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  1. brodie007

    [Poll] How would you rebalance CVs Post Nerfs?

    doesnt take long for the red players to show themselves, very nice of him to let everyone know
  2. brodie007

    Is playing ranked like this immoral

    this is crazy as even your first comment is wrong, if you cared about ranked efficiency you would grind to gold, as for the same first 18 wins you get 200 more steel and 400 more dubs
  3. brodie007

    @WG: One-dimensional hightier random rounds.

    What even is this thread
  4. brodie007

    No more camper CL needed

    you seem to like overusing the word camping, instead of using islands so you dont get one shot by a BB coz of the funny overmatch
  5. brodie007

    HE spamming simulator

    Really glad you posted the replay, plays a non-FP satsuma and at the start only goes half speed essentially sitting in base waiting to snipe, gets farmed by a ragnar and Marseille as you just sit nose in stationary just taking it as you are too afk to move and actually think about positioning. Then once you lose all your hp to fires as you have no FP you then spend the next portion of the game whining in chat, then after you successfully make your escape from the flank you then play overmatch simulator as a very skilled player just running into base to be useless afk all game. If anything you are very lucky to have made it out alive to be able to run away, I'm sure the guys at TAKEN will make sure this doesn't happen again. Maybe instead of whining learn to play the game
  6. brodie007

    Unicum Divs

    true true
  7. To me this has probably been one of the best brawls WG has done in a while as it isn't a 3v3 that is decided if someone yolos in and dies and isn't t5-6-7 which is full of the same people playing the same premium ships which is extremely boring to play against especially if you don't have one of your own so the fact it is T10 is a really good balancing factor. I have played brawls solo and in divs ranging from 2-9 players, it was extremely fun especially in 9 man divs as you can play loads of meme setups which you cant in any other mode so makes brawls really unique and fun to play. Only downside is the rewards are so bad for the amount of games you have to play and that you only get the coal once you have won all 41 games but with a bit of grinding doesn't take long. I really hope WG introduces more modes like this in future :)
  8. brodie007

    Brawls are complete FAIL!!

    ngl it was very fun playing in such divisions, i suggest you try it out
  9. brodie007

    Question about MM and Div's - WTF?

    if you wanna see imbalance look at this: almost 12% account wr difference but randoms is random for a reason
  10. brodie007

    Kremlin: No Gun Fire Control System

    hes average at best i wouldnt take his advice on the game or how to play
  11. brodie007

    Kremlin: No Gun Fire Control System

    i think it does given A: that data is over 1 year old now B: why is it still used in KOTS and CBs so much? for its pushing potential or sniping or coz its bad? maybe just get good before talking.