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  1. SaintScylla

    Meanwhile in the Bahamas

    The Onion scores a great one: http://www.theonion.com/article/shelling-royal-caribbeans-ms-allure-sinks-carnival-56448 This is infinitely better than Pirates of the Caribbeans.
  2. SaintScylla

    Nvidia & refresh rate

    Issue fixed. Mods can close the topic.
  3. SaintScylla

    Nvidia & refresh rate

    Hello, I've installed this morning the latest Nvidia GeForce driver for my GTX 970. Apparently this smartass thinks it's funny to update the refresh rate without warning, and now my monitor can't support WoWs and only displays an "Out of range" message instead of the game. I've reverted to the previous driver but the issue persists. I can't change the refresh rate of the game from the launcher, since it's missing a complete "graphic settings" menu, and Windows 10 doesn't allow me to change from 60 fps. Any clue what to do? Thanks in advance!
  4. SaintScylla

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I've started playing about two weeks ago and having a lot of fun with cruisers and destroyers. Battleships seems boring as hell, right? Anyway I've unlocked my first BB (Nassau) over the weekend, just to give it a try and improve my destroyer / cruiser gameplay. It feels like I'm driving a sleepy turtle in a sea of sharks. And then this happens, just a few minutes ago. A gorgeous game and my first ever Kraken!
  5. SaintScylla

    French cruisers leaked.

    Would you have any idea about their ETA? How much in advance come these announces, usually?
  6. SaintScylla

    Lag and disconnection. Server status?

    Hello DB, No I'm not at Virgin. Though it's probably something related: yesterday I saw at least 2 other French-speaking players complaining of similar issues in the in-game chat, so I suppose there was something off with one of the French ISP. These connexion issues plagued me yesterday morning and afternoon but seem absent today. Thanks TinderChief but my PC runs the game smoothly on most days, I believe it's only related to the connexion to the server.
  7. SaintScylla

    Lag and disconnection. Server status?

    Haha sorry I meant WoW! OP edited
  8. Hello, I've started playing WoW last week and it was only good fun. However today I keep experiencing severe issues with my connexion to the server (EU2). I get disconnected 1 to 2 times during every match. The game sometimes doesn't react to my orders to turn, shoot or stop a fire - and not because my modules are damaged, reloading or anything. I've restarted the game, restarted my PC, restarted my modem, to no avail. Is there any "server status" available to know at least if the issue is coming from my provider or WoW's server? Thanks for your insights!
  9. SaintScylla

    Modules shared by different ships?

    Okay, good to know. Good luck and fair seas!
  10. Hello, I'm a landlubber coming from World of Tanks, please excuse my manners. In WoT, some of the elements which can be researched such as engines or guns may be equipped by several vehicles of the same nation. Fictive example: the most advanced gun available for a German Tier III light tank may also be used by another German Tier III medium tank, and by a German Tier IV heavy tank. Impact on economy: you must pay the installation cost in Silver for each vehicle you equip it on, but you only pay once the research cost in EXP. Does such a thing exist in WoW? Thanks!