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  1. LJNJ

    My 150+ containers dissapeared?

    Yes I did but on 20 containers I had today... Ive noticed today that this button "Open all containers" even exist. And I have no idea how are my 180+ containers missing. I am pretty sure I didn't open them, since my coal level is same as it was before... And I was saving them to buy some premium using coal.
  2. Please explain too me, why and where did my containers go? I had 180+ un-opened containers... Was too lazy to open them, but now when I do need to open then and gain some resources, now they are gone.. Anyone had same experience?
  3. LJNJ

    Is Khabarovsk fun to play as Minotaur is?

    Thanks for commenting on the topic. Will grind it, since I just confirmed what I thought I am always here, just as passive reader Thanks for tips, I bet I will like it, maybe even more than Minotaur
  4. On some days, when I don't have much time to play I still turn on game and play 1-2 games in Minotaur. Shell rain that this ship delivers is just outstandingly fun to play. Even yolo'ing a cap and deleting dd's is fun in it. I am thinking about staring russian DD line (Khaba), I have a feeling that its very fun ship to play. Looking for your opinion on Khabarovsk regarding fun times. There are few ships which I don't intend to fully master, but use them as fun and relaxing factor and in which I do more often suck then not (like Bismarck+secondaries). Khabarovsk will be one of them, only condition is if its fun to play.
  5. That's what my wife said when she meet me the first time. Sir thank you for reply, I understand.
  6. Hello! I am interested in joining Odem Mortis community. 32 years old husband/father and active dedicated wows player. I am working on improving my skill level even further and hope I could be a part of community which will make that process easier. I am very funny and social person. If you need any details regarding my name/surname, facebook account details or anything else please send me PM. Thank you, Sincerely, LJNJ.
  7. LJNJ

    what is the best current tier X cruiser?

    If I can chose which cruiser out of all T10 ones will be in my team, I would chose Des Moines anytime. When that cruiser is used by good player, it has highest carry potential of all T10 cruisers, period. Also 100% best T10 supporting ship in 3-man division. The supporting tools Des Moines delivers (strongest AA in-game/radar) for a team is just outstanding.
  8. LJNJ

    Most entertaining ships to play?

    Which ship in Russian DD line on way up to khaba should I freexp? I got 75k of free xp in super container so I can skip a ship or two.
  9. Guys with 3k+ battles and at least 3 fully grinded lines, pleas advise what ships are really fun to play? I have Gearing now and I find ship very good, but I find really hard to carry games in it. Maybe because of common 10k+ bb salvo's Gearing is eating... Any ships that has balance between fungaming and carry potential? Zao? Minotaur? Khaba?