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  1. tocqueville8

    CV torpedo planes are overpowered

    The majority of torpedo damage in general is not healable, if they hit you on the bulge, which is precisely where you should be most protected. That doesn't make much sense imho. I mean...no one voluntarily gives broadside to torps just because there's some damage reduction: you would simply take more hits and possibly die in a Dev Strike...
  2. tocqueville8

    What is your, currently available, ship to play?

    Still, don't sell a premium ship!
  3. tocqueville8

    What is your, currently available, ship to play?

    Solo stats so far... I mean...maybe it's psychological: some ships just "click" and then one plays well because he's more confident, who knows. But I reckon the Roma just uptiers well: the weak AA, side armor and firing angles can all be addressed with good positioning, which is made easier by her concealment. Meanwhile, the guns keep her relevant against T10s.
  4. tocqueville8

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The best light cruiser in the game
  5. tocqueville8

    What is your, currently available, ship to play?

    Roma has been doing so well for me that I play her rarely: I don't want to jinx it Other than her, I would say Colbert. Also F. Sherman and the whole IJN CA line, for regrinds.
  6. tocqueville8

    Is it just me, or is the Cherbourg complete trash?

    I find that the turrets become way too slow then, when wiggling. If the bow armor were better, I'd play her more nose-in, like the JB, and it wouldn't matter as much, but these cruisers get overmatched by anything
  7. tocqueville8

    Shiki - Incomparable - Mecklenberg - Bourgogne

    Bourgogne has also better sigma than Alsace (1.8 vs 1.6), better speed boost (+15% instead of +8%) and better secondaries (the small ones go from 100 mm to 127 mm, so they all pen DD hulls and superstructures in general). Imho the République is more like a French Ohio/Preussen: similar gun arrangement, same overmatch, can be built for secondaries. The hp is lower, but still in the 90,000s.
  8. @Khaba_Gandalf in a very volatile win. Everybody was low near the end, but he had capped B and we clinched it on points. One more minute and it could've been a disaster
  9. tocqueville8

    This is why I will never have the Puerto Rico

    Is that the right number? That's sixteen 100k DMG games each day for 3 months, which is a lot worse than the base XP one.
  10. tocqueville8

    This is why I will never have the Puerto Rico

    That's like 3-4 games a day for 3 months...
  11. tocqueville8


    Nothing I've written betrays a "lack of education", let alone arrogance. On the contrary, I was perfectly polite. You, on the other hand, made some disparaging comment, which you then edited, about me "spending my father's money on the game", which is of course false, and you called your teammates "cowards" and (wink wink) "smart players" for not conforming to your objectively poor standard of play. It's hard to argue with this: the numbers are there to prove it. Something could be done about it, but not with your present attitude. Cheers
  12. 1) Someone has to at least stop the enemy from getting the cap, once it appears: otherwise you lose very quickly, as it generates a lot of points. 2) Don't just rush to an orgy of death in the cap. As long as the only enemies taking it aren't stealthy (DDs, subs, smoke cruisers), you can reset and surround them for easy kills. 3) Get the buffs, but don't lose your ship for one of them, which alone hardly makes any difference. Arguably, DDs and cruisers without a heal might benefit more from the hp and healing buffs, as they allow them to stay in the game longer 4) Also, as long as you have the hp to fight, don't hang back just to get that other buff you missed: be where you need to be anyway, from a strategic standpoint, and get the buffs along the way. I'd rather have my DD spotting and screening the enemy DD than having it behind me waiting to get me a 5% reload buff. 5) The buffs raise the damage ceiling considerably (my record went from 360k to 412k...), so don't think you've won already just because you've done good damage: everything is inflated a bit, don't get ahead of yourself.
  13. tocqueville8

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    Tell us how you really feel
  14. tocqueville8

    DDs impact on ranked

    What I feel is that sometimes there are a lot of anti-DD ships with few "traditional DDs" to deal with. I just had a game where both teams had a Ragnar, plus there were 2 Stalingrads, a Nevsky and 2 Venezias (myself included). That would've made a lot of sense with a couple of Gearings or Shimas around, instead it was an overreaction to non-existent DDs.