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  1. Yes sure...... only saying... Pity they wont give us a full premium camo so we could MAKE MONEY and play Yamato. Gonna reply to that aswell??
  2. Ohka13

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Time to consider if thats an addictive bahaviour? Ever since I coulnt be asked to get the Benham, (didnt even get Hill) I play only when i fell like. Dont care about stuff designed to hook those anxious player$ de$perate to get all $tuff aka free bait. And I think thats the reason why the player base is so toxic in this game.... Frustrated people not having fun, all there is.
  3. I am NOT talking about the Mushashi Camo , and "only" lacking the 20% credit modifier does make a difference, and yes, sure its still good, if good means better than nothing.
  4. Pity the camo is not half as good as tier X premium camos... was it too good to give for "free"??
  5. Ohka13

    Naval Legends: U-995

    if you had to repeat the Halloween stuff, at least could have repeated the submarines :)
  6. Ohka13

    Italian Cruisers: the Rules Made Simple

    That is sensible playing. Rarely seen.... Very rarely... and they know it. You are like a person who takes drugs twice a year without getting hooked. So you enjoy them. But most people suffer from it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2865686/ A recent area of debate has involved the extent to which non-substance-related disorders like pathological gambling that share clinical, phenomenological, and biological features with substance abuse or dependence might be considered together as addictions. Enjoy the grind.