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  1. Interceptor_One_EU

    EU server down?

    Same, but not kicked off, just cannot connect... First time in alost a week I have had time to play, and now this...
  2. Interceptor_One_EU

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Yeah, this. I noticed the same thing too, last night it said "Available in 1 day", this morning, updated, suddenly it says "Available in 2 days". o.O What?
  3. Interceptor_One_EU

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle too. Thanks and good luck to all!
  4. Interceptor_One_EU

    Collection "New Year"

    Well done (sarcasm off), TOTALLY lock out users who have no interest in or even want Duke of York...!!! 1st and last mission of this Campaign require Duke of York, personally, I have no interest and do not want that BB,. not to mention that Real Life ™ does not allow me a lot of time to grind Campaigns, especially ones with unreasonable requirements (Mission 4 of Battle of the North Cape). Change the requirement that you don't need this ship, or a particular class of ship, maybe based on Tier, then I might be interested.
  5. Interceptor_One_EU

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Yes, Mission 4 is completely unreasonable for people that do no have as much time to play. Either a BB is required, I only have Cruisers for example, or have to earn an achievement that is totally dependant on RNG. Because of Real Life ™ I didn't get to finish the Dunkirk Mission or Collection, and now have no way to complete it. This is completely unfair on players that don't always have time to grind Campaigns.
  6. Interceptor_One_EU

    Campaign "New Year's Celebration"

    Yes, this is completely unreasonable, especially if one has no interest in Duke of York whatsoever, meaning a portion of users will be shut out of the New Year Campaign. There is also the fact that some of us have what's known as Real Life ™, and cannot sit at the computer all evening, or not at all on weekends. These people get screwed over the most by these types of requirements.
  7. Interceptor_One_EU

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (10-12-2018)

    Hi Aslain, I tried registering on your Forum, but am not getting a validation mail, not in Spam either, also tried the "Contact Us" link, but that doesn't seen to do anything either. So if you don't mind my asking here what I was going to ask on your Forum: Will there be a workaround for the Detailed Damage Indicator? I greatly miss that particular Mod since it was taken out. Other than that, great work keeping the Pack up-to-date, even a while back when you were in Hospital! Respekt!
  8. Interceptor_One_EU

    Clash of the Elements Commemorative & Winning Team Flags, where?

    /me runs off to find and sink whoever told him lies...
  9. Interceptor_One_EU

    Clash of the Elements Commemorative & Winning Team Flags, where?

    Ok, got the Commerative (Participant) Flag after today's first Battle just now, but still no Winning Flag shown up...
  10. Did anyone actually GET any Clash of the Elements Commemorative flag or Winning Team Flag? I just checked in Exterior > Flags, and other than flags I already had, I see ZERO new additions. Do we have to collect these flags somewhere or when are we supposed to get them, or what do we have to do to actually get these flags?
  11. Interceptor_One_EU

    Ships, Servers, Social Gaming

    Perhaps you missed the part about Real Life™? Due to this, not all of us have the time to grind up a line 2 more times, remember, Aisa and NA servers, keywords "Social Gaming".
  12. Interceptor_One_EU

    Ships, Servers, Social Gaming

    It doesn't necessarily have to be in exactly the form I described, I would be open to further suggestions on this. The end goal however being that I would be able to socially game with others from other Server Regions. (unless you can give us the correct Lottery numbers so we don't have to work, thereby negating that pesky Real Life™ scenario)
  13. Interceptor_One_EU

    Ships, Servers, Social Gaming

    I was directed by Crysantos to make this post in this section. I realize this topic may have been discussed before, but I thought I could offer a suggestion that might work for both WG and us. I play on the EU Server, but the people that got me into the game play on the Asia Server (from Austrailia), and also have a couple of friends that play on the NA Server. I would like occasionally to Train/play Battles with/against these people. As we know, Ships from one Regional Server cannot be used on another Server, this therefore prevents me being social and playing with those people, UNLESS either they or I create an account on the other Server and THEN have to grind up the lines AGAIN. That is all fine and good if one has that much time,but Real Life™ prevents spending that much time grinding up an additional line on each Server. So what to do? The above would surely apply to them as well. My suggestion (please read to the end): Allow users to designate one Ship from each line (DD, Cruiser, BB & CV), or any one Ship from any line as "Roaming" ships which could be used on any Server. Since this is a suggestion purely for Social gaming with friends on different Servers, aka. "play for fun": "Roaming" ships would not get any XP or Commander XP, or any rewards for missions etc. on the "Away Server". Consumables would not count against the "Home Server" aka. would not be subtracted from the users account, (Scores could still be shown, but not awarded). The Roaming Ship would only be part of the Training/Battle with no rewards, purely for Social purposes, meaning it would not take any revenue away from Wargaming, so I see no reason not to do something like this. What do you think? More importantly, what do the Developers think?
  14. Interceptor_One_EU

    Tier MM

    If it were only 1 ship of each class that was 2 Tiers higher, then I'd be ok with it. But allow me to quote my post from another Thread regarding what seems to be on the increase:
  15. Interceptor_One_EU

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    No sooner do I post that, than my first container of the day is a Super container. Absolutely useless though, it was a module for Tier 8 ships or higher.