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  1. I heard that new players are protected in the beginning and can only face new players in random battles. Is that connected to a level or something else?
  2. Jaylah

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    I brought the Cesare admiral boundle for the SPQR flag. It fits well for all Italian ships.
  3. Jaylah

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    Atago and any IJN BBs tier 5 and higher. In general its all about practice.
  4. Jaylah

    MM hell

    This doesnt make much sence. If you are 80% downtier that means that someone else is 80% uptier. In the long run it should be 50-50.
  5. Jaylah

    The fun and engaging game mechanic

    Its very annoying when it happens but there is a anti detonation flag that should be used when playing dds.
  6. Jaylah

    Camo insanity

    Its possible to hide with Aslain mod pack. Check the mod section.
  7. Just noticed that the Blyska has arived in a admiral adition with the custom flag. I have the Blyska from before with a skill 3 captain. Can I buy the admiral adition and get extra doublons for the ship or do I lose the value of the ship in package?
  8. Jaylah

    blyskawica; buy or no buy

    This numbers presented are so marginal that they dont matter. A good player wil preform well inn all ships. Blyska is more of a cruiser-destroyer hybrid and should be played like that. Leningrad is a fast dd good for capping.
  9. Jaylah

    Akagi's Tea Party

    Very friendly clan with above average potatoes :-)
  10. Jaylah

    Missouri or 2 tier 8 ships

    Atago is still a great cruiser, just takes time to master her.
  11. Jaylah

    Japanese inspired UI

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there is a japanese inspired UI mod with some historical pictures? I love playing with japanese ships and this would add to overall historical feel of the game.
  12. Jaylah

    Elimination Thread 4: Tier VIII

    Alabama: 22 Benson: 30 - 3 = 27 Atago: 45 Charles Martel: 3 Mikhail Kutuzov: 35 North Carolina: 19 Tirpitz: 18 + 1 = 19
  13. Jaylah

    Addicted to WoW stats

    Thank you all for the support. I started this topic because I thought that there are probably more people like me having the same problems and being open about it may create some discussion about gaming addiction. I do go to a psychologist because of real life problems (my mum is a alcoholic) and playing games is my way of getting away of problems. When I don't play games I have much free time after work where Im faced with many problems I have hard time to handle. So playing games is a way of escaping problems. However in case of WoW the game developed to addictiveness where I get withdrawal. I started to talk about gaming problems with my psychologist and she said its the same mechanism in the brain that triggers the feeling as being a alcoholic. I want to mention that I don't have any diagnosis. Im just a ordinary guy with family problems having a hard time managing it.
  14. Jaylah

    Addicted to WoW stats

    ​You are not rough Krikkio82. I need to hear things from other people to realise how much this behaviour is hurting me. So either I will manage to take the game less seriously or I have to quit.
  15. Jaylah

    Addicted to WoW stats

    I did not play WoT. I love WW2 tanks but started to play WoW and after that never get tempted to play WoT. Just to much to learn. :-)