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    How did they make a launcher so bad?

    I don't think I've ever experienced a launcher quite as bad as this one. Not only do I need to turn off my firewall completely to download 2 gigs in under a day (even though that normally takes about 5 minutes tops from any other source), it also takes several hours installing it? If they are aiming for negative nostalgia they sure are succeeding. Takes about as long installing a 2 gigabyte update as it took installing vanilla WoW back in 2004. And just for the sake of shitty design they couldn't include a way to actually see what it was doing so I have a chance of troubleshooting WHY the computing speeds of this launcher is slower than the Bombe machine. So with that rant out of the way, anything I can do to not have to have my PC running throughout the night after every update?
  2. I've recently returned to playing WoWs from a pretty long hiatus, did the last bit of farming and finally got the beautiful beast that is the Des Moines. On most or at least half of the maps I do just fine, finding some type of island coverage either to shield me from the brunt of the BB's or to hide behind and slow/stop the enemy push. I am by no means an excellent player but I don't think I'm particularly bad either. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to play on maps with very little or extremely centered islands. While the Des Moines is fairly tanky there are so many BB's that overmatch you now, feels like more are getting added every week, so angling in open water seems extremely questionable at best, feels like I have a greater chance of surviving by going flat broadside and making them over/undershoot. Since you don't exactly have the greatest rudder shift neither of these feels very sustainable, kiting forces me to maintain high speeds so I'll just get a few volleys of until I'm out of range. So how am I supposed to play in those situations? Because I'm ALMOST tempted to ditch concealment for rudder shift at this point. If I spawn on a side with few islands am I supposed to just miss 5 minutes and go to the other side? With the shell speed being quite low it's not that appealing sniping at 18km range either. Overmatch overall feels like it forces me to hide behind islands slinging HE making everyone including myself sad.