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  1. HelmiDC

    Submarines are Coming

    First off, excited for SS coming to the game. But some concerns about the gamescom gameplay. 1. Homing torpedoes won't be appreciated by anyone else and won't give a good counter play experience to all other classes. 2. DD counter play to SS seems really boring just hunting circles. There is no active game play involved other than sailing around. 3. Auto depth charges are a horrible idea. 4. SS should be spotted at 2km, even when diving fully submerged. 5. The speed of SS should gradualy decrease the further they dive, from around 8kts to 25kts at the surface. 6. O2 usage and regeneration needs to be faster to give those ships that don't have depth charges some counter play options, if only when the SS is forced to surface. Please make SS fun to play, and also fun to play against. That way it will be the best fit possible to the game and won't devide the player base as much.
  2. -ATF- is recruiting players interested in participating in future clan wars. Must be over 54% overall win rate, be able to comunicate in english on discord, have at least 1 T10 ship and have a good understanding of game mechanics. New players willing to learn the game also considered. Send a message to the commander in game if you would like to join.
  3. HelmiDC

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Whilst this is a great addition for those only playing WoWs, it will make high tiers game play worse since new players won't have time to learn the game as well as before. I feel lieke a boost for credit earning potential would have been a better move to give something to those players only playing WoWs, but also keep the game play at a higher level.
  4. HelmiDC

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Generally quite a nice update, especially the new wake effects look great even if the movements of the water seem too fast and not related to the ships speed, especially at the bow. The new placement of the info tab revealed by pressing "H" is difficult and now conceals ships speed and depending on situation possibly islands and other obstacles that could be avoided if it was in its old position. Also the information displayed on it is difficult to find quickly and in some cases just seems plain wrong. One major issue with the info tab is that it appears when pressing "H" even when typing in chat, which is really annoying. This maybe the wrong place for this, but after about 6-9 games the frame rates drop drastically (from 70-80 down to around 25-35) making the game unplayable, restarting game client resolves the issue, hence it is not something to do with hardware or graphics card drivers.