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  1. PoppyGalaxy

    CVs are good for clan wars , stop the hate

    pretty low effort, i mean no one can possibly think people believe that not CV's, but Venezia that's been in season before this one was the problem.
  2. PoppyGalaxy

    CVs are good for clan wars , stop the hate

    is this bait :thonk:
  3. PoppyGalaxy

    Clan battles season 9

    This is the first season i've just completely quit. I played a few sessions but found out that the torture that this season was was in no way worth it, no real surprise as who couldn't see that this season would be completely crap. Now for the next season i'm sure WG will gut Venezia, as it's an easy scapegoat whiteout actually addressing the issues, and continue to shove carriers into a mode that is broken by them
  4. That's the worst poll iv ever seen. It's either [edited]everything or everything is perfect. I'm still playing and will continue to do so, at least for the time being, but there are changes i want to happen.
  5. PoppyGalaxy

    Time to unistall this game.

    Ultimately if you don't enjoy the game then leave. I must say, some or your reasoning are unbelievably stupid it's hard to take anything you say for anything else then a raging Battleship main that have no idea how the game actually works.
  6. PoppyGalaxy

    [10GO] Clan member throwing ranked game for his clan mate

    This right here is bound to be juicy
  7. PoppyGalaxy

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    That's fair and all, but that problem exist for normal ranked just as much this one. I do agree and wished Ranked was actually a ladder system whit MMR and all that but that clearly isn't happening. Seeing as ranked is how it is i don't have any problem whit this version being tried out.
  8. PoppyGalaxy


    Probably one of those players that are oblivious to how good/bad of a player he actually is and when confronted whit it it's always someone else's fault. This threat of delusion here seems to clearly indicate as such.
  9. PoppyGalaxy

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    If you didn't like arms race then this clearly isn't for you. I think it's a good idea and ads some more variety, guess they should have just called it something else then ranked so people wouldn't be as upset.
  10. PoppyGalaxy


    What a train-wreck this thread has been. Using test season as a feat of skill is just so magnificently dumb i can't help to laugh.
  11. PoppyGalaxy

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  12. Well, not atm, no. I ve been in it for about 2 weeks and don't know anyone in it, I don't intend to just jump around to find the best clan or anything like that, i just need to find one that fits in the first place.
  13. I'm currently in a clan but CB is somewhat frustrating as the skill gap between players in the clan is too steep to get any meaningful progression.. I, as many others would like to earn Stalingrad and it seems unlikely that whit the current rooster of my clan atm that will ever happen so i would like to find a clan where the average player is more where around my skill level. I'm a 24 year old Norwegian dude. Beeing 24 means that WOWS won't always get priority but i am usually able to join in CB, tough if you need a guarantee that i can attend every time then i'm not the guy for you. https://wows-numbers.com/player/545542619,PoppyGalaxy/ Only have 3 tier 10 but have about 1M FXP so i could get another if needed.