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  1. The_White_Whale

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    I will not play any match with subs in. Sorry to any teammates that effects, but that's just the way it's going to be.
  2. The_White_Whale

    Bots are more dumb than before

    Played a couple of coop games last night to grind some campaign missions, the bots moved forward a bit, clustered together in their home cap and never moved again. The cruisers even stopped shooting, although they did still attempt to torp anyone who strayed into their torpedo range. I presume that WG have disabled the AI in order to save a bit of money on the server costs.
  3. The_White_Whale

    ST 0.10.7, changes to commander skills

    That's quite a mess of changes and some submarine related junk.
  4. The_White_Whale

    More nerfs to RN CL line

    Have done some research, and you are right in that radar was buffed, back in 2017. Ranges at Oct 2016 on release were 9km at T8, 9.45km at T9, 10km at T10. So they have had the current radar ranges for ~4 years.
  5. The_White_Whale

    More nerfs to RN CL line

    They launched with 10km radar, and that is only the T8/9/10
  6. The_White_Whale

    Just no (Submarines)

    They have dived too far into the sunk cost fallacy, subs will happen regardless. I will never play a game with subs in, I will quit out of every battle that they appear in.
  7. The_White_Whale

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Using the Thunderer as an example of a community proposed ship doesn't work considering the released ship has no resemblance to the mouse version. The LWM Thunderer was a T9 lumbering shotgun with awful accuracy and range. Asides from the nameplate it has nothing to do with the released ship.
  8. The_White_Whale

    LWM review of Yukon

    I used to make ship proposals on the reddit wows sub, each one took quite a few hours to make, but I enjoyed exploring the concepts and researching the historical ships. But then I realized hoping for a ship from WG is like making a wish with a monkey's paw. You may get the ship you're after, but the paw will curse you with what it adds under that name... /Glares at Vanguard, Renown, Tiger etc. We did get one decent ship I made a proposal for, the Agincourt, but of course the monkeys paw doesn't let you ever truly get what you want, so that is locked behind lockbox gambling BS.
  9. The_White_Whale

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    So you vetoed a ship with new assets as that would take too long, then take 16 months to butcher a Monarch clone, and then have to do a post-mortem to go into how it all went so badly wrong. And after all that all you end up with is a ship noone buys, a pair of p'd off community contributors and still lacking a ship that is even vaguely plausible for Canada. /Slow clap.
  10. The_White_Whale

    New stage of submarine testing

    Then imagine if you were enjoying the sport of your choice, and then suddenly the rulemakers started to add football sections to it.
  11. The_White_Whale

    New stage of submarine testing

    Have been looking forward to this disaster, will be interesting to watch it all end.
  12. The_White_Whale

    Tiger 59

    Or in some cases, ships that cannot carry their own weight.
  13. The_White_Whale

    Tiger 59

    If you have played over 20k games you should be very aware by now of their scummy refund policy. We gave WG video of tiger going far beyond her ingame speed, they didn't care. We can complain about the ship being awful, they don't care. Why? Because people already purchased it, and they will refuse any refunds. Tough luck, we have your money.
  14. The_White_Whale

    Update 0.10.5, balance changes (DB 158)

    WG don't buff premium ships, the Tiger will just join the garbage list along with the Vanguard, Cheshire, Belfast 43 etc. But to be fair it was well known that the Tiger was going to be garbage in advance, so I can only muster some sympathy for those that purchased it...
  15. The_White_Whale

    Tiger '59 in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I did indeed, need to stop using my phone for posts, it never ends well. And I wouldn't trust wiki too much for ship speeds, it rarely has much connection to reality. It is of course your choice to trust the video, but when it displays an actual indicated speed it's hard to ignore. And keep in mind that the Wiki of 31.5 is also faster than what the ship has ingame.