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  1. UN_SachaC

    Looking for a UK based clan to have fun with

    Hey man, how are you doing? I am the commander of the [-FON-] clan; stands for Federation of Noobs >< . As the name suggest we are composed of some individuals who seek knowledge of more experienced players. Hence, we are composed by Veterans and Newbies. The clan is quite shill and i am mostly around from 9pm onwards (depending on my day job). Did i peek your interest? By the way, are you interested in Clan Battles as we are looking to create a Team (for the more seasoned players of our clan) May the Gods of the Sea be with you!
  2. The Federation of Noobs are looking for players who would like to join the Clan Battle Team. The Clan is on lvl 6 and 25 people strong. Yet, we are looking for Individuals who have an Interest to Clan Battle. We are very flexible regarding communication - TS, Discord or InGame voice chat - which one to use as a primary for Team Battle will be concluded when the team is together. More Info About the Clan: - The age group is 18+ - Average is 30 - We speak English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese - Play Tier 1 to Tier 10 - Very International - we have Germans, French, Chinese, English, Romanians, Polish, Finnish and many more interesting individuals from around the world - Average Victories from Random Battles 46.88% from 1 153 Battles - Team Average - The main objectives of the clan (apart in Clan Battles) is to help newcomers to get more familiar with the game, while having a good team environment. - We have contacts with other clans to which we play Battles with to strength our battle knowledge and make even more comarades! Let me know if you have any questions or interests. - open to have in Game messages too :) May the Gods of the Sea be with you!
  3. UN_SachaC

    Server offline ?

    Just want to say I got the same problem here: "Disconnected from server technical issues found, try later". Was trying since 8pm. Cannot be my PC since I had no problems at around noon. Help or Info plz!