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  1. ThisBoat

    Bug Reports

  2. ThisBoat

    I got Coal today?

    Look what I got today....
  3. ThisBoat

    Shriratsuyu Gun Sounds

  4. ThisBoat

    Shriratsuyu Gun Sounds

    Hi, recently acquired the Shiratsuyu. The gun sound, wow, its like a Yamato on steroids, and the volume can't be lowered, like the other guns in the game..... This is not normal is it?
  5. ThisBoat

    Frequent Disconnects, and now Pink :(

    Well, another disconnect, and now 5 battles pink. Anyways. Found a "solution" for the disconnects. I guessed its a sort of networking issue. I now play via a VPN, and no more disconnects Maybe a technician can say something about this ??
  6. Hi, For whatever reason, I get a lot of disconnects the last few days. (on 0.7.5), and of course I got reported, and now I am pink. First of all, the disconnects, no idea. It happened before, occasionally, but the last few days, and especially today, unplayable. Second, I am pink because of things beyond my control. It is not fair.
  7. ThisBoat

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Kom erbij, clan battles, divisies, gezelligheid voorop!
  8. ThisBoat

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Task 2, of Battle of the North Cape 4, incapacitating or destroying main batteries doesn't count up in the task.
  9. ThisBoat

    General Feedback

    Things feel a bit smoother, somehow. The faster animations in port seem a bit too fast. It gives a feel like you are in a toy environment. It is impossible to create this effect in real life, without trickery. If animations were slower you would more get a feel of the real size of the ships. And, you create this beautiful ports, which make me want to wander about it, but I cant. I would like to roam the streets of Hamburg a bit ;) Make them ships "feel" to their real size.
  10. ThisBoat

    Jingles Special Forces looking for new members

    Oh, a clan member mentioned said we have members from Greece and Italy too!
  11. Hi, JSF (Jingles Special Forces) is looking for new clan members. We are an international clan, with members from all over Europe; Dutch, Polish, German, Bulgarian, Belgium etc, so you need to speak English. We are a clan looking for mature members, and mature doesn't have a minimum age. We want to have fun playing wows, but maybe we are a bit serious too at times. You need to have at least one T10 ship, and be online a few times a week, and be on Discord. When you apply, you may get invited to become a prospect member, and you will play in a division with a few members, so both you and us will get an idea if it all feels good. Please apply via the "Clan Search" feature in the Wows client, and we will take it from there. (no, Jingles is not a member of this clan, but a clan member of us asked Jingles (in person) once if it was ok to use this name.)
  12. ThisBoat

    Update 0.6.11 - General Feedback

    Just had a game in my Fletcher, smoked up. No ships near, maybe 2 dd's behind the island, but, no radar or hydro icon. BUT, the icon of detected was shown, and they could see me. HOW CAN??? Recorded replay:
  13. ThisBoat

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Managed two games without issues, then had to restart
  14. ThisBoat

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Pretty much same problem as above, except different ships i can pick. Me Too. And, during battle (Atlanta) turrets are not shown ready or rotated in "Ship Compass", pressing H to see ships parameters doesnt work, and I cant select my ships as above cant select I, info about previous battles in harbor, several very long waits for buttons to respond to enter battle etc. Difficult to play now, please fix.