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  1. LJNJ

    General Submarines related discussions

    As I can see, you have two choices. Either go play some other game. or Adapt. Whatever you decide, WG doesn't care and they will launch what they intend to launch.
  2. LJNJ

    General Submarines related discussions

    So public will have access to them? Or only testers on testing server?
  3. LJNJ

    General Submarines related discussions

    Anyone knows when we will be able to play subs again?
  4. LJNJ

    Whats the point of Delny?

    Considering the fact that Delny is Russian DD, I find it very odd that its not the part of "Russian bulls***" every other Russian ship is...
  5. LJNJ

    the new subs

    I miss subs, they were really fun to play. And stop crying about them, go quit go uninstall, nobody cares, especially WG.
  6. LJNJ

    General Submarines related discussions

    WG pleaseeeeee give us back submarines!!! Subs were very fun to play and it was literally only ship I could kill CV with, and he couldn't do crap about it.
  7. LJNJ

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Anyone knows where did my captain from Balao? Ship rental expired and ship was removed from port. But I can't find that captain which was on that ship at moment of disappearing? EDIT: Nevermind, I found him
  8. LJNJ

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Jesus, can you please stop crying about submarines??? They happened, nothing you can do about it. Uninstall the game, don't play it and then keep comforting yourself how its WG loss that you uninstall the game and stopped playing. Who he F*** cares about crying individual? Ok, so how do I get submarines in my port again? I had 2 day rent, and they were absolute fun to play, any possibility to get them again?
  9. LJNJ

    Cruisers no longer have a role

    That is why you do what you can in current meta, sail out cancer ships like Smolensk (if you have him) or Mino, smoke up and farm BBs. Dakka-dakka is still viable in current meta and it works perfectly. + you shread DD's with dakka-dakka cruisers.
  10. LJNJ

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    Captains, thank you for clarification. Seems like I will just grind to Hindenburg again and will get 20k for it + 12.6k I already have makes it total of around 32k, So I will need 12k more for YE and I think il regrind one of DD lines again, since that is easiest for me (outside CV's I don't play anymore). Wont bother to regrind Kremlin line since in my hands ship is crap.
  11. LJNJ

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    I didn't read it as I should. I YOLO'ed into reset as trying to YOLO for YOLO Emilio. I was willingly wanted to give away two T10 ships juts to get one fun ship as YE is. I was blinded by thought that BBs will see smoke moving towards them as fast as 55+ knots. Such a fun thought, can only imagine how fun ship is actually to play. So if I understand correctly does "x2 battle performance bonuses" means I will grind twice as faster?
  12. LJNJ

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    Yes, that could work!!! But too bad is that I already deleted two T10 lines. Now, my brain is in pain.
  13. LJNJ

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    I think I will perform decent at any line, BB's only line I don't play (exception is Missouri for credits and fun ships as bismarck/tirpitz). CV's I stopped playing even thought I was super unicum in them before rework. Now, CV's are just cancer and I refuse to play them. What I do want however is to grind all fun ships that are there, and Yolo Emilio is one of them, but path to Yolo Emilio is, what I learn now from your feedback, very painful.
  14. LJNJ

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    I want YOLO EMILIO so badly that I just deleted two T10 lines :( Kremlin in which I perform like crap, and ship is my hands nowhere near OP and Hindenburg which I actually played and liked :(
  15. Hello, In order to earn some research points do I need to reset the whole T10 line and then grind it AGAIN from the beginning just to get 20k- ish research points?? Are you F***** kidding me? I just reset two T10 lines in order to hope il get research points IMMEDIATELY after reset, not AFTER FUC**** GOING THROUGH whole grind from the BEGINNING AGAIN??? Did I overlook something or that is how it works? JESUS I AM SO [edited]**** MAD.