolensk?

    It was supposed to be a line split last we heard. I'm not fundamentally opposed to the idea of more line splits, but I AM opposed to the soviet BB lines getting both the single best close range bb AND the best long range BB in their single line jam packed full of fantasy paper.
  11. FishDogFoodShack

    Can we talk about the blatant lie that is Smolensk?

    They've put it on the backburner bc they can't figure out how to balance it. This is a good thing because not only is a ship that gets more accurate the further away it gets is fundamentally awful and broken to begin with, but WG seems totally reluctant to do the obvious thing and just ... not make it's dispersion like that. They've changed the reload, traverse and several other things but wont touch the one thing that makes Slava the most broken ship to ever get playtested.
  12. FishDogFoodShack

    Big Cruisers and Kremlin armor

    It's conjecture but I've only ever really seen kremlin take heavy blappage at close range from other kremlins. Not much else has the pen to do it super reliably. Maybe Republique.
  13. I'm at work so I can't really sift though the whole thread, but IJN BBs were my first line both started and finished and the line possesses my most played ships. I love them to death, but nowadays when I take my precious Yamato out for a spin, I more often than not feel like the weak link in the line of BBs I come up against (except GK lol that thing sucks). Yams strengths don't hold the same weight they used to. You pay a LOT for your 32mm overmatch. Terrible traverse, the worst citadel on any contemporary BB, terrible maneuverability and speed, terrible close range accuracy and worst of all IMHO, below average penetration when not overmatching. You get a lot of bounces between those cits, especially at range which is supposed to be your strength. But is that overmatch worth it with the profound amount of 50mm+ plate running around? The bloated pen values of ships like Kremlin that don't care about overmatch anyway and crush your terrible armor layout? When enormously thick armour belts trash your salvos at your supposed golden range with even the slightest angle because your raw pen isn't good enough? I'm not so sure anymore. Still my favs and I'll keep playing the crap out of them, but I'd be lying if I said it was as easy to carry and pull big damage without tryharding in them anymore.
  14. FishDogFoodShack

    8.8 sound mod or sound settings to make it bearable?

    When they said they were going to base gun sounds off of caliber, I didn't think what they meant was that they were going to copy and paste Yamato's """""unique""""" gun sounds to every BB with guns bigger than 406mm. Except Republique apparently, which still has it's old sounds but has bigger guns than conq, which now has Yamato's sounds. because god forbid there was a reason to play Yamato anymore. Also, the "reverb" on the horns? I'mfairly certain they just copied the horn to play a second time with a half-second delay instead of doing real reverb. Nice job breaking it.