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  1. The_White_Whale

    Edinburgh Upgrades?

    Surviving that first strike long enough to press the heal button is the tricky bit. Detected! (11) [10s later] Back to port.
  2. The_White_Whale

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    The Hood already has one the lowest damage outputs at T7, the same guns at T8 with a slower reload and worse range than the Bismarcks would just lead to a very frustrating ship. You will be using guns with worse penetration and accuracy at T8 than the Warpsite has at T6, while frequently facing 9/10 ships. Compare it to the Tirpitz which will have a faster reload, longer range, higher penetration, more secondaries and torpedoes. For a ship that was a floating radar and fire control platform and fitted with the same guns as the Warpsite (1 anyway, another 3 came from the Queen Elizabeth, all of which were modernised with RPC and 9m range finders) and using the 6chr high penetration APC Mark XVIIb then there is really no reason for a weapon loadout that only managed 49k average at T7.
  3. The_White_Whale

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    30s reload on 15's and Hood shells? Why on Earth would anyone buy it, that would be a miserable experience at T8.
  4. The_White_Whale

    Incoming Duca degli Abruzzi - [WiP]

    It's the awful AP performance that surprises me, the Italian AP penetration values for the 6'' would be between the Yorck and Myoko. While it wouldn't transform the ship it would open up a lot more target and range options.
  5. The_White_Whale

    Her Majesty's Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers

    Just a couple of quick notes that are worth a mention as they often pop up when discussing RN CV's, the aircraft capacity numbers are *often* solely the amount that can be hangared, the admiralty didn't include deck parking in the figures, this meant that lot of people think that certain CV's only carried 30/40 aircraft when numbers in user were typically closer to 60/70. Class depending of course. In some cases closer to 80. It's just something that has settled into mindsets. HMS Illustrious for instance is often stated as having a capacity of 36 but carried 58 on some missions. The next class the Implacable is usually listed in the 80's which is hanger+deck. It's a bit messy with RN CV numbers so be careful. The RN also liked rockets as a weapon, with the strike aircraft carrying a dozen or more SAP 3'' or 5'' rockets, a salvo was likened to having the same power as a cruiser broadside so I wonder if we will see them instead. Even the magnificent Sea Fury fighter could carry 12x3'' RP3's.
  6. The_White_Whale

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    All valid points, but then you're left with a T8 BB with only two consumables (DC+RP, she never had a catapult). Unless she is also given Hydro ala the Bismarck... *IF* WG keep the bizarrely short range on the BL 15'' and add nothing else then the only advantages the Vanguard will have over the Bismarck is a bit more health and more AA, which is mostly irrelevant in the current rare-cv meta. Better Damage control would be a great help but the community raged when the DoY test ship was given a good DC so that may not happen. There is nothing wrong with adding something new, as long as it is balanced, a fire control boost is not much more then what a spotter plane already does but can be applied to ships that were heavily radar focussed without being yet more radar. The British Heavy Cruisers for instance... if they ever get included.
  7. The_White_Whale

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    I have been thinking a fair bit about Vanguard recently and it's hopeful inclusion. The big issue is that Vanguards main strengths were radar based, everything from Main guns, secondaries and AA sites used immense radar tracking and search abilities. So how to include that without just going 'lol give a T8 BB radar!'. My idea: A new consumable, 'Fire control radar'. This consumable temporarily improves the ability of the main guns (maybe secondaries as well?) without just being a radar, range goes from 19km to 22km, sigma goes from 1.9 to 2.1 for say 90s (entirely example numbers), unlike the recon plane consumable this doesn't alter player perspective. Also to keep in mind: The Vanguard had the most bulkheads and pumps of any battleship built with a huge amount of compartmentalisation and an inner secondary hull. Her innate torpedo defences should be quite high and if possible flooding repair time quite short. The last battleship built, bigger and heavier then the Bismarck? Yeah T8 I think.
  8. The_White_Whale

    Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    The Fiji is a great ship at it's tier, you will get punished hard for mistakes but rewarded for good play, it is vastly more fun to play then the Edinburgh which will spend itself getting stomped every match by T10's. I use Smoke screen expert as the larger screen is not about covering more ships but much much more useful in giving enough room to turn around and reposition while covered. RN CL's are quite clumsy at slow speeds and you don't want to drift out of the screen while still showing 60% broadside. By higher tiers the increased amount of radar ships make the skill much less valuable and some respeccing will be need for T9/10.
  9. Have tried a few different Mino builds later, driven by the fact that I felt some skill points were getting wasted due to the near extinction of CV's. Currently have PT, SSE, AR, SI, RL and CE. That leaves 3 points spare, I did try SE and had some mixed results but it did come in useful at times and I would agree that for CL's it is a choice which is too harshly considered. However ultimately I went with Vigilance instead, Vigilance stacks with Hydro and with the new deep water torps having tiny spotting ranges it has proved more useful, both for myself and as a torp spotter for the team.
  10. The_White_Whale

    The worst tier 4 BB Arkansas Beta

    A BB with a 61% WR, the 2nd highest in the game isn't worth much respect? ok....
  11. The_White_Whale

    HMS Renown

    The submerged torps were removed when she was refitted in 1936 and 2x4 on deck launchers were fitted, it's those which would be on my B-hull.
  12. The_White_Whale

    Huang He (Aurora)

    I have mostly been enjoying the ship so far but getting decent damage out of it has been a grand chore. Have been using it more as a shy DD, camping in the corners of objectives and then running away.
  13. The_White_Whale

    HMS Renown

    I made a stab at Renown some time ago, keep in mind that this is as part of a tech tree BC line: Hull-A: 1916, fast but fragile. HP: 47,500 Belt armour: Upto 6'' Deck armour: 1-2.5'' Torpedo protection: 15% Guns: 3x2 15'' (Warspite spec) secondary: 17x4'' (Non DP) AA: 2x3'' QF guns Speed: 32.5knots Rudder: 16.5s Radius: 800m Detection: 13.6km sea, 11.0 air. Hull-B: 1939, well rounded and potent. HP: 50,600 Belt armour: Upto 9'' Deck armour: 1-5'' Torpedo protection: 18% Guns: 3x2 15'' (Warspite spec) secondary: 20x4.5'' (QF DP 10x2 config) AA: 3x8 2'' pom-poms. Torpedoes: 2x4 21'' (8km @61knots) Speed: 30.7knots Rudder: 16.5s Radius: 830m Detection: 13.8km sea, 11.5 air. 1x observation aircraft added. Standard RN-BB heal. Hull A is more there for historic significance, it is very vulnerable and will be heavily reliant on the speed to bail out when things go wrong, at this stage the ship is an easy torpedo target and map awareness of DD's and CV groups is life. Getting up-tiered will be painful. Hull B is where things get more fun, you lose some of the speed but are still fast for the tier. the secondaries and AA suites are vastly more versatile and offer a more reasonable mid range protection. All areas of armour have improved and while a still fragile BC you can use the slim hull and angling to much better increase survivability. The torpedoes are often forgot about, renown had her submerged tubes removed and replaced with above deck mounts, I have included the same spec torps as seen on the T6 Leander.
  14. The_White_Whale

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    Only one has radar, their AA is average per tier, their guns are mixed per tier 15>16>14>16>18 and the t10 has only 8 of those 18's. The heal might be good but it depends on circumstance. Insane mobility? It takes more then a decent rudder shift to make a ship insane, the turning circles and speed are purely average. There is still a lot of testing to do so it's a bit early to be calling a line that hasn't even made it to contributor testing 'OP'.
  15. The_White_Whale

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!